Did NJPW force WWE to clear Bryan?

It seems crazy that WWE would clear him now, just as his contract is expiring and the whole world thought he'd end up in New Japan.

Do you think WWE cleared him, in any part, because of that? It has to be annoying Vince that NJPW World is gaining subscribers in the US while his Network is losing them.

Or are they worried WM was going to bring no new subscribers with Brock/Roman and pulled the trigger now on Bryan?

Find the timing so odd because if they knew theyd have Bryan ready for WrestleMania, they shouldve done something a whole lot better. 

​I think they legitimately believed in the opinion of Maroon and didn't want to open themselves up to any further concussion lawsuits by having Bryan out there taking a bump and dying in the ring.  It was just extremely fortuitous timing that they managed to get him cleared right before Wrestlemania, and I'm not even being facetious.  Sometimes shit just happens at the exact right time.
Now that being said, Roman is FUCKED.  People are gonna be wanting Daniel Bryan in his spot all over again and probably hijacking the main event of the show.​

What to do with Wyatt?

Kind sir,

It's a shame, because the gimmick was so interesting at the start, but it seems like everyone else has soured on Bray Wyatt and his supernatural mumbo jumbo. The potential was there, but they didn't do enough actual storytelling with it, and now it's closing in on 5 years on the main roster; Wyatt's shelf life is quickly expiring it seems. This Broken Matt feud seems to be a good end point: he gets out-crazied by all the Broken antics and disappears for a while.

So what do they do with Wyatt afterwards? Do they have him pivot to a less supernatural type thing, and do a reformed sinner type angle? Try to pull a Mankind and soften the character into a fun loving eccentric? Repackage him entirely? Cut him loose? Or just keep things the same and let him ride the gimmick back down the midcard until he's spiderwalking in dark matches?

​Spin him off into a sexy private investigator in the bayou of N'Orleans, having sexy adventures and occasionally bumping into his old friends. He can learn that it was Papa Shango behind all the gator smuggling.  ​

Jake the Snake attacking Macho Man at the Wedding

Heading into Summerslam 1991, it appeared that Jake "The Snake" was going to feud afterward with the Ultimate Warrior having turned on him in those vignettes about learning the Dark Side.  However Warrior was fired/quit
the day of Summerslam, and then Jake attacked Macho Man and Liz at the Wedding Ceremony.

Was this done as a last minute thing because Warrior left or were they always planning this post-wedding angle?  If Jake-Warrior was the feud being set up, how was Macho Man originally going to come back to the ring?

​It was a last minute thing. Macho was never supposed to come out of retirement, although we all know it eventually would have happened anyway.  But in his mind, in the short-term he was leaving to go have a baby with Elizabeth.​

How to Structure a Card

Hey Scott. Love the blog and the community you have here.

How do you structure a card to avoid burnout yet send fans home happy while making each wrestler look important? I've listened to Jim Cornette talk about freaking out on guys for having a hard hitting match in the middle of a show, but then Jim Ross talks about each guy should go in the back with the mentality of "beat that!"

Is it the NXT model of just 3-5 matches in 2 hours? Or do you vary the card to have a technical match, the wild brawl, a high flying match, etc?

Just thought your take would be interesting. Thank you!

​The best answer I can give is "Whatever works for the audience you have."  I prefer varied styles, but crowds like PWG might enjoy high-fliers up and down the card for 5 hours.  There's no one solution.​


Chances they're setting up Cena vs Taker for next mania, and trying for the success of Rock vs Cena I all over again?

​Yeah, but PPV doesn't exist anymore, so what's the point?  0% chance.​



I don’t know if you watched Raw tonight but you missed the world’s first ELEVENTY BILLION STAR MATCH.

I’m sure that’s what’s Meltzer’s gonna give it.

It was awesome. Or maybe I’ve had way to much to drink.

Oh, I’m talking about Ultimate Deletion.

– Joe

I'm always filled with dread when emails start pouring in minutes after the show.  

Roman Reigns = Pussy

So, let me get this straight.  Roman takes a few chair shots, some suplexes and an F5 and needs to be carted off on a stretcher and spend the rest of the night in the hospital?  And now I am supposed to be believe he can win a wrestling match against Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania Fleur De Lis when he can't even take a few basic wrestling moves without leaving the arena in an ambulance?  Sufferin' succotash!  No wonder nobody wants to get behind this guy.

Tell em Steve-Dave!

Who wins?

Now that it's finally happening, and all possible stakes are gone and neither guy needs a win, and It doesn't matter if either loses, who goes over? I can't think of a major dream match with less on the line, but I still can't figure out who wins? I guess I'd put my money on Undertaker winning and going out with one last win. But maybe not?

With an epic battle like that on the grandest stage of them all, there's only one winner: The WWE Universe!

Mark Henry

   Despite all the injuries over the years, Mark Henry gets into the WWEHOF, which IMO is still deserved. I am curious, though – if he had been healthy all that time, where would you place him in the pantheon of superheavyweights, and where does he sit currently?

Is there an actual pantheon of super heavyweights?  Like in Greece somewhere?  
I dunno, he was OK in 2011.  And I liked the Cena angle. That's about as strongly as I ever feel about him one way or the other.  

How will “Money In The Bank” go this year?

  With the WWE having done away with brand specific PPVs, how exactly do you think they'll do "Money In The Bank" this year?  Surely they won't have 2 men's and 2 women's MITB matches on 1 show?  I think even Vince would say that would be overkill.

​I know we say this every year and every year it doesn't happen, but they've really reached the end of the gimmick as far as useful storytelling engines go and it's time to retire it.  Like with Carmella, where they waited too long for the cash-in and now they've booked themselves into a corner where they apparently don't want her to fail but don't want her to actually beat either champion, either.  Unless they go with the one story left they haven't told:  A briefcase holder desperately trying to cash in on the night of Money in the Bank before the next ladder match starts and she loses it.  ​
Anyway, I think they're doing one men's and one women's briefcase, and the winner will cash in on whichever show they want and automatically get drafted there if they win.