Vince Russo…

In all seriousness, what were his strengths as booker/head of creative?  We all know his weaknesses, but what were he things that he excelled at or did better than almost anyone?  The fact that pretty much all mid-card talent were involved in something?  The shows seemed full and flew by?  The subject matter that he had the talent follow in their promos?

​He booked some of the best reboot episodes I've ever seen.  He always had one great show in him, you have to give him that.​

Wrestling Nostalgia

Seeing as we all long for the good old days of wrestling, why not create a nostalgia promotion with old angles but current style of workers. You could use the old cheesy McMahon style commentary, the heel announcer, the interview segments between Matches, managers, valets etc. Think it would work?

Wasn't that basically TNA's business model for a while?

Most overused WWE tropes

Which angles/stories have been used enough already? Which ones could you live without in the future?

My nominees:
– overdramatic stretcher job/injury angle

– heel stable MAKING A STATEMENT, PUTTING EVERYONE ON NOTICE, with another beatdown on babyfaces

– ref bump screwjob finishes. In kayfabe, why not hire more resistant refs?

​Your third one only leads to a more annoying trope:  The TROUBLESHOOTING REFEREE, who then becomes the focus of the match.  I prefer my refs like Vince prefers his women:  Nameless and ready to go down at the slightest touch.

Daniel Bryan

Now I maybe reading too deep into this but I have noticed lately they've allowed Bryan to be more involved. They actually let Kane grab him for a choke, they let him be a special ref and I read he ran the ropes during a dark match this past tuesday. A year ago they wouldn't even allow him to take a push.

​I think you're reading too deeply into it.

Bret Hart and “Sunny Days”?

   On a Raw in the late 1990's, Shawn Michaels said something to the effect that Bret Hart wasn't the family man everyone thinks he is, and then said something about "Sunny Days."  Was Hart allegedly having an affair with Sunny at that time, or was Michaels just being a dick? 

​There was nothing "allegedly" about it.  But then, Shawn was doing the same thing, so it was a tad hypocritical of him to be calling Bret out.​

Crazy Like a Fox

Hey Scott–

It's been mentioned before, but I wanted to throw my positive feedback behind the Pillman book, Crazy Like a Fox, by Liam O'Rourke. I'm about a third of the way through, and it's a tremendous read, hands down the best wrestling book to hit the shelves in awhile. Even old farts like us who lived through the WON reports in real time will find some great stories and insights that have never been shared before. If you or anyone in the Blog O' Doomiverse has any spare holiday scratch left, it's well worth the time and monetary investment. 


Hogan in wwf in 1994

Hey Scott,
Should WWF have matched WCW's offer for hogan? Yes he is older and stale. However, it would keep their bitter rival from having them and WCW could have possibly gone under.

Here's the issue: If Vince matches the offer and Hulk accepts, then Hogan is getting 40 points off the top of the PPV business at a time when margins were shitty for the WWF.  It would have been a disaster and they couldn't afford it.

Austin’s neck injury and main event style

Dear Mr. Keith, 

My nephew has been re-watching WWF from 1996 on since he was only 6 when he first saw it. He just watched the match where Owen Hart injured Austin's neck. It got me to wondering, if Austin had not sustained the neck injury, would the "main event' brawling style have ever been used as much?

​I believe it would have, yes.  It was too valuable of a storytelling crutch for Russo for it not to take over like it did.  Although Austin's injury necessitated it becoming the main style in a big way, the business was moving in that direction anyway, so it was likely inevitable.  ​

Hogan WCW signing


If you were in charge of WCW in 1993/1994, would you have signed Hulk Hogan (I.E: to the lucrative deal that he would have agreed to) given the nearly-impossible situation it put the company in, or would you have told him to go pound sand in the long-term interests of the company?

I ask because I can see why either decision would have several good and bad points. 

​It's a tough call.  Given that we found later that TBS essentially told WCW to sign Hogan or else they were exploring options of selling off the company, at that point you kind of have to.  In the long run, he definitely made them their money back with Starrcade 96 and 97 alone​, but he also helped to kill the company in the longer run. 

I think, given the knowledge that the company was inevitably doomed in 2001 anyway, I would have just done it.  Better to burn out than fade away, as Def Leppard said. 

AJ Styles Mania Opponent

So I was doing some thinking, if that 5 way does indeed take place at Fastlane then that would automatically disqualify those 4 guys from winning the Rumble as they wouldn't put the Rumble winner in a title match before Mania. So with the recent rumors being a SD guy is winning. The only logical outcome I can come up with is Cena. Which they can build it as Cena going for his 17th title. But I doubt Cena would be staying long after due to movie commitments so say they do that match. Why not have Cena lose? Doubt himself. Come back whenever he does, challenges Styles again. Wins by cheating or something nefarious. theres no better time then now for that long awaited heel turn. It'd be the perfect way to finish out however long he has left in his career. Kind of like Rock did. Thoughts?

​Sure, just keep hoping for that Cena heel turn.  Cena's winning the Rumble and we're gonna end Wrestlemania with him and Roman celebrating their World title wins together and you're gonna like it, PAL.​

Rest holds/Submissions

Hey Scott,

What the actual fuckin' fuck has happened to rest holds, and even worse submission holds in the last few years (I could probably extend that to the last 10 years)?

I'm pretty certain that even the youngest/markiest of fans understands what the human body can take yet EVERY hold we see isn't convincing anyone man, woman…… or child, to an embarrassing level!

Considering the amount of time these holds take up on the shows, I'm shocked no one's piped up, and even worse with terrible submission finishers! SURELY questions have been asked?

……or you can shed some light on this for me?



You should totally start an internet petition, bro.

Rusev Day failing

Happy holidays and New Year,

So Rusev and Rusev Day are the hottest acts in WWE, and yet the ice cold Benjamin/Gable team get the next tag title shot. This is obvious going to go like Fandango-ing or even the beginning of Bryan's push where Vince sweeps the loudest cheers away and punishes them for getting organically over. I'd bet money, they're not even on the Mania main show. As a fan, my confidence is shot that this company will push the OVER talent I want to root for.

Well, welcome to wrestling fandom.

“Superstar Shake-Up” 2018

                         Just assuming they do the "Superstar Shake-Up" after W.M. again this year, what wrestlers do you think will switch brands, and/or what wrestlers do you think should switch brands?  My short list;

– To Raw;  Randy Orton, Jinder Mahal, Becky Lynch, Shelton Benjamin/Chad Gable.

-To Smackdown;  Seth Rollins, Big Cass, Bailey, Karl Anderson/Luke Gallows.

For me, priority would be splitting up the Shield because otherwise they'll just book themselves into a corner with them, so I'd move Rollins to SmackDown where he can be top top guy.  I'd also put AJ on RAW because it's way overdue, and maybe Cass on SD to get him away from Enzo for good.