The SmarK RAW Rant–02.11.13

The SmarK RAW Rant – 02.11.13 Live from Nashville, TN Your hosts are Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler Paul Heyman joins us to start, and we’re never going to see him again after tonight. See, bad stuff is going to happen due to Brock beating up Vince and all, so he’s tendering his resignation before it comes back to bite CM Punk. This brings out Punk, aghast that his best friend in the world would be letting the PEOPLE down when they admire him so much. Heyman is so moved by Punk’s eloquence that he dives in with a hug to reassure him, and apparently untenders his resignation. Heyman was just hilarious here as usual. Mark Henry v. The Great Khali The whole first hour should just be dedicated to Mark Henry beating up dudes and yelling random threatening phrases. Ratings would triple. Khali chops away in the corner, but Henry just keeps hitting him until he goes down, and the World’s Strongest Slam finishes at 1:33. GIVE THIS MAN HIS BELT BACK! He’s just gonna keep slamming people and breaking cages until he gets it back anyway! And then, DISGUSTED by midgets much like all right-thinking people are, Henry beats the shit out of Hornswoggle as well. Because FUCK YOU, that’s why. My god I love this man. Meanwhile, Chris Jericho makes his pitch to Booker T about getting into the Chamber. So if he beats Daniel Bryan, he’s in. Meanwhile, Vince berates Heyman over the phone via Vickie, and Paul asks the DQ and countout rules to be waived for the title match. Daniel Bryan v. Chris Jericho Jericho takes Bryan down for a pair of near-falls, but Bryan drops a knee for two. They fight to the apron and Jericho misses the springboard kick, allowing Bryan to hit him with a dive as we take a break. Back with Bryan hitting a dropkick in the corner and tossing Jericho, then hitting a clothesline out of the corner. Jericho comes back with the Lionsault, but misses and hits knee. Bryan to the top, and after he wins a battle up there he follows with a diving headbutt for two. Bryan throws knees until Jericho catches one and tries for the Walls, but Bryan powers out and into the No-Lock. Jericho rolls through again, but Bryan puts him down with the head kick for two. He throws more kicks, but Jericho rolls him up for two. Codebreaker finishes clean at 10:50. The crowd was DEEPLY invested in this one, and it was a hell of a TV match. ***1/2 Sheamus, John Cena & Ryback v. 3MB The six-man division of WWE is now deeper than the tag division. That’s pretty sad. They don’t even do the pretense of a match here, as it’s an old school World Championship Wrestling special with each guy on the babyface side completely squashing a member of 3MB in sequence until they all finish at the same time at 2:28. Big Show comes out, knocks out Matt Striker, seethes for a bit, and leaves. This feud has got nothing going on for it. Zack Ryder v. Jack Swagger Ryder quickly gets a missile dropkick and the Broski boot for two, but Swagger suplexes him on the floor, and back in for the clip and a turnbuckle powerbomb, before finishing with the doctorbomb and anklelock at 2:33. Swagger introduces someone who is apparently his new manager, Zeb Colter (?). Am I supposed to know who this guy is? Lawler keeps saying how the guy is crazy and he knew him “back in the day” but they never actually explain who he is. Is it supposed to be a repackaged Dutch Mantel? Because he looks like hell if so. Anyway, he cuts a paranoid gun nut promo and Swagger still isn’t over or interesting. However, backstage, Booker T puts him into the Chamber anyway, and Dolph Ziggler now wants back in for some reason as well, so he has to beat Kane to get in. Wow, someone has to beat Kane as punishment? How fresh. The Miz v. Cody Rhodes Miz with a low kick on Cody for two as Cesaro does anti-American commentary. So we’re supposed to boo the guy who loves America, and we’re also supposed to boo the guy who HATES America? Pick your xenophobic heel and stick with it! Anyway, Miz completely squashes Cody, but Cesaro runs him into the post for the DQ at 3:09. And then he elevates the show by giving Miz a GIANT SWING into the railing FOUR TIMES. Miz getting his ass kicked = RATINGS. This match did not equal ratings. ½* Extra points to Miz for completely forgetting that he was destroyed by Brock Lesnar last week and apparently not caring about it. Primo & Epico v. Brodus Clay & Tensai Total comedy squash and Tensai finishes Epico with the senton at 1:00. And then the Funkettes beat up Rosa Mendes for some reason, too. The Shield are out to respond to John Cena’s threats, and they’re not afraid of anyone, least of all Cena. So the lights go out and the babyfaces have a quick brawl and chase them off. This was a lot of buildup for nothing. Damien Sandow v. Alberto Del Rio Sandow quickly hits knees on ADR, but Del Rio comes back with the superkick for two. Armbar finishes at 1:13. Kofi Kingston v. Wade Barrett Barrett hits a short clothesline for two, but Kofi comes back with elbows and a cross body for two. Another one gets two. Kofi walks into a Bossman slam that gets two. Barrett loads up the elbow, but Kofi moves, so Barrett wraps him in the apron and hits it for the pin at 3:01. What a flat match. * Kane v. Dolph Ziggler Apparently the winner of this gets into the Chamber, even though Dolph already has the briefcase so this is likely a moot result. Kane slugs away and gets a suplex for two, but Dolph dropkicks him and fires away in the corner. This crowd is getting more and more bored with the show, and I can’t blame them. Dolph bails and we take a break, and back with a chinlock. Kane punches him out of the ring, but Dolph gets a neckbreaker on the way back in. Dolph drops elbows for two and gets a DDT for two. Kane boots him down for two, but Ziggler gets the sleeper and the fameasser for two. Kane with a sideslam for two. Dolph accidentally knocks AJ into Big E, and Kane chokeslams him to finish at 11:32. There was no chemistry there. *1/2 The Rock is out for the main event interview and we’re going long AGAIN. Rock tells a story about being 15 years old in Nashville and hustling a car from a crackhead in a bar. This goes nowhere, so Punk comes out to retort. He hits Rock with the GTS, steals the title, and we’re out. So yeah, no Undertaker after all. The Pulse So to get into the Chamber, one guy has to win a match against someone already in, another guy just gets appointed by Booker, and two more guys have to face each other for the last spot? Do they put ANY thought into this? Anyway, I think I fell asleep there a few times in the middle. I don’t mind the occasional squash, but a whole three-hour show of them? That’s a bit much. This was definitely a show you could and should skip.

Road to Wrestlemania Monday Night Open Mic

Something tells me that we’ll find out how much the suits think of Miz and CM Punk in the next few weeks. And part of me wonders if Miz is still pissy about Punk calling him out on his DVD.

By the way, just got around to Punk’s DVD and I love how the story and the production is so much different than the other ones. Got a little long at the end but it was good watching.

Anyway, I should be able to resume my LOW Roundtable reviews now that they are re-appearing on the net. I just need to download the things ASAP.

Enjoy the show, come out swinging but try to keep it clean!

Yearly Review: WWF March 1988

 What’s going during the month of the WWF’s biggest show in 1988? Find out what happened at the show and the feuds that began shortly afterwards here. Leave your reactions to the developments below, too!

WWF World Championship Scene: (currently vacant)
With the WWF World Championship vacant, the main eventers had to keep
busy before the highly anticipated fourteen man tournament taking place
at Wrestle Mania IV, which took place on March 27th. Before Wrestle
Mania IV the WWF had another Saturday Night Main Event show which was
taped on March 7th. The event had some good progression for the title
tournament as the show featured Ted DiBiase defeating Randy Savage by
count-out. Afterwards, Andre the Giant attacked Savage until Hulk Hogan
made the save. Hogan, Savage, DiBiase and Andre are the favorites to win
the championship leading into Wrestle Mania IV.

At Wrestle Mania, favorites Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant wrestled
to a double disqualification which gave Randy Savage and Ted DiBiase a
rather easy road to the finals. Savage ended up pinning DiBiase in the
finals after Hogan returned to the ring and whacked DiBiase over the
back with a steel chair. Savage nailed DiBiase with the elbow drop and
won his first WWF World Championship.

WWF Intercontinental Championship Scene (currently held by: the Honky Tonk Man)

Honky’s feud with Brutus Beefcake started to heat up as their showdown
at Wrestle Mania started to get closer. Beefcake remained on a roll as
he defeated his former tag partner and now hated rival Greg Valentine at
the Saturday Night Main Event show taped on March 7th.

Beefcake and Honky’s feud continued at the March 9th taping of WWF
Superstars where Honky was going to sing for the fans. However, before
he could sing, Beefcake turned off the music and declared that he was
going to beat Honky for the Intercontinental Championship at Wrestle
Mania IV. Leading into the pay per view, Beefcake would have several
matches with both Valentine and Honky winning the matches usually by

At Wrestle Mania IV, Beefcake came close to winning the championship
but Honky’s manager, Jimmy Hart, saved the championship from changing
hands. Beefcake had the sleeper hold on Honky but before Beefcake could
win the title, Hart nailed the referee with his megaphone. Honky’s feud
with Beefcake was not over, though. Stay tuned.

WWF World Tag Team Championships Scene (currently held by: Strike Force)

Strike Force remained on a winning streak leading into the big showdown
against Demolition as they retained the championships over teams like
the Islanders and the Bolsheviks. On the other hand, Demolition suffered
a few loses to the Young Stallions (Paul Roma and Jim Powers), the
British Bulldogs and the Rougeau Brothers on the house show market
leading into the title match against Strike Force at Wrestle Mania IV.

Despite losing several matches on the house show markets, Demolition
was able to defeat Strike Force to win their first WWF World Tag Team
Championship. Strike Force nearly retained the titles as Martel had the
Boston Crab on Axe until Smash nailed Martel with Mr. Fuji’s cane. Due
to the interference, Demolition member Smash pinned Martel to win the
tag team championships. This was the start of Demolition’s first tag
team title run.

Other Happenings:

– On the March 8th taping of Wresting Challenge, a feud between Ron Bass
and Junkyard Dog began. On the show, Bass choked JYD with Miss Betsy
after allowing JYD to pass by him to go to the ring. JYD got some
measure of revenge by attacking Bass on the March 19th taping of
Superstars. JYD attacked Bass during a tag match where Bass teamed with
One Man Gang against the Ultimate Warrior and Don Muraco. They would
have several matches on the house show market with JYD prevailing in
almost all the encounters.

– Jim Duggan and Andre the Giant began a feud at the March 9th taping
for WWF Superstars. On the show, Duggan was choked by Andre after
issuing a challenge to Andre. Duggan managed to fight back and whacked
Andre with a 2×4. Andre proceeded to flip out over the attack by
attacking several people at ringside. This incident saw Bobby Heenan
once again become Andre’s manager as prior to the incident, Andre was
owned by Ted DiBiase. Duggan was able to hold his own on several
occasions where Andre would try to attack Duggan after a match, but
failed. Duggan would team with Hulk Hogan to wrestle Ted DiBiase and
Andre the Giant on various house shows. The issues between Duggan and
Andre had actually started on January 2nd where Duggan saved Hogan from a
beat down by Andre. However, a feud between both men didn’t start until

– At the March 19th taping of WWF Superstars a feud between Rick Rude
and Jake Roberts began. Rude would usually pick a female out of the
crowd to give a pre-match kiss. However, this time the female rejected
his advances. The female revealed to Rude that she was married to Jake
Roberts. Rude was slapped by Robert’s wife and after grabbing her was
attacked by Jake himself to kick off the feud. They would have a match
at Wrestle Mania which was also a tournament match for the vacant WWF
World Championship. They wrestled to a fifteen minute draw and both were
eliminated from the tournament as a result.

– The British Bulldogs’ conflict with the Islanders and Bobby Heenan
continued. Their matches on the house show market would typically end
with one team beating the other down with a dog leash. Heenan, who had
kidnapped Matilda (Bulldog’s mascot), tried to steal Koko B. Ware’s pet
parrot Frankie during a March 20th taping of Wrestling Challenge.
However, Heenan failed as the British Bulldogs made the save preventing
the kidnapping. At Wrestle Mania IV, Bobby Heenan and the Islanders
defeated the British Bulldogs and Koko B. Ware when Heenan pinned Ware
at the peak of the feud.

– At Wrestle Mania IV, Bad News Brown won a 20 man battle royal last
eliminating Bret Hart after double crossing Hart. After the match, Hart
attacked Brown and broke the winner’s trophy. This marked the first time
Bret Hart would become a baby face in the WWF.

– Wrestle Mania IV marked the last appearance of Ricky Steamboat in
the WWF for three years. On the show, Steamboat lost to Greg Valentine
in a tournament match. Steamboat would go back to the NWA and feud with
Ric Flair.

– The Ultimate Warrior won the feud between himself and Hercules as
Warrior pinned Hercules in less than five minutes. This is only the
beginning of Warrior’s mega push in the WWF.


Saturday Night’s Main Event #15 drew a 10.0 rating on NBC.
Wrestle Mania IV drew a 6.5 rating on pay per view

Bob’s Reaction: 
I was really disappointed with the outcome of the tournament to crown a new WWF World Champion. I’m a big DiBiase fan and it just seemed like the perfect time to put the championship on the Million Dollar Man. He had so much momentum and a lot of heat. The WWF could have easily gone six months to a year with DiBiase holding the championship and have guys like Savage, Hogan, Duggan and even Bigelow chase after him during that time frame. I was happy that Hogan didn’t get a good run in the tournament and that Savage was given a run at the top as a face.

The rise of the Ultimate Warrior is apparent, and I’m not really looking forward to it. Warrior’s promos have always been confusing and rather uninteresting since I can’t understand what the hell he is talking about.

The loss of Ricky Steamboat to the NWA isn’t that big of a loss for the WWF, I feel like. Aside from his feud with Savage, he wasn’t really highlighted as a top guy from what I remember. Ricky’s greatest success came in the NWA and his return to the WWF in the early 1990s was more proof of that.

Rick Rude’s feud with Jake Roberts is a highlight on the undercard in my opinion. I thought the way they started the feud between Ravishing Rick and the Snake was very good and instant heat on Rude. The progression of that feud is one I’m most interested in seeing moving forward.

Lastly, this is memorable in the sense of Bret Hart getting a push in a singles role. This was giving the impression that the Hitman was going to get support and leave the tag division that he was involved in with Jim Neidhart. From the matches I’ve seen with Brown and Hitman, they had some decent chemistry and they often had one of the better matches on the house show market.

What are some of your thoughts on the WWF? Leave those below.

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BOD Daily Round-Up (2/11/13)

Miz drops Punk on his head (
‘The following photos feature The Miz botching a suplex during a match at last night’s WWE house show event in Springfield, MO.’

Cody’s “Major announcement” turns out to just be the reuniting of a tag team that broke up 2 weeks ago (
‘WWE’s Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow “re-united” for a series of house
shows this weekend, even going so far as to have “Team Rhodes Scholars
Reunion” shirts made up for the event.’

TLC officially does lowest buys of 2012 (
‘WWE’s TLC pay-per-view in December did the lowest number of buys in 2012 according to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter.’

@FnBodySlams (Ok, it’s me. Putting myself over, Triple H etc…) – Brooke ‘Like a bad smell’ Hogan scrounging for votes on ‘Best reality star turned singer’. How much about this is wrong?

@WWEMcGillicutty – Wanna thank everyone for the support today. Helped alot knowing my family has inspired so many people. Thank you.

Comment of the Day 
Despite WCW 2000 being my guilty pleasure, I had to give COTD to brocure. I’ve been lucky enough to sit and have a chat with an inebriated Kevin Nash, and this thought is absolutely hilarious:

The only good thing about any of the Spring Break episodes is a drunk
Kevin Nash mocking The Giant, then doing a cannonball into the water.

On This Day…
Superbrawl VI took place with the double main event of Hogan Vs. The Giant, and Savage Vs. Flair, both in a cage! (1996)

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Smackdown House Show – February 10, 2013

My girlfriend and I took in a Smackdown house show tonight in Louisville, Kentucky.  Naturally I took some notes.
place was very empty for the most part.  The KFC Yum! Center (what a
horrendous name) holds roughly 22,000 but the entire upper deck was
tarped off, there were LARGE sections in the lower arena sectioned off,
and large portions of quality seats were just empty.  I’m bad at
guessing crowd sizes but if there were 8,000 people there I would be

The new (well old now) house show set does help things a
lot.  it’s nothing great or flashy but it makes things feel a lot more
special than just walking through a black curtain.  There are two mini
trons and a big X which has the theme of the wrestler (i.e. Sheamus’ is
green, Del Rio is red, white and green etc) and a mini ramp.  It’s a BIG
upgrade and makes things look a lot better.

We were told to tweet
our pick of the stipulation for the main event: No DQ or 2/3 falls.  No
DQ was up about 80 to 20 when they stopped showing the results.

We got the standard videos from WWE: Wrestlemania Reading Challenge, Saturday Morning Slam, WWE App etc.

The main shirts I saw were Cena and Rock with a few Rybacks throughout the arena.  Mainly Cena though.

Kofi Kingston vs. Heath Slater

crowd was white hot all night and this was no exception.  My theory of
Kofi as the modern day Tito Santana continues to grow.  Kofi was
INSANELY over and looked great all match.  The crowd booed Slater but it
was nothing compared to the pop for Kingston.  It was a pretty basic
match with Kofi working on the arm until the other 3MB members
distracted him.  There was a funny spot where Kofi did the air guitar
and hip shake which got a good reaction from the crowd.  In a very
impressive move, Kofi hit a dropkick and from where we were sitting,
Kofi’s entire body was above the ropes.  That’s INSANE when you think
about it.

The big spot of the match was Kofi kicking Slater down
and using him as a stepping stone to hit a big dive onto 3MB.  Mahal and
McIntyre were thrown out after about five minutes and Slater started
taking over.  Slater beat on Kofi with some basic stuff and hit a pretty
sweet neckbreaker for two.  Kofi made his comeback and hit the Boom
Drop but Trouble in Paradise missed.  Slater went up and jumped into
Trouble in Paradise for the pin at about 12:00.

Rating: C+.
The ratings will be shorter than usual here.  This was a great choice
for an opener and the fans loved Kofi.  The main thing here was that the
match was kind of slow at times, but that’s more than forgivable.  This
was probably the second or third best match of the night.

Aksana vs. Alicia Fox

ran about NINE minutes and the crowd started filing in.  My entire
notes about the match: Aksana sucks, Alicia isn’t bad, ax kick hits back
for pin (for Fox).

Rating: D-. The match sucks and it’s ALL on Aksana, who looked lost doing anything of note.

was plugging the Twitter thing again when Shield interrupted him.  They
talked about Orton and Sheamus being brought to justice tonight and get
in a great line: “It’s Evolution or Extinction.”  That line is ten
years too late and it’s awesome.

Fandango vs. Yoshi Tatsu

I got to see Fandango, and he’s still Johnny Curtis.  No one cared
about Fandango, like at all.  he had some chick that was dancing with
him during his entrance but she went to the back for the match.  Both
guys danced a bit with Tatsu doing the Rick Rude hip swivel.  Fandango
was very generic with his stuff and came off like any guy from NXT. 
That’s the problem with the gimmick: it has nothing interesting at all
to it and there’s zero reason whatsoever to boo him.  He’s just a guy
who dances.  We have no idea if he’s a good guy, a bad guy, or anything
about him at all.  Anyway the generic heel (assuming that’s what he was)
broke up a springboard attempt by Tatsu and hit a spinning downward
spiral for the pin at about 6:40.

Rating:  D. If
this is any indication of what’s coming, Fandango isn’t going to last
long.  There’s no reason to care about him and while it was clear he’s a
heel, there’s no reason to know that other than he’s fighting Yoshi
Tatsu.  I don’t remember him cheating, I don’t remember him acting
arrogant, I don’t remember him doing anything evil.  He just dances, and
I guess that makes him bad?

Wade Barrett says he’ll win the main event and the world title.

Randy Orton/Sheamus vs. Shield

match here.  Orton and Sheamus got by far the biggest pops of the night
respectively.  This was a brawl to start after Shield came through the
curtain instead.  It was about what you would expect from this kind of a
match.  In one funny bit, Rollins was in trouble and Orton stopped the
other two before they came in.  During the distraction, Sheamus choked
Rollins in the corner and shrugged at the fans as if to say “it’s not
cheating if you don’t get caught.”  Rollins got beaten down to start,
Sheamus got beaten down for a bit, and Orton got the hot tag.  Orton hit
his usual stuff and loaded up the RKO but the other Shield guys came in
for the DQ at about 11:00.

Rating: C+. This was a
fun match but a clean ending would have been nice.  it wouldn’t have
been smart, but it would have been nice.  You certainly can’t have
Shield losing in a 3-2 match and expect them to beat Ryback, Cena and
Sheamus at the same time.  Anyway, fun match and the fans were going
nuts for Orton. 
Sheamus had his fans too and was very over, but Orton’s
pop for the hot tag was insane.

Post match Sheamus Brogue Kicked a
chair into I think Rollins’ face and it was RKO’s and Brogue Kicks all
around.  The heroes went around high fiving everyone and signing a bunch
of stuff.  THat went on for probably close to ten minutes.

15 minute intermission.

Sin Cara/Great Khali vs. 3MB

a pretty odd tag team on the face side.  This was about what you would
expect: Khali started and cleaned house, Cara got tagged in and got
beaten down, Horny beat up Heath Slater, hot tag to Khali and the Plunge
ends Mahal at a time that I forgot to check.  It was less than ten
minutes for sure though.

Rating: C-. This was
fine.  The main thing to note was how Sin Cara botched the one main high
flying move he has still: the spinning armdrag out of the corner. 
Basically he didn’t rotate enough and McIntyre wound up on top of him
instead of falling over.

Cara seemed to be favoring his shoulder post match but it didn’t seem that bad.

Conor O’Brien vs. Brodus Clay

is from NXT and is the only member left of Ascension.  He got to do his
full entrnace minus the lights and with the big coat.  It didn’t do
much for the crowd but for NXT fans it was awesome.  he needs a partner
though. O’Brian cut a promo about not being happy and says he’ll destroy
our hero and then rise.  This would prove to be incorrect as Conor did
next to nothing significant and Brodus came back with his usual to win
with the splash at 5:40.

Rating: D+. This was
short but decent all thigns considered.  O’Brian needs the full entrance
for the character to work and it looks stupid in the light.  Clay and
the Funkadactyls (who now have pom poms) danced a lot.

Tony CHimmel dances with Brodus and company post match, holding his heart after the fact.  Funny stuff.

The fans vote for No DQ.

Smackdown World Title: Alberto Del Rio vs. Wade Barrett

pop for Del Rio after Barrett said he hated Louisville and said the
crowd clearly wanted barbarism by picking a No DQ match. Barrett stalls
for a long time to start which suckers Del Rio in.  He pounds on Alberto
for a bit and then gets kicked a few times.  Barrett goes to the floor
and tries to walk out with the belts, only to be stopped by Ricardo. 
Wade chased him around and Del Rio hit a sweet baseball slide to stop
Barrett cold.

Barrett brought in a kendo stick and accidentally
tapped the referee int he head with it before laying out Del Rio.  That
got two and Del Rio came back again, only to get beaten down by a
chair.  He went shoulder first into the psot to give Wade two but Del
Rio came back with some LAME kendo stick shots.  The Winds of Change got
a two count as did the Backstabber out of the corner.  Del Rio brought
in a table but got sent into a chair int he corner.  Ricardo distracted
Del Rio and a bulldog put Barrett through the table to retain the title
at about 17:30.

Rating: B. Definitely the match
of the night here with the fans being WAY into Del Rio’s comebacks. 
Barrett looekd good in a match he had no chance of winning here which is
a good sign for him.  The match worked quite well and Del Rio continues
to be on a roll.  The table was a nice touch and something you don’t
see much anymore.  Good stuff here.

Del Rio signed some autographs to end the show.

Overall Rating: C+.
As you can see, the biggest problem with this show was the lack of star
power.  After Orton, Sheamus and Del Rio, things drop WAY off.  The
show was definitely fun and entertaining enough for the price ($15 each)
and we had a great time, but it was nothing I’ll remember in a week or
so.  Raw had a show at the same time in Missouri which had Punk, Ryback,
Jericho, Ziggler and every other major star I’m forgetting.  Anyway,
good stuff here and it was a fun, although forgettable experience.

Yearly Review: WWF February 1988

The month of February features the highly anticipated match between WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant. There is much controversy involving that match. Plus, some build up is done for WrestleMania IV.

WWF World Championship Scene: (held by Hulk Hogan)

At the Main Event on February 5th, the showdown between Hulk Hogan and
Andre the Giant occurred. At the end of the night, the WWF had quite the
controversy. Andre had “won” the championship after pinning Hogan,
despite the fact that Hogan had clearly kicked out at the count of one.
The referee, who was Dave Hebner’s twin Earl, was part of the screw job
which saw Andre win the championship and give the title to Ted DiBiase.

However, due to what happened, WWF President Jack Tunney ended up
vacating the championship and sets up a fourteen man tournament to crown
a undisputed WWF World Champion. The fourteen wrestlers to compete in
the tournament were the following: Hulk Hogan, Ted DiBiase, Andre the
Giant, Randy Savage, Jim Duggan, Don Muraco, Dino Bravo, Greg Valentine,
Ricky Steamboat, Butch Reed, One Man Gang, Bam-Bam Bigelow, Rick Rude,
and Jake Roberts.

It should be noted that Ted DiBiase was billed as the WWF World
Champion on several occasions before the title was held vacant. DiBiase
retained the title over Bam-Bam Bigelow, who was helping Hulk Hogan
fight DiBiase and Andre at various shows.

WWF Intercontinental Championship Scene: (held by the Honky Tonk Man)

Honky Tonk Man ended his feud with Randy Savage at the Main Event on
February 5th, as Savage defeated the champion by count-out. Despite not
winning the championship, Savage had won the feud.

Honky would start up a feud with Brutus Beefcake on the February 16th
taping of WWF Superstars. During a interview segment, Beefcake cut off
Honky and proclaimed that he would be not only taking the WWF
Intercontinental Championship from Honky but he would also cut off
Honky’s ponytail.

WWF World Tag Team Championships (held by Strike Force):

Strike Force battled the Hart Foundation at the Main Event on February
5th in a rematch from the October Saturday Night Main Event. The match
wasn’t actually shown in its entirety because of time constraints, but
Strike Force were able to retain the titles.

At the February 16th taping of WWF Superstars it was announced that
Strike Force would defend the WWF World Tag Team Championships against
Demolition at Wrestle Mania IV. Demolition had been on a winning streak
ever since their debut in March 1987.

Other Happenings:

– Ultimate Warrior vs. Hercules was announced for WWF Wrestle Mania IV.
They had been feuding since January where Hercules and Warrior had
several battles centered around Hercules chain.

– Dino Bravo and Ricky Steamboat fought to several time limit draws
on the house show market. After each draw, Bravo would attack Steamboat
along with his manager Frenchy Martin until Steamboat was able to clear
both men out of the ring.


The Main Event drew a 15.2 rating on NBC

Feel free to share your memories on what is going on in the WWF at this time below.

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ROH TV 2-9-13

It’s the final show from this TV taping, as we wrap up the first
round of the Top Prospect Tournament and end with an 8-man tag match.

Update on the WWE tryout camp: Adam Cole and Ricky Reyes
were there, as was Mike Bennett. The Briscoes, however, were not, nor was Sami
Callihan. They guys that did show up will know within the next month if they’re
getting hired.
Top Prospect
Tournament: Matt Taven vs. ACH:
Once again, Truth Martini is on commentary.
Both of these guys work all over the East coast indy scene, and Taven has made
an appearance with FCW. ACH (Attitude, Charisma, Heart) is by far the most
talented guy in this tournament, so he’s probably jobbing here. Chain wrestling
sequence to start ends with ACH getting a rollup for 2. He ends up on the apron
and Taven hits a springboard kick to the head to send him to the floor, then
follows him out with a running plancha. Back in Taven misses a splash from the
top rope, ACH charges but misses and Taven hits a moonsault off the top to a
standing ACH for 2. Martini’s commentary is a bit racist here, saying things
like “ACH and TaDarius Thomas are brothers. Well, not brothers, but you know
what I mean”. So he’s not only shitty, but kind of offensive too… Anyway, ACH
gets backdropped to the apron, Taven sticks his head out between the ropes and
an axe kick sends him to the floor. He gets caught with a baseball slide as he
tries to get back in, and ACH follows that up with a somersault dive to the
outside. It gets 2 back in the ring, ACH throws forearms and kicks, a Flatliner
to the kneeling Taven gets 2. ACH pulls off the elbowpads (accidentally hitting
the ref in the face with one of them), so now you know shit just got real. He
throws more forearms, but Taven just blasts him with a kick to the face for 2.
He goes up top but ACH catches him and hits a jumping knee for 2. He tries a
suplex, Taven reverses it into a neckbreaker and the frog splash finishes it at
5:09. Martini: “I know what ACH stands for now: A crack head.” Why the FUCK are
they letting him do commentary? **, best match of the tournament by far, and
with the talent left (Taven is the only guy that’s even remotely good) it will
probably be the only good match. They should have got a little
more time though. And we’re now 4 for 4 as far as the wrong people going over
in this tournament.
Nigel McGuiness is in the ring, and he brings out Adam Cole
and Matt Hardy. Sign in the crowd: “Adam Cole better than Matt Hardy”. No shit…
Despite both guys wanting the Final Battle rematch to be for the title Nigel
won’t grant it because Hardy cheated in the first match. Well that’s pretty
stupid, if both guys want the match to be for the title, then why not just make
the next match for the title? However, if Hardy wins the next match, then he
gets a title shot. With Cole probably dropping the title at the next PPV to whoever
wins the Top Prospect tourney before he jumps to WWE I doubt it will ever
happen. At any rate, both guys cut a pretty good promo, Cole attacks and the
stooges break it up. Good segment, albeit completely pointless with Cole likely
leaving the company. Of course, this was taped over a month ago, so it’s not
like they knew that at the time.
Inside ROH: We
get to hear Martini suck ass on the mic some more as he talks about the guys
that are still in the Top Prospect tournament. He then decides to take his
pants off. Christ, this guy is just horrible. Cole, Davey Richards, and Michael
Elgin cut a quick promo to hype the main event of the house show next weekend, Bobby
Fish and Kyle O’Reilly cut a promo hyping the tag team title match at the PPV.
We see a quick shot of the Briscoes and Coleman &
Alexander getting ready for the main event tonight.
Athena vs. MsChif: Veda
Scott joins us for commentary. Athena starts off with a pretty crappy looking
headscissors and hits a springboard crossbody that looked just as bad for 2.
MsChif comes back with a gutbuster for 2, and they totally blow a drop toehold.
Athena now with a couple kicks, last one misses and MsChif gets a legsweep and
a standing moonsault for 2. Athena hits a terrible handspring kick and a
snapmare for 2, but gets sent to the corner and stomped on. MsChif misses a
blind charge, Athena throws a kick that doesn’t make contact and hits the worst
looking neckbreaker I’ve ever seen from the top for 2. Athena goes up top again
but gets caught, MsChif nearly kills Athena with a fucked up X-Factor like move
from the second rope to thankfully end this at 4:29. -***, that wasn’t just
bad, it was fucking embarrassing, as I don’t think one spot hit cleanly. I’d
say that this is a shoo-in for worst match of the year, but the QT
Marshall/TaDarius Thomas match from the most recent TV taping will certainly
give it a run for its money.
S.C.U.M. (Rhino,
Steve Corino, Jimmy Jacobs, and Kevin Steen) vs. The Briscoes, Caprice Coleman,
and Cedric Alexander:
This is first fall wins, not elimination rules. Jay Lethal
is on commentary for this one. Just brawling on the outside for the first few
minutes, nothing of note happens until the commercial break.
We return with Rhino pounding on Jay, he tags in Corino, who
baits the rest of the faces into distracting the ref while S.C.U.M. beats on
Jay in their corner. Steen in now and it’s just more punchy-kicky stuff and
double/triple teaming from the heels. Jay drops Steen in the corner and makes
the hot tag to Mark, who beats on Corino for a bit before Rhino nails him from
behind and takes over. Coleman saves him, Steen nails him from behind, Mark hits
Steen with a suplex and tags in Alexander. C+C hit the worst Total Elimination
ever (Alexander not only missed his end of the move, but was a good 3 feet away
from making contact) on Steen for 2 and everyone but Steen ends up back on the
floor, Steen hits a somersault from the top to the floor that takes everyone out.
Back in the ring Coleman hits a springboard tornado DDT on Steen, Jacobs makes
the save and dumps Coleman to the floor. The Briscoes go for the Doomsday
Device on Jacobs but Corino crotches Jay on the top rope and Jacobs hits him
with Sliced Bread #2. Rhino Gores Coleman, Alexander tries something off the
top that misses, Rhino sets up to Gore him but Steen hits Alexander with the
package piledriver to finish at 10:41 aired. **1/2, nothing but brawling, but still
pretty fun. Crowd was really into it too. Steen immediately heads to the back
as soon as the match ends. I heard he was injured during the match, so I’m not
sure if that was storyline or if he was going back that quick to get medical
attention. Probably storyline.
Pretty average show this week, next week we get into the TV
taping from last weekend. 

Full Listing For Best of In Your House DVD


Due out April 30

Disc 1

Simplistic Yet Brilliant

Bret Hart vs. Hakushi
In Your House • May 14, 1995

Intercontinental Championship Match
Jeff Jarrett vs. Shawn Michaels
In Your House • July 23, 1995

Hey Yo

Intercontinental Championship Match
Razor Ramon vs. Dean Douglas
In Your House • October 22, 1995

Arkansas Hog Pen Match
Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Henry O. Godwinn
In Your House • December 17, 1995

A Sloppy Masterpiece?

WWE Championship Match
Bret Hart vs. British Bulldog
In Your House • December 17, 1995

Disc 2

Memories Flooding Back

No Holds Barred Match for the WWE Championship
Shawn Michaels vs. Diesel
In Your House: Good Friends, Better Enemies • April 28, 1996

WWE Championship Match
Shawn Michaels vs. Mankind
In Your House: Mind Games • September 22, 1996

That’s Why They Play The Game

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley
In Your House: Buried Alive • October 20, 1996

Buried Alive Match
The Undertaker vs. Mankind
In Your House: Buried Alive • October 20, 1996

Crowning a New Champion

Four Corners Match for the Vacant WWE Championship
Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Bret Hart vs. Vader vs. The Undertaker
In Your House: Final Four • February 16, 1997

Disc 3

Back in the Saddle

10-Man Tag Team Match
The Hart Foundation vs. Steve Austin, Ken Shamrock, Goldust & The Legion of Doom
In Your House: Canadian Stampede • July 6, 1997

Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker
Ground Zero: In Your House • September 7, 1997

A Slobberknocker

Non-Sanctioned 8-Man Tag Team Match
Stone Cold Steven Austin, Owen Hart, Cactus Jack & Chainsaw Charlie vs. HHH, The New Age Outlaws & Savio Vega
No Way Out of Texas: In Your House • February 15, 1998

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
Stone Cold Steve Austin & The Undertaker vs. Mankind & Kane
Fully Loaded: In Your House • July 26, 1998

Intercontinental Championship Match
Ken Shamrock vs. Mankind
Judgment Day: In Your House • October 18, 1998

Victory at All Costs

Last Man Standing Match for the WWE Championship
The Rock vs. Mankind
St. Valentine’s Day Massacre • February 14, 1999

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Blu-ray Exclusives

Todd Pettengill Outtakes

In Your House Sweepstakes Winner

#1 Contenders Match
Bret Hart vs. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin
In Your House: Revenge of the ‘Taker • April 20, 1997

Match to crown first WWE Light Heavyweight Champion
Taka Michinoku vs. Brian Christopher
D-Generation X: In Your House • December 7, 1997

WWE Championship Match
Shawn Michaels vs. Ken Shamrock
D-Generation X: In Your House • December 7, 1997

D’Lo Brown vs. X-Pac
Fully Loaded: In Your House • July 26, 1998


Yearly Review: WWF January 1988

The first installment of Yearly Review starts with January 1988. This is the starting point for the World Wrestling Federation and will continue to present day. It will be a long journey, but that’s the goal. That’s the same mission for several other companies such as WCW, TNA, ROH, ECW and many others.

If I neglected to add something in, let me know in the comments section. Thanks!

WWF World Championship Scene: (held by Hulk Hogan)
WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan had to deal with a giant competitor to
start of 1988. The challenger wasn’t a stranger to Hogan as it was the
mighty Andre the Giant. Andre had lost to Hogan for the first time in
his career at Wrestle Mania III. Andre managed to earn another title
shot after being the final survivor at the Survivor Series 1987 main
event, which saw a team captained by Andre and another by Hogan. Andre
had promised Ted DiBiase, who was obsessed over getting the WWF World
Championship, that he would give DiBiase the Title when he defeated Hulk
Hogan, adding controversy to the pending bout with Hulk Hogan. However,
before Hogan could wrestle Andre, Hogan had to deal with another former
rival, King Kong Bundy. Hogan lost to Bundy by count-out at Saturday
Night Main Event #13 and as a result defended the championship against
Bundy at Saturday Night Main Event #14 on January 2nd, 1988. The odds
were stacked against Hogan as Andre would be in Bundy’s corner for the

Hogan was able to pin Bundy at the event but afterwards was brutally
attacked by Andre. Andre choked Hogan until Hogan was saved by several
baby faces, mostly thanks to Jim Duggan who used a 2×4 on Andre a couple
of times. Heading into Andre vs. Hogan II, Andre seemingly had all the
momentum and looked prime to take the championship from Hogan which was
to take place on February 5th, 1988 at the Main Event.

WWF Intercontinental Championship Scene: (held by the Honky Tonk Man)

Honky Tonk Man has held the WWF Intercontinental Championship since June
1987 where HTM pinned Ricky Steamboat on WWF Superstars. Honky’s
constant statements of being the greatest WWF Intercontinental Champion
caused a new rival for Honky. A newly baby face Randy Savage would
challenge Honky for the championship on several occasions to prove that
he is the greatest champion of all time. The feud’s turning point
occurred on the SNME on October 3rd, 1987. After the Hart Foundation
helped Honky retain the title by DQ, Honky shoved Miss Elizabeth to the
floor before smashing a guitar over Savage’s head. Honky would continue
to push Savage’s buttons by making advances towards Elizabeth, most
notably at the 1987 Slammy Awards.

The climax of Honky vs. Savage would occur at the Main Event on February 5th, 1988.

WWF World Tag Team Championship Scene: (held by Strike Force)

Tito Santana and Rick Martel have held the Tag Team Championships since
October 1987 where they defeated the Hart Foundation on a edition of WWF
Superstars in an upset win. Strike Force’s first challenger to deal
with were the Bolsheviks as they would have a best two out of three
falls contest at SNME #14 on January 2nd. Strike Force were able to
retain the titles winning both falls in under eight minutes. Everything
seemed to be going well for the tag team in the early stages of 1988.

Other Happenings:

– Hacksaw Jim Duggan won the 1988 Royal Rumble last eliminating One Man
Gang, who had the most eliminations of the Royal Rumble with five.

– Brutus Beefcake and Greg Valentine continued their feud which had
been going on for almost a year. Beefcake saved Koko B. Ware from a post
match beat down on SNME #14 and managed to cut some of Valentine’s
hair. These two would feud until March 1988.

– The Islanders returned from suspension after kidnapping the British
Bulldog’s mascot Matilda. Bulldogs would threaten Heenan on several
instances and attacked the Islanders with dog collars on more than one

– At the Royal Rumble, Dino Bravo set the unofficial record in weight
lighting by lifting 615lbs, although Jesse Ventura had allegedly helped
Bravo lift the bar.

– Bad News Brown made his return to television after several years hiatus on the January 30th edition of WWF Superstars.

– Ultimate Warrior began to feud with King Harley Race and Hercules.
Hercules ended up choking Warrior with his chain, viciously kicking off
their feud.

– Ted DiBiase kept busy by feuding with Jake Roberts. DiBiase would
manage to get a few victories over Roberts but Roberts would get a
measure of payback by stalking DiBiase with his snake, Damien. Virgil,
DiBiase’s bodyguard, would help DiBiase get the upper hand on Roberts
and put the snake on Roberts, adding insult to defeat at a house show
that took place on January 9th.

The rating for Saturday Night’s Main Event XIV is unknown.
Royal Rumble 1988 drew a 8.2 rating on the USA Network.

First off, I just wanted to thank everyone for the success of the first article I posted. I’m glad to see that is sparked up a conversation. That’s the ultimate goal for these. It seemed like, for the most part, everyone enjoyed the article. Thank you.

As I post more on here, I just wanted to give a brief introduction of myself. I’ve been a wrestling fan since the mid 1990s. My first exposure to wrestling was in the spring of 1994 when Bunkhouse Buck bloodied Dustin Rhodes on one of the syndicated shows. I don’t know why that kept my interest.

Throughout the years, I’ve gone back and watched stuff as early as 1986. For the most part, anything prior to that, I can’t get into.

Anyway, for the past two and a half years I’ve been writing on my own blog, Wrestling Recaps. The name really sums up the main point of the blog. Myself and several other people have written show reviews of over 3,300 shows and have them all in one place. I suppose I always thought it would be neat to have an in-depth site that had a variety of reviews. If anyone goes there to check it out, tell me what you think.

The point of Yearly Review for myself was to go back and look back at how everything developed over time. Sometimes, I would find stuff that I never knew about or remembered. I hope that his series will do the same and will spark memories below for the time period.

Thank you for reading.

WCW Nitro: Aging Well?

Youtube has complete episodes of some WCW Nitros. I watched a couple from late 1999-2000. At the time, the show was a complete trainwreck. But watching them now, they're really not that bad. I'm actually accepting a dozen things going on at the same time, whether they make sense or not, and if they make a complete 180 within 30 minutes. Am I feeling nostalgic or are these shows still really that bad?

What the fuck has 8 years of John Cena on top DONE to our children's minds?