Hey Scott,

Recently, I was listening to a podcast where Lance Storm revealed that the initial concept for what would become The Un-Americans was for a Canadian Horseman style group, to be called "C-4". The lineup would have been:

Chris Jericho (Flair)
Lance Storm & Christian (Arn & Tully)
Test (Windham/Luger/Sid)

Setting aside the obvious political issues (see EVOLUTION, which premiered a few months later), do you think that group could have had a credible upper-card run?

2002 Jericho as Flair? No buys.

Steve Austin’s Walkout On The WWE In 2002

When Steve Austin walked-out on the WWE in 2002 was it due to not wanting to job to Brock Lesnar, problems with the writing team, or both? I remember an interview he gave shortly after he left in which he said the reason was that "Creative sucks", but was that just a cover in not wanting to put over Lesnar? Sort of like the whole "lost my smile" deal with Shawn Michaels?

He had no problem putting over Lesnar, but he wasn’t going to put him over on a random unadvertised RAW like they wanted. Brock vs Austin should have been a PPV main event in his eyes, and he’s not wrong.

Also, he had shit going on in his personal life with Debra that probably didn’t help.

Worst champ ever?

Excluding obvious jokes (David Arquette, Vince Russo, etc.), who is the worst wrestler to ever get a run as world champion? Is it the Great Khali?

​You know, I got this e-mail just before the PPV started, so really I should have known.

The SmarK Rant for WWE Battleground 2016

The SmarK Rant for WWE Battleground 2016

(I literally remember NOTHING about this show from last year.  Apparently it happened, though!) 

Apologies in advance for formatting problems, as for various reasons I’m doing this one on my backup-backup-backup Ubuntu-formatted netbook because it was the only computer I had charged and I’m pressed for time tonight. (I’ve tried a million different “lite” Linux distributions on my Acer netbook looking for something that approximates Windows enough to comfortably resurrect it from the recycle pile, but it’s just too difficult to comfortably type on and I always end up going back to my Surface for taking notes on stuff.  I have WAY too many useless pieces of technology, I know.) 

Live from Washington, DC

Your hosts are Michael Cole, Byron Saxton & JBL.

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93 Horsemen

Hey Scott, after watching some 93 WCW and realizing what a waste that Face Horsemen run was, I wondered why the smart decisionmakers back then didn’t put Steamboat and Shane Douglas in the spots of invisible Ole and joke-jobber Roma? They were also feuding with the Hollywood Blondes anyway! Wouldn’t they have been a good fit?

​Shane, maybe. Steamboat? Can’t see it.

I would have gone with Barry Windham and Sid to at least reunite the last version of the team that had been around. Or, you know, just paid Tully Blanchard his fucking money and not been such idiots about dealing with talent. ​

Network “Special” not so special

I’m a jaded old school fan so I don’t watch the modern product outside Rumble, Mania and Summerfest but does it seem like there are TOO MANY network specials with both Raw and Smackdown running shows each month? Would it help them to scale back to just 12? I can’t imagine even the most die hard fans feel they need to see each show and network subscriber numbers have stayed flat the past year, no?

Isn’t less always more?

​Depends on the financials. We don’t know what exactly the drop-dead point of these shows are (ie, how low do actual PPV buys need to drop before they’re losing money, even with the Network factored in?). Plus generally speaking running a TV or PPV taping is a guaranteed way to increase live attendance on the show, plus you can increase the ticket prices and make more than you would for a standard house show.

Basically, if they were losing money on them, they’d stop, but they’re not. So apparently more is more.​

I love lists (part 897)

1. Fan of nakamura, but new to him. Recommendations of his best work?

2. What are the chances of us getting "the beast vs the demon" brock vs. Balor?

3. After seeing the trailer at comic con, might justice League actually be good? Like, really good?

​1. Go to njpwworld.com, search for "Nakamura". I personally LOVE the AJ Styles match from just before he left for WWE, but basically any of the big shows against Tanahashi or Okada are spectacular.

2. It was apparently supposed to happen around Survivor Series before they decided to move up the "Put the title back on Roman Reigns" plan, but maybe it can still go down?

3. Oh…I dunno. I loved Wonder Woman, but Justice League really feels like they’re trying for the Avengers without doing Iron Man and Thor first, ya know? Hopefully Superman won’t be such a sourpuss in this one.​

why are we booing Bulgaria?


With the flag match this Sunday only on the WWE Network, it begs the question – why are we being asked to boo Bulgaria? They’re a NATO ally! The U.S. deployed troops to Bulgaria to protect eastern European allies from possible Russian aggression.

That sounds like COMMIE talk to me! Better dead than red, you pinko. I’ll stick with freedom and the right to shoot whoever I want, Chairman Mao.

The Friday Night Thread

Hey, we’re back up after a temporary outage.  Not my fault, it was on the server side. Or maybe it was Alberto El Patron, we’re still investigating with the authorities.

Reports on Brock’s future continue to be contradictory, but we do know that he’s under WWE contract until Wrestlemania, and he can’t fight until January 2018 because of his drug failure in his last fight.  I’m still pretty sure he’s dropping the title at SummerFest, though.

Chat about the stuff tonight, and hopefully the web host won’t die again on me.

The Equalizer < Dino Bravo

Dear Scott,

I know Bravo is considered the worst, but what about The Equalizer aka Dave Sullivan? Just watched his Superbrawl IV match against Jungle Jim Steel, and ho-leee smokes what a gigantic shitshow that was. Much thanks to Equalizer’s absolute lack of talent in any important aspect of pro wrestling: abysmal selling (worst dropkick sell i’ve ever seen), tons of miscommunication (admittedly, it was against JUNGLE JIM STEEL!!! WHO THE HELL BOOKED THIS??), brutal offense, no heat, no crowd interaction, there is NOTHING there!

​You’d get no argument from me that Evad Sullivan was worse than Bravo. ​