Biker Taker

I've heard mention before (possibly on the BOD) of Undertaker coming back as a biker character in 2000 in anticipation of a move to WCW.

Creatively WCW was on its arse then, and having seen how Bret worked out, plus presumably reports from his friends who worked there, I find it hard to comprehend why Undertaker would even consider going there at that point. 

I'm sure they offered him a lot of money but WWE was riding the Austin wave at the time so my guess is that Vince could easily match it to keep one of his biggest stars.

And from a creative and push standpoint, he was a big deal with a lot of sway at the time, so it couldn't have been that. An easier schedule is the only reason I can think of why he might've considered it. Can you shed any light on what went down?

And finally, if Biker Taker was the plan  for WCW, why did Vince allow that gimmick change, knowing it was making it easier for Taker to transition to a more realistic character, which in turn would have helped WCW had they gotten hold of him?


​I dunno, a lot of that was based on stuff supposedly said by Kevin Nash, who has been known to be full of crap on occasion.  The timeline, as has been pointed out by others, just doesn't work out.  Like who in their right mind would be jumping TO WCW in 2000?  I've never bought it as a serious theory.​

Research on Women’s Wrestling

Hi Scott, 

My name is Dr Tom Phillips (no, not that one), and I'm a researcher at the UEA in Norwich, UK, writing about the state of women's wrestling today.  

I'm asking people to head to to take 10-15 minutes to complete a short survey about women's wrestling. Whether people love it (or possibly even hate it), I want to hear from
them! I want to try and capture as many opinions as possible. 

I would love to hear from posters on the BoD to hear what they have to say. Thanks all for your time! 

​Wait, Norwich?  Is this Paige?  ​

King of The Ring 1994

Hey Scott!

Love the stuff. Keep killing it!

I was watching 1993-1994 and came across the GEM OF A SHOW King of the Ring 1994. And the questions I have about it.

1). I get it, Bret Hart wasn't a huge draw, so he's in the middle of the show vs Diesel…BUT WHY IS LAWLER VS RODDY MAIN EVENTING?

2). Lex Lugar, who, yes, we all know WASN'T THE GUY….didn't even make the tourney/show after literally being in a main spot the whole year…was that just because REASONS?

3). Was Shawn hurt? Or they just wanted to keep him away?

4). No Quebeccers? They ran the Tag Divison for a long time this era, and lose on a Raw match (which wasn't awful might I add), and get no rematch or anything? WHEN DO THEY GET IN THE HOF?!!

Anywho, Love your stuff. Hate Roman's Stuff!

1.  They felt Piper was the biggest star they had.  It was a horrible miscalculation, of course.

2.  He was supposed to be doing a thing with Mr. Perfect, but that fell apart.

3. Shawn was taking some time off to heal up and let Diesel have the spotlight.

4. Frankly I'm shocked they're not in the Hall already.

Rollins vs Brock!

  • There’s been speculation, including from PW Insider, that Brock Lesnar vs. Seth Rollins could be the next match for “The Beast.”
From Cagedsideseats. Hopefully this sticks and he wins the Title instead of ending up a bump on the road to Roman.

​Here's how it would go if they were planning on putting the belt on Seth:  He'd proceed with the open challenge and then have to lose the title a couple of weeks before the match so they could get it off him in preparation for winning the belt, but they'd pick the lamest option possible and Seth would get flattened out as a result , and then they'd blame him for not being over enough and change their minds during the pre-game show before putting Brock over again in 5:00 with 1 F5.

An interesting theory?

My friend who knows as much (if not more) about wrestling than I told me recently that Braun Strowman was recommended to the WWE by future Hall of Famer Mark Henry, due to their strongman competition connection or some such. If true, I think there's more to this than one would think.

Braun's catchphrase is now “get these hands.” Mark Henry and Mae Young once conceived a single child, one rubber hand, who grew up to be gigantic… for a hand. This is canonical, I remember the Hand coming back for some bullshit Raw anniversary show.

What if they cut the camera right before the doctors discovered another baby in there and and Braun/the Hand were genetically engineered twins separated at birth? Braun got the Arnold Schwarzenegger genes, Hand got the Danny DeVito genes.

Would this have made more or less sense than mystery partner Nicholas at Wrestlemania?

I don't know why I never made the connection before!  It all makes sense now!

Tommy Dreamer Talks Impact

Hey Scott,

Tommy Dreamer spoke to The Wrestling Estate ahead of House of Hardcore 43 this Saturday in Philly. He discussed working with Impact Wrestling and how all these companies have to unite in order to compete with WWE. He also explained why Jerry Lynn is one of the most underrated wrestlers ever.

Should prompt some fun debate. Hope your readers enjoy. 

Thanks as always,

John Corrigan

​Impact's sure got a lot of interpromotional irons in the fire.  Maybe all those promotions should band together into some kind Alliance of Wrestling promoters on a National basis?  THEY'LL MAKE MILLIONS.​

The Main Roster “promotion”

Hi Scott

Having watched The Revival get squashed by Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy, I'm wondering is the promotion to the main roster seen as the big deal it should be?

Sure you get the bigger crowds, bigger pay I guess… But is it worth it if you're only wrestling for five minutes in front of a crowd who are sat on their hands? 

Would there more benefit of having NXT as a separate 'workrate' brand or is the 'big league' still what these guys aspire to? Will a lot of them be watching All In with an interest as to how far they could take it?

Basically it just seems a waste seeing my favourite tag team doing five minute jobs when a couple of years ago they were tearing up the ring in classic tag team matches.


​Yeah, but, they're SMALL.  So they can't get over.  So might as well book them as jobbers.  It's just good logic.​

Living the Gimmick

Hey Scott,

So WWE put out a video about how Nikki Bella and Cena have been “reconciling”. In my opinion, this means that their break-up was a work that everyone fell for, and will be resolved by the last episode of next season's Total Bellas. Is it safe to assume that the world is a work and we're all just marks for accepting any part of this reality?

A Reader

P.S. Would you say that Roman Reigns is closer to Luger (Choke artist that keeps getting pushed and bailed on, then pushed again almost immediately), or Biker Taker (Loyal soldier for Vince who gets pushed over stars with much greater presence, because of his loyalty/older, better gimmick)?

​Clearly Nikki has been Roman Reigns with a wig and rubber facemask like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible all along, and we'll get the big reveal to set up the feud that will finally get the Big Dog over.  ​