The Sunday Night Thread

The goddamn Vegas Golden Knights are in the STANLEY CUP FINAL starting next week.  What the actual fuck?

Tonight, the Super Junior tournament rolls on via New Japan World.

Deadpool was actually down slightly from the first movie, doing a pathetic $125 million for the weekend instead of the $132 million that the first one did.  SHUT THE DOORS ON THE FRANCHISE.  SUPER HERO FATIGUE.

Tomorrow, the Observer Flashback featuring Fall Brawl ’94 and a very hilarious pages-long discussion about the legitimacy of UFC therein.  Plus I’ll have a new column posted to the Sporting News about the five biggest choke artists in wrestling.

Talk about the Sunday stuff here!

Saturday Night Thread

Went to see Deadpool this afternoon and it was frickin’ awesome.  Then I tried explaining to my wife who Cable actually was and gave up after 10 minutes.  Anyway, I consider it better than the first one, and the X-Force scene alone is worth the price of admission.

Tonight, there’s a UFC Fight Night, and the Super Juniors tournament continues on New Japan World.

Also, NHL playoffs continue with Washington v. Tampa Bay in game 5 and Boston v. Cleveland in the NBA.

I sent in a new list to Sporting News about the all-time biggest choke artists in wrestling, so look for that on Monday.

Talk about the stuff tonight, and go see Deadpool!

The SmarK Rant for WWF Monday Night RAW–09.12.94

The SmarK Rant for Monday Night RAW – 09.12.94

So welcome to a very strange time in my life, as back in 1994 we got one of those C-Band satellite dish monstrosities for our backyard, added a grey market subscription to a US channel package, and VOILA, I suddenly could watch Monday Night RAW live on the USA Network, two years ahead of it debuting in Canada for the first time. I used to sit and watch “wild feeds”, like when newscasters are standing around in the field bullshitting with the cameraman, for hours. Not only that, but there was wrestling EVERYWHERE. Suddenly I could get ECW, SMW, WCW, that shitty Sportatorium crap with JBL and Ahmed Johnson, and assorted Mexican wrestling. That thing was AWESOME. But mostly I was pumped to get RAW. And what a show to debut with!

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