Wrestlemania XV Article

Hey Scott

I’ve decided to do something non video game related on Gaming Respawn this week and instead have done an article looking back at Wrestlemania XV (Spoiler, I didn’t like it very much)

Could I please impose upon on you and ask that you plug this on the blog?

The link is http://www.gamingrespawn.com/retro/20951/retro-wrestlemania-respawn-wrestlemania-xv/

Looking forward to your review of this years Mania!

Keep it real

Do indeed keep it real. Carry on doing so.

Summerslam 88

Hey Scott,

I was just watching an old episode of ‘Prime Time’ from 1988, and they were hyping up the card for the inaugural SummerSlam.

My question is: Why was this card booked so lackluster? I mean, aside from a main event tag match that people were interested in, the rest of the card (at least most of it) looked like a glorified B-level house show.

Obviously they could have used this new PPV event to at least blow off some feuds, right? But instead, the card was populated with the likes of the aging JYD, Ken Patera and Don Muraco in meaningless matches.

Why was this planned so badly?


​I think they were still operating under the "Don’t give away the house show matches on PPV" mentality at that point, especially with Summerslam being a secondary show to Wrestlemania. ​

Question for the blog

Hey Mr. Keith,

Hope all is the usual well. Had a question. In regards to the WWE’s lesser shows (Heat, Superstars, etc), why were they always treated as lesser shows?

If the WWE makes money from television advertising why would they not take full advantage of the television time to try and turn it into something instead of just treating almost as a dumping ground?

Now I understand you can’t put the big stars on every show but they never seemed to put much effort into the shows despite the fact it clearly cost something to produce. So what gives? Why did they never seem to put much effort into these shows?

Thanks for any insight.

​Vince is generally all-in on any new TV endeavour for about six weeks (remember how well-produced Main Event was initially?) and then goes back to micromanaging RAW again right away. It’s just what he does, but you absolutely correct that they could be hiring people to oversee their 18 hours of programming per week and putting out quality product with a giant toybox full of characters, but they just never bother. ​

Eddie/Benoit at WM XX

I know there would be no reason to do so because what happened at WrestleMania XX was pretty awesome (at the time, at least) but would both of those world title storylines worked just as well​ if Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit had switched places? If Eddie had won the Royal Rumble and gone on to face HHH and HBK in the Triple Threat, and Benoit had beat Brock for the WWE title and defended against Angle at WM? Benoit had the longtime-smark-favorite-finally-wins-the-gold storyline going in his favor, but Eddie could have been plugged right into that same storyline and his whole personal redemption might have even elevated the personalities in the Triple Threat. Maybe I’m still trying to find a way to fantasy book HBK vs. Eddie, but would anything have been lost if Benoit and Guerrero had been put in the opposite spot?

​No, I don’t think so. In fact I kind of thought that’s where they were going at the time, so it would make sense. And we know Benoit v. Angle and Benoit v. Brock are both friggin’ great matches, so I think it would have been totally fine had they gone that route. ​

Bam Bam

Bam Bam debuts for WWF soon according to the observer reviews. He was primed as a mega star in 87-88 before he left and returned in 93 as a huge monster heel. Why wasn’t he given the Yokozuna push? We’re in September and it says "kokina" as a headshrinker/Samoan? BBB was huge compared to the other guys there in late 92, could’ve won the Rumble, had a classic with Bret at Mania 9, and set Yokozuna up for KOTR/Summerslam.

Yeah, but he was also flaky, injury-prone, and seemingly more loyal to Japan than either major promotion in the US. Given that he’d already burned both sides in 88 and then WCW again in 90, I can see why no one wanted to give him a monster push.

The SmarK Rant for WCW Monday Nitro–12.09.96

The SmarK Rant for WCW Monday Nitro – 12.09.96

Man, I’d gotten WAY behind on these, with the last one being the 12/02 show more than a year ago. To be honest, the Lucha Underground stuff isn’t really giving me any kind of return on investment as far as pageviews or reader interest, so we’ll shift back to the Monday Night Wars instead for the time being. Funny story, as I would generally use the Observer from that particular week as reference material, and a lot of times there’d be some funny bit or understated debut and I’d think “Man, it would be fun to just go through and recap all these funny bits as a standalone column!” So there you go.

Live from Charlotte, NC, drawing 6400.

Your hosts are Tony and Larry.

Read more…

“Ultimate Thrill Ride”

Hey Scott,

In all seriousness, is "Ultimate Thrill Ride" the absolute worst wrestlemania catch phrase/subtitle ever? I mean, does Undertaker seem like the type of dude to use the phrase "ultimate thrill ride"? I know WWE is desperate to appear corporate, but this is like a parody of corporate branding.

Dude, they’re building a GODDAMNED ROLLER COASTER for the set. We are through the looking glass and out Vince’s ass at this point.

Ultimate Warrior – 1992

Hi Scott

Loving the observer recaps and where we are in 92 had me wondering about the Warrior and a few questions.

It seems obvious that in late 92 they were priming him for another run as the top guy – what made Vince go back to him after his initial run was such an epic fail?

Was he the Roman Reigns of his era (the guy Vince WANTED to be the guy even though it was never really embraced)? Or was it just a case of him being the only option?

Also – a lot of people go on about the rumoured heel turn and the black paint/trunks look. Is this just an internet myth because there is nothing mentioned by Dave in 92? The only time he mentions a potential heel turn for Warrior is in 90/91?

Be interested in your thoughts…

With Hulk and Sid both gone, Warrior was the right guy in the right place at the right time. So of course he fucked it up.

The heel turn was internet myth, nothing more. Vince wanted him as top babyface champion because there was literally no one else. Savage and Flair were too old, Undertaker wasn’t ready, and Bulldog was too obvious on the juice.


Hey Scott, question, what happen to RVD’s original push? When he originally got hired, he got a megapush, hell Vince even came out on the Smackdown before No Mercy and did his point gesture, clearly the company was big on him, he got the No Mercy main event, he got that World Title match against HBK on raw, what gives?

Commonly told story is that he was working too snug and hurting guys with his kicks, so he was depushed to set an example. Normally this would have been a slap on the wrist at worst, but his victim was HHH, so, you know…

Bigger Household Name

Hey Scott,
I was thinking about Hogan/Rock in terms of who is a bigger household name to the average non-wrestling fan. Basically if you were to walk down the street tomorrow and poll random people, who would they be more aware of. Film and TV exposure obviously play a big part in this. Here’s a couple pairs for you and the blog to see who you think is the bigger name in the general public’s eye:

1)Hogan or Rock

​As a wrestler? Hogan. ​

2)Austin or Cena

​Austin by a landslide. ​People still wear Austin 3:16 shirts in public.

3)Flair or Dusty

​Flair. Dusty’s fame was done by the early 90s. ​Remember that vote they did on RAW in 2006 where they were trying to rig it for a Flair-Dusty tag title run and people voted for Piper instead? Case closed.

4)Savage or Piper

​Piper was still popping buyrates in 96 when Savage was looking at the lights, brother. ​

5)Undertaker or Andre

​Andre by far. Not even a discussion. ​

6)Bret or Shawn

​Neither one is super-mainstream. I think Bret is more known outside of the niche wrestling audience, though. ​

7)HHH or Batista

​Batista. Two major movies under his belt and people don’t even associate him with WWE any longer. ​

8)Foley or Lesnar

​Brock was UFC champion. Even my wife knows who he is. ​

Overlooked in Reigns story

Hey Scott – let’s change things up with a Reigns question. In all the comments about him being forced on the fans, I don’t recall anyone mentioning how tragic (from his standpoint, at least) the timing of his emergency hernia surgery. IIRC – he was incredibly over (organically) at the time and all of his momentum seemed to shift to Bryan while he was off. Do you think we’d be in a much different place if that injury doesn’t happen?

​No, because Vince got him over again with the Sheamus win in Philly a year later and they managed to fuck that up, too. ​

March Bashness

Hey Scott,

Almost done with March Bashness. If folks are interested, they can vote to decide the Fatal Four. Folks surprisingly love the Wild Samoans who keep on rolling.


Thanks again for sharing with the BOD.

​This thing is kind of ending up the same way my own tag tournament did a few years back. Although mine was Harts v. E&C in the finals, whereas yours looks like it’ll be that in the semis.

Damn those Demolition figures look awesome, though.​