Literally a wrestlemania question

Hi and all that. Wrestlemania is a spectacle known all over the world and I understand why they would never change the name. However given that Vince hates the word “wrestling” so much, if he could go back in time and name the event something else what do you think it would be? 

The Big Event?  He did eventually work that one in.  If you’re not using “wrestling” in the name, it would have to be pretty generic.  

Coliseum Video

Growing up in the Coliseum Video era, as a kid my favorite thing about it was seeing”marquee” matchups that you’d otherwise never see because the characters have no issue. e.g. I’m watching Big Bossman vs Rick Martel from Rampage ‘93 for some reason. I stumbled upon a shockingly entertaining Orient Express vs Power & Glory match earlier.

My question is, who from today’s era would you like to see in a meaningless one-off Coliseum Video match? Just for grins I’ll say Usos vs Revival, Tyler Breeze vs Seth Rollins, and Samoa Joe vs Killian Dain.

​I think something like Reigns & Rollins v. Gallows & Anderson would be a lot of fun, but honestly with the 3 hour RAW and 2 hour Smackdown every week, they burn through a LOT of combinations and it doesn’t feel like there’s a lot of fresh matches left.  ​

Taker and Kane

Question: I remember when Mankind first debuted, whatever his dumb classical-musical-protege backstory was, he got over immediately because he went over the Undertaker. And NOBODY goes over the Undertaker.

So my question, inspired by a rewatch of Survivor Series 98 (still a great show!): in their 20000 matches, has Kane *ever* actually gone over the Undertaker, relatively clean?  

(“clean” in the wrestling sense, meaning heels always cheat, but still, I think you know what I mean.)

​I wanna say he beat Taker a couple of times in 2010 when he was World champion, but I’m blanking on any other instances off the top of my head.  ​

Brock after mania

Any truth to the rumors of Brock losing his shit to Vince and Shane having to step in?  Any info on that?

100% work.  No one has any idea what the point was supposed to be, but they were just “working the boys” according to the Observer.


Hey Scott, what did you think of the draft? I feel Smackdown got the better shake in terms of workrate. I was also reading Smackdown is bringing back alums and bringing up more NXT talent. I also thought they should have moved Balor over. 

​I definitely feel like Smackdown now having Styles, Nakamura, Bryan, Jeff Hardy and Samoa Joe to play with in various combinations is a huge win.  ​And Andrade Cien Almas is going to be a giant star if they don’t screw it up and break up the team.  I think Balor moving over and doing a giant Bullet Club thing with Styles and the Good Brothers would have been fun, but he’d kind of be in the same position on either show.  I think ultimately the biggest waste of potential for impact was leaving Braun Strowman on RAW, because he could have moved over and immediately been the biggest star of the show and carried the WWE title for a while.  On RAW, he’s always behind Brock or Roman.

Triple H and Cruiserweights

In the last couple of years, Triple H certainly has come a long way. The job of taking NXT from a horrible competition show into what it is today is universally praised by the internet fans.

When it comes to his projects, the man is completely self-aware. This is why I think it’s incredibly odd that he’s even continuing on with 205 Live.

Do you ever get a sense of sadness for these guys? They are always going to be on kickoff shows. They are never going to be given a chance and just stuck in their own world wrestling each other forever. What if 205 Live was around in 2010 when Daniel Bryan debuted? We might not ever have seen him headline WrestleMania just 4 years later. What if Gargano went to the cruiserweight division in September 2016? We would have never seen him headline multiple Takeover specials.

I know all the 205 Live guys look like geeks, however, crazier things have happened. How do we know one of them isn’t the next top level guy? These guys deserve a chance to be assimilated into the 3 other rosters. Daniel Bryan in 2010 was as bland and geeky as they come.

​Daniel Bryan was bland and geeky in 2010 because that’s how they booked him.  
Regardless, I feel like if 205 Live wasn’t around, all these guys would just be fired and set off to work the indie scene anyway, not magically given chances on the main roster to get over.  People have said that the “new” 205 Live is better, but it doesn’t appear to be making any difference.  I still think they should just kill it and do something else if they MUST have that additional hour of TV.​

Steiner screwdrivers in the Hermit Kingdom

Knowing what we know about about how shut off from the world North Korea is.  Can you freaking imagine what must have went through everyone’s head watching this in the stands. 
Between never seeing wrestling before. And the just sheer size of all of the wrestlers in a country that doesn’t have enough food for 80 percent of the population.  It’s as sad as it is interesting to think about that.   

​This would be as good a place as any to plug Sports Illustrated’s oral history of the trip as well:

Frequent Finisher Victims

Dumb thought, but blog fodder: Was thinking about that old HBK/Orton feud where HBK kept superkicking Randy every week until they banned it, and it got me thinking: who’s taken a given finisher the most? You could do this for literally any of them, but for the sake of brevity let’s start with ten of the main-eventiest ones: 

Hogan’s Leg Drop 

​Feel like it would have to be either Flair or Savage.  ​

Sweet Chin Music (despite that Randy feud, I feel like this one has gotta be either Jericho or Trips, right?) 

​Gotta be HHH.  ​

Savage’s Elbow

​Pretty sure Ted Dibiase took that sucker 100 times or more in 1988.  ​


​Jerry Lawler.​


​Poor D-Lo Brown seemed to take it every week in the glory days.  He was really good at selling it, too.  ​


​That’s gotta be Kane!​

Rock Bottom

​I feel like it must be HHH by sheer volume of matches.  Maybe Kurt Angle?  ​




​Probably Edge.  ​




​I’m blanking on this one.  ​

Spear (Edge edition) 

​One of the Hardy Boyz, maybe?  ​

For bonus points, did any of those victims ever get better at countering the move in question? Going back to the Shawn example, I know at least all three of Orton/Jericho/HHH eventually started just punching him in the dick to interrupt the move, which was never not great. 

​Well, many people can reverse the AA now, and the tombstone is certainly a move that can be reversed as well.  Hard to counter Randy Savage flying off the top rope and dropping the big elbow, brother.  ​

Authors of pain

Akam and  Razar

Occam’s razor (also Ockham’s razor or Ocham’s razorLatinlex parsimoniae “law of parsimony“) is the problem-solving principle that, when presented with competing hypothetical answers to a problem, one should select the one that makes the fewest assumptions.

Please tell me that no one else knew this??

​I believe this had already come up when they were in NXT, yeah.  But it’s still a very clever bit of wordplay, much moreso than the usual crappy name generator that produces stuff like “Jaden O’Matthews” or whatever.​