Wrestler Kenny Kendall

Hey You

Do you know what wrestler Kenny Kendall is doing now & what's he up too?


​I kidnapped him three years ago and I've been keeping him in my basement and paying him 3 cents a day to organize my DVD collection for me.  It's a big job, so I wouldn't count on seeing him again for a while.​

WWE’s Gay Agenda

Once the women's revolution is over, do you the WWE is going to start a GLAAD division that is built around Finn Balor, Velveteen Dream, Goldust, Tye Dillinger, and Breezango? Will this get over with crowd?

​1)  Literally none of those people are gay.  In fact, have you SEEN Tyler Breeze's wife?  
2)  Um…why Tye Dillinger, exactly?  ​

The ‘R’ word

Greetings from England Scott,

Loooong time reader – started with your pre-millenium (milenium?) Netcop rants!

Why do you think Wrestlers find it so hard to retire? Can understand injuries and finances being a factor, but some of the current older guard (Kane, Taker, Goldust, Jericho etc) just seem to keep going regardless?

Also, would you mind giving me a plug? I wrote a pretty good song called The Reasons You Rule and made a crappy video for it- 

All the best!

​I think it's just that they love the business and/or don't really know how to do anything else.  ​The standard line from any wrestler is that they're going to retire and become a motivational speaker, but I think Marc Mero was about the only one to pull it off successfully.  

Best Year for WWE PPVs

It’s gotta be 2000, right? 

Royal Rumble, Backlash, and Fully Loaded on the list of all-timers with Judgment Day, SummerSlam and No Way Out pretty close too. If memory serves, Unforgiven and No Mercy were pretty good too. 

Any other Jan-Dec period in the ballpark for WWE?

​No, the combination of Rock and HHH killing it on top, plus the Radicalz supercharging the midcard, made 2000 the best by far.  ​

Another Asuka/Charlotte question

Hi Scott

I was thinking that if it was either a case of Asuka OR Charlotte for the big dream Rousey match then why did they book the match in the first place?

Charlotte could have done something with someone like Becky and Asuka could have Warrior/Honkeyed her way through Alexa (the Nia feud was well done but seemed chucked together late in the day).

That way you keep both strong and have TWO big time matches for Ronda down the line. 

It just seems to me like they booked themselves into a corner by making the match in the first place. 


​Whole-heartedly agree. Also, why aren't people angrier about Charlotte breaking the streak and then immediately losing the belt to Carmella?  The whole thing ended up being a complete waste of everyone, to be honest.  ​

I was thinking

This past mania has to be the first time in a long, long time in which either one of the two major belts didnt change hands, correct? 

Let's see…
Last year:  Orton beat Wyatt, Brock beat Goldberg
2016:  Roman beat HHH
2015:  Seth beat Roman
2014:  Bryan beat Orton
2013:  Cena beat Rock
2012:  Sheamus beat Bryan
2011:  Edge retains, Miz retains.
So yeah, 7 years.  I'm just impressed I could remember all those off the top of my head!  ​

Wrestling Observer Flashback no more?

I miss it…

Ok, let's talk about this, because I kind of touched on the subject before but this way we can discuss more openly.  Basically, they have become a LOT of work.  Like, when I started them, I was referencing old Observers to supplement the RAW rants from the time and it turned into a quick 15 minute lark that I could pump out daily.  Then I started getting unhappy with the quality of the work and fixed it by adding my own comments and the memes and going way, way more in depth with recapping the issues.  And it's a lot of work now, especially condensing 100,000 words of Dave into something that fits into 2000.  Not to mention that 94-97 are a painful slog for me as a wrestling fan and I have no real passion for covering that period again.   15 minutes is now 3-4 hours of work, which I often need to spread over two days.  So basically at the moment I'm on a break from it and if I can come up with a way to simplify things for myself, it'll be back. At the moment I'm happier falling down the Network rabbit hole, so that's my focus.  

Asuka/Charlotte should’ve closed Mania?

Do you think this would've gone over well? I know it didn't have the most epic build but Streak vs. Title is a great Marquee and the match was over with the crowd. Give them an extra ten minutes of near falls and their match would've flirted with *****. Plus, WWE would've gotten great PR for having women close their flagship event before Saudi Arabia. 

​No chance.  Nia v. Bliss had 10x better buildup and even the crowd was too burned out for a women's match that late.  ​

WrestleMania 3 Questions

How the hell did I never hear about the Orndorff back up plan at Mania??
I always wondered why he wasn’t on the card.
Can you shed some light on the subject. 
Was he feuding with anyone at the time?

There is no way that unless Andre died right before they would have done something else right? 

175,000 people came to see Hogan bodyslam the 740lb giant!!!!!

​Technically he was just finishing up the Hogan feud, but otherwise, no, he didn't have anything going on.  He did the babyface turn and started a program with the incoming Rick Rude a little bit after WM3, so he was mostly in between stuff anyway.  Plus Orndorff himself was in rough shape after the Hogan feud and was pretty much told to hang it up due to the extensive damage done to his neck that needed surgery.  Andre himself was wrecked and there was serious concern that he wouldn't be able to even move enough to do the match, which is why the Orndorff plan was kept around, but as you say, he would have needed to be dead that day instead of the next day like really happened.  ​


So I've realized that maybe this entire time what Nakamura needed was a heel turn. What we saw post match at Mania was the Nakamura everybodys been waiting for to show up since the match with Zayn. If he keeps up as he did on SD. Keeps up the aggression he showed at Mania then I believe Nakamura finally gets to where everyone wants him. Hes presented a bad ass striker yet Jinder looks like hes hitting guys harder. The way he treated Styles after the match at Mania is exactly how he should of been wrestling and supposely his NJPW heel run was gold. Thoughts?

I think they should stubbornly continue pushing him as a babyface for the next five years and then reevaluate at that point.  Let it play out and see where it goes.

Saudi Arabian Rumble

Hey Scott,

How do you feel about the upcoming Greatest Royal Rumble? I've gone from being mildly intrigued to absolutely fascinated by it, and not just because King Salman has booked one hell of a card.

If you had to estimate, how much do you think the Saudis paid WWE in order to make it worthwhile to: manufacture a supercard in a matter of weeks right after WrestleMania; cancel a weekend of house shows at the company's hottest time of the year; interrupt the women's revolution/evolution with a major event that the women literally cannot participate in because they are women; transport everyone (except the women, of course, because they have vaginas) around the world for one show; book a card that rivals just about anything that the company will probably book anywhere else this year; and be valuable enough to justify the cost of bringing along Brock Lesnar, Undertaker, Cena, Jericho, Rey Mysterio, HHH, and probably some surprises for one night, on the other side of the world, in front of an audience that is probably completely papered? Oh, and let's not forget that this show is in an open-air stadium — so, not only is it an outdoors show with all of the complications that come with those, but it's outdoors in Saudi Arabia where the AVERAGE temperature in late-April is close to 100 degrees. Like I said, this whole thing is totally fascinating on so many levels. I know it's a multi-year deal between WWE and Saudi Arabia, but would you think the Saudis are paying for transportation and production costs on top of everything else? As a public company, is WWE be required to share the details of individual deals like this one in their quarterly reports to the SEC?

(Also, doesn't it seem like there are dozens of better names that they could have given this event? “Greatest Royal Rumble” is pretty lazy.)

It is indeed a fascinating trainwreck on many levels.  They're pretty much going to have to announce the number in the next investor's call, and Meltzer keeps hinting that it's into the millions.  We'll see how it sustains after the first show, I guess.  But I just hope to hell it's not another 5 hour show, especially on a weekday, because that dog don't hunt.  

Jericho replacing Rusev


Don't know if you saw this, but they've announced that Y2J is replacing Rusev at the Greatest RR. No clue what angle they're running here, but the announced reason was that Lana told him she wouldn't let him compete.

Oh, Rusev, I hope you make a million dollars on the Indies and shove it in Vince's stupid face. 

Update on the Movie

Hi Scott,

I was reading one of your old RAW rants (from August 13, 2001, to be specific) and at the beginning you give an “update on the movie”. This refers to a movie being financed by the same people that did “Tomb Raider” and shooting in Wisconsin. Most intriguingly, you say it looks like Bruce Campbell will be playing the lead. I can't find a reference to that movie in any other review. What was this and how were you involved in it? I'll be really thrilled if the answer is “Bubba Ho-Tep”, as that ended up being one of my favourite movies of the 2000s.  

I'm happy to know that you're a fan of Campbell. It's nice that we have other common interests besides wrestling. Are you digging “Ash vs. Evil Dead”? By the way, thank you for all of your writing. I've been enjoying it for probably close to 20 years now and love visiting your blog (and occasionally participating in discussion there) every day.

Ha, there's a random reference I haven't thought about in a while.  That guy was a complete whackjob as it turned out.  He basically contacted me out of the blue offering me a job on the “movie” and making promises to fly me out and do whatever job.  I think it was script supervisor.  He made all these promises about finances and how John Cusack and Bruce Campbell were attached to star in it.  He had some vague description of the script and it was some kind detective movie, I think.  Anyway, it proceeded through email and then we had a two hour phone conversation where he came off like a completely delusional nutbar and then I never heard from him again. Later, I believe he contacted Chris Hyatte trying to promote whatever fake movie was in his head and tried to make it sound like it was totally still happening and he had actually promised nothing to me or whatever.  It was pretty hilarious.  I think his goal was to solicit money from me and I wouldn't ever bite on it, but I honestly have no clue.  
Anyway, maybe he turned out to be Max Landis or something, I dunno. I didn't even remember his name and hadn't thought about it since then. 



Is it just me or has Bobby Roode turned into the new Mr. Kennedy?  He came in two years ago with a neat entrance and has seemingly done nothing to evolve beyond that.

Now that he’s out of any title picture, would it be a good time to just abort the whole “Glorious” schtick and turn heel?  Otherwise, he just seems destined to flounder in catchphrase purgatory with the likes of Tye Dillinger forever.

I mean, he's pretty old as it is.  It's not like he's getting groomed for the World title or whatever.  I think the spot he's got is fine.

HBK/Bret amazing performances

Hey Scott,

Do you find it odd that, in the mid-90s, with WWE basically having the 2 greatest workers in the business, that HBK and Bret never seemed to have great performances on the same card?

Except for WMX, there was never really a card where HBK and Bret both had great matches and it wasn't like they wrestled together a whole lot. There was a large string of time in '94-'97 where they both wrestled in separate matches but only one had an amazing match.

Thoughts? or is that just coincidence?

​Shawn certainly had the benefit of much better opponents and storylines than Bret did for most of those years, I'll say that much.​

Tag matches at WM, Stevie Richards & Eddie

Just read your Wrestlemania 20 rant again and was inspired to send a few questions your way. 

1) The Rock & Sock vs Evolution match is actually one of my all-time favorite Wrestlemania matches, just based on how fun and easy to watch the whole thing is. I felt that the Rousey tag match this year had a similar vibe, with a super hot crowd mid-show, the right blend of new and old talent, and just great energy from everyone involved. Why don't they do more stuff like this at Mania? Since they're so intent on getting the legends on the show anyway, featuring the old guys in tag matches where they get their shit in for the crowd while putting over the new guys/gal seems like a no-brainer. 

2) Had it not been for Benoit going off the deep end, where would Benoit and Eddie closing Mania in the ring together with both world titles have ranked among your favorite moments as a fan? 

3) I know that Eddie reportedly didn't take the pressure of being champ very well and beat himself up over Smackdown maybe not doing the best numbers with him on top. Were there ever any reports of Benoit feeling similarly? 

And on a related note, did Benoit even care about his spot in the later years once he moved back down the card? He's one of the more difficult guys to read, but he seemed to me a guy who was content with going out there and (unfortunately) putting his body on the line for the sake of making his matches look as real and crisp as possible every night, regardless of where he was positioned on the card. Do you think he ever lost sleep over never really being in the spotlight again after the pair of classics he had against HHH and HBK at WM and Backlash? 

4) Thoughts on the Big Dog Roman Reigns? Did his most recent pipe-bomb promo give him enough momentum heading into his unforgiving cage match with the Beast Incarnate? 

​Maybe he should have put the locker room on notice, too.
So with Benoit, he didn't seem to care particularly while he was, you know, sane, but at the end it was apparently a pretty major point of contention for him that he was getting phased down into the training role, and in fact wasn't told that he was winning the ECW World title at the PPV he no-showed. And he had been pretty depressed about that match, feeling like he was just putting guys over with no payoff.  Obviously if he had been in a more normal state of mind it wouldn't have mattered, but people seemed to think it was one of the things that really set him off at the end.  
And as to the first question, they should do a lot of stuff better with the legends, but instead we get stuff like RAW 25 with the same old guys doing the same old shtick and looking like goofs.  It is what it is.​