BOD Meetup in Dallas

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Well, Wrestlemania isn’t looking like the biggest blowaway show they’ve ever done, no question about that. Regardless, Wrestlemania weekend is always a ton of fun, and this thread is for anyone from the BOD who wants to meetup Wrestlemania weekend and have a drink (looking at the card for Sunday, we might need several) or whatever.

Post in the comments if you’re going to be in Dallas and you’re looking to hang out with fellow members of the BOD. See you there, guys.

Ring of Honor 14th Anniversary PPV Preview



Name’s Rick, and I am YOUR ROH recapper. Friday, Ring of Honor will have their 14th Anniversary PPV in Las Vegas, and the big hook is that as part of their talent agreement with NJPW, some of the matches will feature ROH talent going up against NJPW guys. As usual, this is your PPV preview with the hope that you will consider trying out ROH, so let’s check it out, huh?

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