Bobby Eaton


I’ve message a few times regarding the dangerous alliance and midnight express, but I wanted to get to the point and ask what you thought of Bobby Eaton.

I don’t know why I’m such a fan of him. Perhaps it’s remembering his quality work with the dangerous alliance, or that he just had a manner about him that he seemed like a decent guy…

I don’t know. I just hold him in High regard, and it’s only after hearing stories in later years about how nice he is that I lament he isn’t brought up very often, when o feel he could make for a good addition to the rotating we’re documentary interviews.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

​Yeah, Bobby Eaton has long been cited as the nicest guy in the business by everyone who worked with him at the time, and he’s a really underrated guy as far as moving heavyweights into a more aerial style.  Jim Cornette of course has a million hilarious stories about him in shoot interviews, like all the two-bit gyms they’d run where Bobby would get so high on the legdrop that he’d hit his head on the light standards and stuff like that.  I’ve heard his health was REALLY bad as of late, but he seems like he’d be a neat guy to do one of those Table for 3 deals if they could find Dennis Condrey and Stan Lane and sit them all down.​

Lucha Underground S4

Hi Scott,

Are you gonna be keeping up with LU? I understand it’s almost negative revenue for the blog but just wondered about your thoughts on Aztec Warfare opening and Antonio Cueto.

I’ve been following the results since S1, but as noted many times, the reviews were a really big drag on traffic for the blog.  I might finish s1 for fun this summer but I can’t see going further than that.  
Also, Antonio Cueto … come on. Shark jumped.  

Hansen in No holds barred

Hey Scott-
Any particular reason that Stan Hansen got the nod for the movie? 
He would be good for the wrestling scenes obviously and was unknown really to the wwf audience.  But why not use one of your own talent in that role.  You could have done the whole “he got mad at Hulk for something he did in the movie” storyline.  And for that matter. They kind of wasted doing that storyline with Hansen himself.   
I’m sure he would have had no problem working the circuit and then going back to Japan.

Keep up the good work. 

There was no real reasoning, they just decided Hansen was the best guy for that role.  Definitely Stan could have done business with Hulk in 89, though.  Probably would have been fun!

Do you think Vince has ever seen Flair/Steamboat?

After the Okada/Omega classic, It got me wondering: do you think Vince McMahon loves wrestling enough to watch non-WWE classics. Do you think he ever watched Flair/Steamboat? Do you think he saw Okada/Omega? Or is It more business to him and not about actual wrestling? For some reason I can’t picture him sitting down to watch a wrestling classic like Triple H might or even Shane. But maybe I’m wrong?

​No, everything I’ve ever heard is that he’s all about business, and for example Shane was a fan of ECW and MMA and had to show him both of those things.  ​It’s a strange dynamic that someone who lives wrestling 24/7 like him apparently doesn’t actually enjoy WATCHING it.  


Just an observation: 

Can you name another sport or entertainment medium where a fan would rather spend 10 bucks a month to watch shit from 10 to 30 years ago rather than watch the current product on tv for free?

I have a network subscription, and I prefer to watch old stuff that I’ve never seen before, such as the Mid South catalogue, and the Bruce Prichard podcast (which basically talks about shit from 10 to 30 years ago). However, I have almost no interest in watching what the WWE is doing currently. 

This would be like a Cleveland Indians fan (which I am) not following the current team, but instead paying a fee to binge-watch the 1994 season and to watch a podcast with two ex-Indian players talking about that ‘94 season.

Strange times. But, in the end, Vince is still getting my ten bucks a month, so I guess he’s the genius in this story. Oh well. 

​Hey, think of this as well:  Without the WWE Network, I have no idea what the blog would have turned into once the Roman Reigns Era began.  I certainly wouldn’t be reviewing shit every day, that’s for sure.  ​Much like WWE 24/7 saved me when I got sick of the Cena push in 2006.  

But yes, wrestling is indeed a strange bird, more akin to fans who watch and discuss old TV shows than old sporting events.  

Women’s championship and the invasion

Hello, Scott,

I know you must love Invasion questions because why not, and I recall how just before the invasion there was the debacle with Chyna who was then Women’s champion. That led to her and the championship going into limbo. However, checking the history, the title wasn’t officially vacated until November, so theoretically China was champion throughout the invasion.

My question is, was there ever an explanation for the disappearance of chyna and the title? Did WWE have any plans for using the women’s title during the invasion but never pursued it? They clearly had no problem throwing torrid Wilson and Stacy Keibler into matches (later adding Ivory to improve the quality of the WCW women), so I imagine they COULD have used the women’s title as one of the many belts to swap around.

Oh, and was there a reason that Ivory joined WCW? Or was it just because? At least Molly holly had a history with the promotion…

​Nope, Chyna just disappeared from TV and all mention of the Women’s title left with her.  With Chyna gone and Sable gone, they had no intention of pursuing any further plans with that belt and it was only because Trish and Lita got so over later on that they were basically forced to resurrect it.  ​


Good afternoon Mr. Keith.

I really appreciate your review, so considering that I respect you so much as an expert, I’d like to ask you what do you think about Bryan Danielson.

Considering, exclusively in ring ability, how would you compare him to AJ Styles, Bret Hart, Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero?

How would you rank them considering in ring ability?

Thank you very much

In the ring, Benoit was by far the best.  He could literally work any style convincingly.  I’d put Bryan below him because I’ve seen many Bryan matches where he couldn’t get something out of an opponent, but I can’t say that about too many Benoit matches.  


Did you get/will get the unreleased Randy Savage collection?

If so, can we expect a review?
I dunno, how much of his stuff is really unreleased at this point ?  I’ve already got multiple collections of Macho Man stuff now.  

New Japan

With New Japan looking like the superior product. Do you see a Major Network in the statea picking them up? If so, I would be interested to see how WWE responds product wise.
I’m not seeing it.  They still have no real track record in North America.  We’re still a long ways from New Japan on NBC or whatever.  

Wrestlemania Finish Explained

“Lesnar’s ongoing run as Universal Champion surpassed the previous marker, CM Punk’s 434-day stint as WWE Champion that stretched between 2011 and 2013”

WWE’s official press statement

That explains everything. Why did no one make that connection?

​Because neither one is a “record” anyway?  Also, they’re two different titles, so it’s a bullshit comparison.  ​