So many questions…


What does Vince hope to achieve with Roman to be so persistent after 4 years?

Is it peer pressure from shareholders to make Roman the centrepiece? In a world where PPV buys don’t matter why does it matter so much who is the “face” of the company?

A crowd that cheers Roman once is all Vince is after? If that is so important why not just pipe in fake crowd noise, why try so hard for so long for no monetary payoff?

​I'm sensing another trend on the blog this morning.  
I don't know why it matters so much, either.  Especially on a show that was as stacked as Wrestlemania and then a main event that no one wanted to see killed off the crowd.  And it's not like it was a secret that it was going to happen, we were all saying from the moment that Roman won the Chamber that the match was going to have Goldberg-Lesnar '04 heat and putting it on last would be a complete disaster.  ​

Couple of post WM questions

1. Brock = Goliath clearly, so who would be the best 'David'? If we're talking triumph over adversity and massive disadvantage then Gargano, but that feels like too soon to do. Probably the better option at this point would be a year-long build of 'comeback
kid' Daniel Bryan, with essentially Brock signing for another year before heading off to UFC (I wrote that before it was announced). Then once Bryan wins at WM35, have Strowman destroy him in the summer to set up their next monster champion?

2. As has been mentioned earlier on this blog, Reigns is 'Luger'at this point It feels like he's been given several opportunities to be portrayed as the next Cena/Hogan but for some reason, they leave him coming up short? Are the office being too indecisive
in pulling the trigger, or has fan's reaction to the situation stopped them from positioning him as top guy? Does his act need freshening up (injury angle lasting 12 months and come back as a heel)?

​1.  I'm still not convinced Brock is signed for anything more than one match, since they were so careful not to announce any terms or contract length this time.  I don't think there's a David, I think Brock is dropping the title to Sheik Roman for the oil baron money and leaving with Heyman. ​Then they can repackage Roman into Sultan Reigns and have him see the light and start interrupting women's matches.
2.  See my brilliant idea for freshening up Reigns in #1.  

Big dog? Big Poodle more like

What a  whiny baby promo to script for Roman on Raw. Basically “I lost because WWE resigned Brock and didn't tell me and it gave me weird vibes.”

Why oh why are they killing someone most people were slowly getting used to in the slot they wanted?

​Vince thinks it'll get him over.  It's just astonishing that people are desperate to boo the guy and make him an actual top star and all he'd have to do is turn on the Shield and align with the Usos or Authors of Pain or whoever instead.  The Shield is one of the few storylines that fans have a real, honest to god investment in, and Roman turning on them would generate real heel heat for him in a good way.  But no, apparently four years of failure at WM is the storyline that's gonna get him over.  ​

Austin/Vince Redux

I got some very familiar vibes during the Rousey/Steph angle that opened Raw. It felt to me very much like the Raw after Stone Cold finally won the title at WM14 where Vince tries to lean into it and make the Austin thing work despite the fact it never would as Austin doubles down and beats up his boss again. Steph tries to lean into the asskicking she received and embrace Ronda, but Ronda doubles down and armbars her again.

I’m sick to death of rebellious babyface vs evil authority trope, but if it’s the angle that finally gets Steph to show some ass in getting a talent over (like Vince used to do), then I’ll take it. Thoughts?

Stephanie's terrified apologies while Ronda prepped the armbar at Wrestlemania were amazing and exactly the correct reaction for someone who just finally realized how colossally they have fucked up beyond any hope of salvaging the situation.  Then she came out on RAW with a cast on her arm, immediately took credit for how great the match was and pretended everything was fine, and Ronda came out and kicked her ass AGAIN.  

THAT'S ALL WE'VE BEEN ASKING FOR ALL ALONG!  Is it really so hard?  She owns the company!  No one is going to think she's weak for getting beat up, because we know she's the actual owner and not just a storyline.  You can beat the McMahons to a bloody pulp over and over and they can instantly get their heat back just for being themselves, and I hope Steph finally realized that.  

Outside the box

Hey Scott,

Any chance that New Japan would drive a Honda full of money up to Lesnar's ranch to work a match with Okada? For as badly as Lesnar screwed them over and nearly killed the company, I can't think of a single other match within the realm of possibility that would draw as many eyeballs from overseas.

​I dunno, man, I feel like Vince can tolerate a lot of bullshit from Brock in the name of money, but New Japan takes that stuff WAY more seriously.  Plus I'm pretty sure Okada is dropping the title for a while after he gets through Tanahashi to set the longevity record next month.  
But you know what WOULD be the greatest thing ever?  Brock Lesnar v. MOTHERFUCKING MINORU SUZUKI.  Can you even imagine Brock trying to pull some shit with him?  Maybe they should drive that truck of money up to his farm after all…​

Ways to keep Mania shorter

Hey Scott,
First off obviously dumping commercials/ads/elongated promo packages would help. My question is: why do they shove those down our throats every 5 minutes when we are watching the show already!

Also, doesn't the ARMBAR give them a great out clause every year. The first one had legit guys in there. Del Rio, Sheamus, Ziggler, Big Show, Cesaro, Rey Mysterio. Sure there were jobbers but it felt important. Put some stakes to it (Title shot on Raw/SDL after Mania) and put big stars in there.

The promos are helpful after the fact for old farts like me who can't remember why X is fighting Y, but they should be one minute long, not ten.  They have insanely talented editors for their online content who are very capable of cutting stuff down to bite sized format, and that's all we'd need.  

Wrestlemania Marathon

Hey Scott,
The 7 hour wrestlemanias are just death. Its hard for any main event match to be that great when the crowd is dead after sitting there for 6+ hours.
Thoughts on how to shorten wrestlemania and get everyone on the card?

​Don't give Nia Jax and Alexa 10 minutes?  They used to do it in the 80s via short matches and not having to give everyone elaborate entrances.  I did think the pacing for this show was much better, as I made it almost 5 hours in without getting significantly burned out​, but the endless commercials and video packages did me in by the end. 

Does Vince secretly hate Roman?

Lets look at Roman's last couple of months

-Pinned clean TWICE by the Miz and Seth.

– Flukes a win over Braun at the Chamber. braun beats the shit out of him afterwards. Roman doesn't get his revenge for that

– Talks shit at Brock. Brock beats him up every time they meet in the run up, including the go home show.

– Loses clean to Brock in the main event of wrestlemania after months of hype and 'It's Roman's coronation'.

If Vince LIKES Roman, how does he treat people he doesn't like.?

​Yup, this whole booking run of Reigns makes absolutely no sense in hindsight.  Even moreso than usual for them.  You could justify it all in advance by saying “They had to keep him strong because he's getting the title at WM” or “They could have him do a job to X because he's getting the title and it makes a new challenger” but looking back now, it all does not compute at all.  ​

Random Thoughts From Mania

1. Have you ever seen a card that killed off so many babyface draws? Reigns might as well leave the promotion. He will never be taken seriously again unless he makes the heel turn. He has been lugered to death. Nakamura turned heel, Rollins is in IC title hell, asuka lost the streak which was the only thing getting her over, and Braun had a tag team match with a ten year old. So we are now counting on plus 40 year old flake Bobby Lashley to sell some pay per views. Sounds reasonable.

2. Am I the only guy who doesn’t get Nakamura and Finn Bálor? All I heard about is how revolutionary Nakamura is and he can’t even be bothered to bring it against AJ Styles in a match that everyone swore up and down would be six stars. His works screams lazy to me. Finn Balor without the makeup is a stale babyface that uses the same finish my six year old does when we wrestle. And Finn has like four moves total.

3. Is Cody Graves a face or a heel announcer? One minute he hates Elias and then he talks crap about Sasha and buries the new day. Also why is he everywhere?

1.  ​Tonight was a REALLY strangely booked show.  The thing that annoys me with Roman is that they spent an entire YEAR having Brock kill off guys with the F5 to build up that kickout spot, and then it ended up meaning nothing.  Plus they also spent a year protecting Roman and turning the other members of the Shield into midcard smiling buddies so he's the bigger star, and then he lost anyway.  I don't get what the endgame with Brock is supposed to even be at this point, to be honest.  ​
​2.  Nakamura has been really lazy and unmotivated compared to New Japan, and it's kind of shocking that Vince keeps giving him this big of a role.  Perhaps it's just because he's older and slower now, but even compared to his NXT run he's been working via collect call.  Hard to blame him a lot of time, but this should have been where he brought it.  As for Finn, I've never been into smilin' babyface Balor, but he moves merch, so good for him.
3.  They love Corey Graves but he's turning into tattooed Matt Striker and spends more time coming up with sick burns of his broadcast partners than actually getting anything over.  His performance during the women's Rumble, where he literally spent the entire match drooling over a couple of people like a creepy internet stalker, was really embarrassing to listen to.  ​

Johnny Wrestling as face of 205 Live

Johnny Gargano is clearly getting the call to the main roster…in my opinion the best thing that could happen to him would be to go to 205 Live and dominate.  That brand needs a star, and he could actually make their matches on the main shows/network specials something that people want to watch.  And who knows, maybe Neville will come back and call him out for stealing his spot in a match that could approach *****.

​Hells to the no.  Just leave him on NXT to eventually be champion there and dominate for the next year.  205 Live is a death sentence at this point.  ​

Gargano… the best?

With the first 5-star match in the company since 2011, and now THIS match with Ciampa, is Johnny Wrestling the best wrestler who works primarily in the Western Hemisphere. Combine storytelling, match quality, and ability to generate legit babyface  reactions… does anyone even come close?

I mean, AJ is pretty damn good as well…

March Bashness 2018 Finale

Hey Scott,


So here’s how everything played out thanks to all the voting. It was a bit surprising how the Fatal Four played out, but at this rate, the winner wasn’t a major shocker.


And if you’ve never seen this before, here’s my look at all the WrestleMania main events done in Mattel figure style:


Thank you so much for sharing again. Hope you enjoyed it. And Happy WrestleMania weekend!


​Thanks, and looking forward to the 2019 tournament!​