Who should’ve won KOTR 1997

Hi Scott,

Just thinking, about KOTR ’97.

Considering HHH was going to be shoved into the main event no matter what and he didn’t actually get elevated all that much by the win and he really wasn’t ready for that spot (A KOTR winner actually meant something in ’97), I feel like he wasn’t the best choice for that winner (I know, HHH winning when it didn’t make sense. Shocker.)

So, that said, if you were going to re-book KOTR ’97, who would you have booked to win that tournament?

Hmmm. I feel like heel Marc Mero would have been amazing in that role, but he was injured. Bret winning and declaring himself king of everywhere but the US would also be the best. But again, injured.

So yeah, I’ve got no better alternative to be honest. Davey Boy for the British angle? I dunno.

Thursday Thunder!

So the Las Vegas Golden Knights are already wheeling and dealing, and for $500 million I’d sure hope so.

Mauro is back with WWE already, as the new voice of NXT, so that’s frickin amazing if it’s him and Nigel.

Talk about the stuff and the things here!

Joe is jobbing isn’t he?

Hi Scott,

As a man who’s been as big a fan of Samoa Joe as you can get since he almost murdered AJ in 2005, my life has been a constant stream of disappointments.

However, with the upcoming Joe/Lesnar match and the AWESOME starting build for the feud with Joe choking out Heyman and even going 50/50 in a brawl with Lesnar, I’ve all of a sudden dared to dream that possibly they have big plans for Big Joe.

But now with the feud continuing as it has, with Joe getting tainted victories over Rollins and Reigns, in matches clearly designed further the latters’ feuds, and it being pretty clear that Lesnar has having feud with Braun probably for Summerslam and a date with a spear at WM (where he probably still has the title), it seems pretty clear that Joe is not going to get his hand raised at Great Balls.

Do I even have a chance that MAYBE interference backfires and Joe gets an interference win and doesn’t immediately go into Ambrose mid-card hell? JUST A CHANCE?

Strowman’s the money match, bro. Having Brock job to Joe first would be ludicrous.

AJ vs Nakamura

Hi Scott,

I just watched the AJ vs Nakamura match from last year’s WrestleKingdom and it’s pretty awesome


Nakamura is awesome. AJ is awesome. Together they’re super awesome.

A few questions about them, the match, and Japan in general:

1) How many *s do you rate this match?

​****3/4 I think. I’d have to watch it again but that’s what I recall thinking when I first saw it. ​

2) This should totally be the next WM main event. When you get that kind of heat for the staredown at MITB, you know it’s gonna be great. Are they building to WM? If not, what are they building to for them?

​They don’t even know what they’re building to for Summerslam at this point. I seriously doubt Vince has any solid idea of where they’re going for WM. ​

3) Nakamura’s "antics" and mannerisms seem to me to be very un-Japan-like, in that most Japanese wrestlers I’ve seen are very business-like, have very basic entrances etc. Did Nak have heat in Japan for doing this kind of stuff? In general how did all this go over with the other wrestlers, the fans and the promoters?

​Nakamura was treated like a rock star in Japan because he was DIFFERENT. He was considered a prodigy who was pushed from the day he debuted, so he definitely didn’t have heat. ​

4) What took so long for AJ to get to WWE?

​He preferred the idea of a stable income for his family while working close to home. However, as I understand it, once he became a big star in New Japan and could secure a big enough deal in WWE, he wanted to basically cash in for his future while he still could. ​

5) I actually enjoyed Matt Striker on commentary here. Why did WWE get rid of him?

​Because he was the worst! The Dino Bravo of commentators.​

Thunder in Paradise

Hey Scott,
Let’s assume that Thunder in Paradise was a smash hit that lasted for say 6 years on TV.

How would that have affected WCW? Would hogan still come in in 1994 on a part time basis?
Would he have brought all his buddies?
Would sting have a bigger run on top or would savage have gotten the title in 94-95?
Would Austin have become a wcw main eventer since hogan wasn’t there to kick him out?

​I think that Hulk still would have come in, because filming was only for a relatively short time and that would have left him enough to at least come in for short deals.

However, if Hogan didn’t come in, there was a very real fear that Turner was going to finally pull the plug on WCW in 1994, so the entire thing might have been a moot point. The possibility exists that if Hogan doesn’t come in, Vince wins the wrestling war 7 years early. And then we REALLY would have been screwed.​

Jinder Mahal making progress

When Jinder first became the World Champion we all laughed right? A jobber who literally got rocketed to the top out of nowhere. Ridiculous right?

But I got to be honest here for a second. Jinder Mahal has been making progress.

This guy carries himself like a star, the WWE is legitimately presenting him as a star, and he literally gets more heat than anyone on the roster. A heel actually getting booed? What a concept right? And this guy is making people boo him! A guy who can’t have a 5 star match…. Is he amazing in the ring? No but quite frankly I don’t care. We need pure heels in wrestling these days and I think this dude has got some major potential. Hopefully they don’t ruin it…

Thoughts on Jinders first two months as champ? Any idea of when he should drop it. To who?

​I dunno, does it really matter at this point who the champion is? They’ve already bounced it around so much that title changes are meaningless anyway.

That being said, Jinder’s been around for 15 years now. If he was gonna show some flashes of brilliance as a character or worker, he would have done so by now. They have lots of guys who get legit heel heat, and Jinder ended up in the top spot for reasons that have nothing to do with his character. ​I think that’s everyone’s biggest issue with him.

Shawn Michaels In 1997

Where was Shawn Michaels is early 1997 supposed to go as a character before the whole "I lost my smile" deal? I remember hearing back in the day he did that to avoid having to job to Brett Hart at Wrestle-Mania 13. Was that true, or was there more/less to the whole thing?

​Yes, Bret Hart was going to win the World title from Shawn in a rematch from the previous Wrestlemania, where Shawn would have gone super-heel and Bret would have "broken his ankle" with a prosthetic foot used for the finish. Shawn apparently decided that this wasn’t in his life plans and developed a crippling knee injury instead, and Vince panicked and went back to the big guys like he always does when business is down.​

Worst Raw Match Ever

Scott – in a moment of boredom I recently watched Bring it to the table on the network. In the episode they talked about the Bradshaw/Trish vs Nowinski/Jackie match. I remember hearing about the match but had never seen it. After watching it I have to ask a few questions………

1. Is it indeed the worst match to ever take place on live tv?

​I can’t think of anything offhand that was worse.​

2. At a certain point should someone not have made the call to just end the dang match instead of letting them all continue to die on live tv?

​The problem is that there’s timing issues for TV and stuff, and it’s hard to just go home. Usually for RAW the call is to just play it out and move on afterwards. ​

3. Were there any reports at the time of any of the participants getting heat for such an awful match.

​Yes, Jackie got 100% of the heat. ​

4. Wasn’t Trish already considered a good worker at this point? Or did that come further down the road.

​She was definitely considered a good worker, but it was also known that she was only gonna be as good as her opponent a lot of the time, which is what this was. ​

Thank you!

NJPW in the U.S.

I’m nervous for New Japan Pro Wrestling. It appears like they are going to be making a serious attempt at expansion into the U.S. starting with this G-1 tour. Now while I love the idea of New Japan being a big deal in the U.S. I think they need to be verrrry careful.

I have no doubt that the WWE has the money to purchase any wrestler on their roster assuming said wrestlers has a price that he would be open to in exchange for going to the WWE. If New Japan starts gaining traction in the U.S. and a wrestler or wrestlers start becoming hot, I see the WWE attempting to snatch them up similar to what they did with the territories.

New Japan needs to have a gameplan, wrestlers signed to longterm deals, and a vision for how they are going to go about this because going toe-to-toe with the WWE in North America is going to be extremely challenging. And while they have a big fanbase in Japan they need to be careful to also not alienate their audience there as well.

Its gonna be an interesting next few years I think for New Japan.

​I don’t think anyone in NJPW is foolish enough to think they’re going toe-to-toe with WWE in North America. Their strategy seems to be positioning themselves as an indy-level alternative for this side of the ocean, like ROH or whatnot. Having the big shows on AXS is a good towards that goal. However, New Japan World really seems to be a misfire at this point from both ends, because they’re not getting the subscriber numbers that they thought and the service isn’t frequently updated with archive stuff like WWE Network is. Plus, as I’ve complained about before, it’s a pain to navigate if you don’t speak Japanese and there’s no native support for the millions of streaming device options out there.

But hey, Billy Gunn as a headliner can only mean big things for them, so I wouldn’t worry.​

BoD acting funny

Hey Scott,

You may want to check on the BoD website if you’re not doing so already. It’s directing to the index page and is allowing access to private usage stats.

​What?! Oh shit.

Yeah, so this morning at 6am I woke up to check on the morning posts and discovered that something had put the site into a weird maintenance mode I’ve never seen before. I logged into the web host and found a ransom note in the main directory, with the entire contents of the site zipped into an encrypted file, including the database files. They were asking for Bitcoin but fuck if I know about Bitcoin. Had they asked for Paypal, I could have easily paid them off. Luckily I have daily backups of the site and so do the fine people at phpwebhosting.com, so after much melting down on my part (only internally, thankfully for everyone at work) they were able to basically wipe the site clean back to June 13 and restore the database to a usable state again​. Unfortunately Vaultpress (my backup system) needs the site in working order before it can actually connect and back it up, so I had to co-ordinate both the webhost and them to get it back to yesterday’s states.


Anyway, it’s all working again, and I’m feeling much less stressed. Double thankfully, the Observer recap for tomorrow was one of the files that was saved, so it’ll be up tomorrow morning instead of this morning like I had wanted.

Anyway, ransomware sucks, and I think I found the culprit causing the issues, so I thank everyone for their patience and refreshing the site all day waiting for it to load again.