Did you ever rant Backlash 2009?

Hey Scott,

I recently told someone in the comments of your SummerSlam 2009 rant that you ranted on the Backlash 2009 show. I very vividly remember you giving Edge/Cena LMS 4 1/2 stars and remember other aspects of your rant.
But nobody can seem to find It? Am I crazy or did you do a rant? I feel like I'm crazy, haha.
I watched it in the movie theater and did a mini rant on the blog at the time, but never a full one.  But you are correct on the rating.  

Passing the torch…

Hogan's reign on top of the WWE lasted from 84-92, with Vince wanting him to pass the torch at Hogan's 6th Wrestlemania. Savage had 5 Wrestlemania's as a main event star after stealing the show at Wrestlemania III. This Wrestlemania will be Reign's 4th in a main event match. Do we really have to wait till 2019 to see if Reign's grabs the brass ring and when did Vince transition to giving his stars such a long grace period?  

Yeah, but what else are they gonna do?  Build up a new star?  That's crazy talk.  

“You can SHOOT someone outside the ring?”

Hey Scott,

Long time e-mailer, multiple time ban-e here.  We were discussing Jesse Ventura's legendary rant during the Rude/Warrior SS 89 match and it got me to thinking…In a no DQ match CAN you legally shoot someone? And if you can't why has this not been done before?
Seems like an effective way to both win the match and settle a feud at the same time.

​I feel like murdering someone would not fit within the advertiser-friendly narrative they're trying to build.  But while you might not get disqualified, I'm pretty sure you'd still be liable for the murder charges.​

A Very Lazy Milennial Question

Dear Scott,

Just wanted to get this question in before everyone is asking it in January/February…

How long until Wrestlemania becomes just another (5 Hour!) show?

That being said-once WWE is beyond their obligations what is the downside to Vince taking a hiatus from doing live events and just focussing on content for the network? 

Even say a year and let the independents have their time?

Would they really lose money given how much they spend to produce? If people are on the network because they forgot because it was only $9.99-well they forgot. Doesn't matter.

If Triple H wants to make money he can just have a reality show.

​…what?  Am I drunk or is everyone else?​

Silverdome FAILS TO DIE

Well you know something, brother, they need to bring in Hulk Hogan so he can slam the 1000 pound corpse of Andre the Giant in the middle of the ring, dude, and shake the rafters until they fall under the power of HULKAMANIA.

Also, this feels like a "You had one job" meme waiting to happen.

Survivor Series 90

Hey Scott

   I was watching Sur Series 90 last night and during The Visionaries vs. The Coke Kings match that the Warlord looked exactly like an overinflated Stone Cold balloon.  That is all have a good day.
​Now this is how you get your e-mail published.  Everyone else take note.​

Other WCW events to bring back?

With War Games and Starrcade returning, which WCW events would you bring back next? As a kid, I always loved the name and logo for Halloween Havoc and Fall Brawl, and may be a nice way to market September and October houseshows. SuperBrawl would allow for some logical gimmick matches replacing a blandly named event like Battleground or the outdated No Mercy.

Halloween Havoc is a no brainer.  They'd probably put it in July, of course.  I feel like SuperBrawl might be too close to Superbowl for Vince's liking, though.  I'd actually replace Extreme Rules with Uncensored, because it's a more descriptive name.  Frankly, anything's better than the endless generic names like Vengeance and Payback and Backlash and Backpay and whatnot. 

Roman after Mania

Given that Brock Lesnar is the only guy left that hasn't yet laid down for Roman Reigns, who exactly is THE BIG DOG supposed to defend the Universal Title against after his umpteenth coordination at WrestleMania Fleur de Lis?

​Coronation, I think you mean.  He's already pretty coordinated.  
I feel like the Shield is going to implode again and this time it's Dean's turn to go heel, which would give us a couple of months of PPV main events at least.  Or AJ Styles could switch shows again, or Randy Orton.  They've got some options.​

Bret Hart V.S. The Ultimate Warrior

In Brets book, he said before the whole steriod scandal happened, that the original plan for Mania 9 had him wresting Warrior in which he'd beat Warrior with the sharpshooter to win the World Title. Any truth to this? I just can't see Warrior tapping to the sharpshooter ever.

​I just can't see it.  By the time Bret got the first World title push, Warrior was on the way out and they didn't really believe in Bret as a top guy anyway.  So I can't see them first of all putting the title on Warrior (which WAS originally planned, that's true) only to have him immediately lose it in a babyface match to Bret Hart.  But as we learned in the Observers, there definitely was a rough plan to get the belt from Flair to Warrior sometime in 1993.  ​

Wrestlemania 16 question

So there was unconfirmed rumors that Jericho was originally supposed to be in the Fatal Fourway main event instead of Foley. Supposely there was even early Wrestlemania posters with Jericho on them. Ever heard this?

​Yes, it's entirely confirmed.  Here's the poster:
Vince didn't think Jericho was big enough of a star to headline the show, so he called Foley instead.  ​

Blue Hart

For some reason I recall at least one match in WCW where Bret Hart wore blue ring attire? Do you remember this period? Was there any reason why he switched ring attire?


​Maybe he was really into Eiffel 65 at the time?​