Superhero Movies

I know virtually nothing about comics and superheroes. I haven't seen any of the Avengers movies or Black Panther or Wonder Woman. In fact, I think the last superhero movie I saw was Superman IV in the theater.

But with the success of all of the recent movies, it's piqued my interest. I want to see Infinity War for example, but I know it will be more confusing than anything because I don't know any of the characters. I don't even know the difference between DC and Marvel. Comics just weren't my thing growing up.

My question: What movies should I watch first to get caught up to the current offerings? Should I just start at Superman from the 70s and go chronologically? Should I watch all DC first then Marvel? Should I just jump in to Infinity War now and figure it out as I go? Is there anything I should skip that's not worth my time.

I need some sort of outline. If you could help a newbie out, that would be great!

​That's not exactly a one-email request, I'm afraid.  Avengers is actually very entertaining even if you have no idea who everyone is, because otherwise there's decades of backstory and having to understand the difference between the Disney Marvel, Fox Marvel, and Netflix Marvel characters and such.  I'd say just jump in and see if you enjoy it, because you probably will.  Or if you check out Captain America: Civil War, Thor Ragnarok and maybe Guardians of the Galaxy, you're good.​

No logic in tag team wrestling

So, I'm supposed to take Riot Squad seriously as a close-knit, three-woman unit, and yet they lose to a randomly thrown together three-woman team? Where's the logic in that? As a team, they're already dead because the booking has now made it clear that they are nothing distinctive *as* a team. What, they're a real team because they come out together? Because they wear matching gear?

It's always bothered me that every team in wrestling, even if it's their first time teaming together, is booked by the agent to look like they basically have perfect chemistry in the ring (unless they're going to feud together). They have perfect co-ordination together, never make any mistakes with the timing, always know when to tag out, etc.  Even worse, if it's a random pairing of two top guys, they're almost always booked to win over an established team that's been together for years.

Am I the only one who finds this approach outdated and silly? It just seems to unrealistic from the viewpoint of ring psychology. I mean, what sport is there where you could be thrown into a team with someone you've never worked with and work almost just as well together as a team that's been working together as a cohesive unit for years?

The one exception to this in recent years was The Shield. They got over because they beat everyone, and the message was as simple as anything – these guys together are more organized and cohesive together than any other team, and so you can't beat them if they are together. And what a shock – The Shield got insanely over even if individual members didn't (like a certain Samoan you hear about who can't get over as a top guy…who was that again?).

Thoughts? Keep up the awesome blog.

​Hey man, four words:  Las Vegas Golden Knights.
Regardless, I don't find stuff like the Bray/Matt team particularly compelling either, but at least they're doing something with Matt and doing something different with Bray.  The top guys beating an established team thing I'd also disagree with, because in theory if you're a top wrestler, you're good at a variety of things and can compete on a level where if you're, say, John Cena, you can team up with Shawn Michaels and win the tag titles by sheer force of being better than both members of the opposition.  
But yes, certainly point taken otherwise.​

Lesnar vs Rollins

Money match is Lesnar vs Rollins Title for Title match at SummerSlam but we'll probably get Roman vs Brock again though and THIS time he'll win! 

​Meh, hopefully he does win.  The issue was never really that Roman would be a terrible champion, it's that they just kept building it up and teasing it out to the point where everyone was sick of hearing about his impending coronation, and then they changed their mind and decided to stretch it out even longer.  l honestly don't get why Brock needed to be champion still, even if he signed a new deal.  He's never on the show and there's no direction for the main event at the moment.  Like realistically there's no point in a RAW guy winning MITB, because where's the drama?  You've got about 3 chances per year to cash in. ​

ROH Gut Check 2006

Decided to do some ROH this week

On this show we get to see one of Bryan Danielson's more innocuous serious injuries

Main Event Colt Cabana was always surprisingly good during this period as well. He showed he wasn't just a lower card comedy guy here

​I always felt bad because Gabe Sapolsky sent me SOOOO many ROH DVDs during that time period and I never had time to catch up on much of it.  If you're reading, I really appreciated all the swag, Gabe!​

Gary Michael Cappetta

Hey Scott, 

Gary Michael Cappetta spoke with The Wrestling Estate ahead of his multi-state tour for his one-man show, kicking off this Saturday in Richmond, Virginia. Gary spoke about a variety of topics such as Undertaker still wrestling, the success of ALL IN, current wrestling psychology and much more. 

Hope your readers enjoy.

Thanks as always,

John Corrigan
You bet!

The Guy

Hey Scott,

I know you don’t get a lot of emails about Roman Reigns so I thought I’d send you another.
With this new anti-authority, “screwed” persona they seem to be giving his character, is there any shot this goes somewhere good?
Meaning do they basically copy Bret Hart’s heel turn (minus the whole Canada thing) as being someone who has been screwed by management and the fans not appreciating him either?
Or do they still naively pretend he’s the next Stone Cold?
Would love to hear your thoughts.

​They've been trying for FOUR YEARS to make him Steve Austin, Bret Hart, John Cena, the Rock, and anyone else who has ever been over that they can copy.  It doesn't matter, he's not getting over and never will.  ​

WCW Questions

I'm really trying to get the most out of my 3 month/99 cent deal from the Network. I'm on a WCW kick right now and have two questions.

Why did Flair's knee pads always make their way down to his shins? Every other superstar in history has no issues keeping them on their knee caps. That concept always seemed to elude Slick Ric.

Also was watching the Bischoff documentary. They briefly mentioned he auditioned for WWF and even showed footage of his audition tape. Why didn't Vince ever bust that tape out? Here's a guy who couldn't even become a backup announcer for us and now he's running that company. They could have really played it up and say he was so bad he was laughed out of the building.

There was a prime opportunity to take that jab at him in 1995 and early 1996 before Nitro started getting great.

​I bet Vince just didn't think of it or even remember that Bischoff made an audition tape.  It would have been years before Eric was in WCW and Vince sees a lot of terrible audition tapes.​

Story Line

Hey Scott, two storyline ideas.

1. Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins continue to accumulate losses. It get to the point where they are both ribbing on eachother. The announcers mention the losses time in and time out, specifically Michael Cole and Corey Graves. They both mention on how both should not even be on the roster. Kurt Angle feeling sympathetic books a match pitting Hawkins vs Ryder, with someones 0 having to go. The match happens and during the match Cole and Graves Continue to berate the match. Hawkins and Ryder lose by double countout. Both men frustrated walking up the ramp see Cole and Graves calling the losers and they just go after Cole and lay a beating. Hawkins and Ryder begin winning matches as a tag team as heels and win the tag titles.

2. A 4 way for the title, Brock, Orton, Cena, Reigns, again. The crowd is pissed, and so are the boys, as Triple H makes the match unilaterally. For weeks Heyman talks about how Brock had beaten these competitors countless times and someone else should get the shot, and how fortunate these 3 are. At the PPV, Orton, Cena, and Reigns team up and pummel Brock. Brock gives color. With Brock out on the canvas, Cena and Orton let Reigns pin Brock. After the match, the three announce themselves as a faction, The Fortunate Ones.

​There's a lot of people with hurt feelings in there.  I can't advocate for that.​

Original Form

Hi Scott,

When WWE Network runs the preshow bit that “this show is presented in its ORIGINAL FORM”, what is that supposed to mean? Even discarding the music replacements, they still often cut out audio commentary and footage from the shows with impunity.

Right, but more importantly, you will have been warned that there might be hot Chris Benoit action forthcoming.

NXT at the Fair

So since every show and ppv from the main product looks exactly the same, NXT tends to switch to a venue here and there to keep things interesting , and it also makes the big arena takeovers seem that much more special.

We all know, regardless of quality of show, you gave props to WCW with their trips to sturgis, mall of America, mgm studios, spring break , because it was something different .

My suggestion: have NXT do the county/state fair tour, maybe culminating in a takeover at some point. It’d bring back some Von Erich show days that’s for sure

Sounds good to me.  

Percentage of All In tix picked up by scalper bots

Hi Scott,

Everyone is touting the All In sell out as a success, but what percentage do you think reasonably might have been scooped up by scalper/resale bots, and never actually will move on the secondary market?  Yeah, a sold ticket is a sold ticket from the bottom line perspective, but there might still be a lot of empty seats.  I've been to shows that have been promoted as sellouts with entire rows near me empty.  I saw someone yesterday say something like a $250 ticket was on the secondary market for over $1000.


​Hey, if the secondary market was quick to buy them up, it shows that there's interest in it from them as well.  Plus I don't even know if they've announced any kind of broadcasting for it anyway.  ​


Since he's shown up on WWE TV, everyone's said that Rollins is a good worker.  It's possible that he's finally at that point in his career where's he's figured everything out and put it all together to be transcend from “good” to “elite”, and we'll look back at mid-2018 as the time he did it.  Which got me to thinking – When did other guys flip the switch from good/great and become elite?


​The Ricky Steamboat feud in the late 70s was generally considered the point when he suddenly became a wrestling machine.  ​


​The Memphis feud with Jerry Lawler.​


​The ladder match, duh.  ​


​The Los Gringos Locos stuff in AAA.  ​

He Who Shall Not Be Named?

​C'mon, don't even with that shit.  CHRIS BENOIT.  And he was pretty elite from the moment he went to Japan in the early 90s. ​


​The moment he told Rock to tap or he'd break his fucking ankle at No Way Out 2001.  ​


​The Bullet Club turn in Japan.  ​

Any others I'm missing?

​The Miz.  Oh wait, it's never gonna happen.​

What’s the point of All In if it doesn’t lead to anything else?

Help me understand something. If All In is simply a one and done show, what purposes does it serve besides making Cody Rhodes and his buddies extra money by charing WWE type prices for an indy show?

Appreciate your thoughts as always.

​The point was to prove an indy could draw 10,000 people in the US without TV promotion.  And they've done it.  Considering that the highest ROH ever drew was a couple of thousand, it's pretty goddamn amazing and they're gonna make BANK on the merchandise that day, I bet.  Good for Cody, and I hope he continues to stick it to Vince.​

Why drop the belt first?

Following up your previous comment about Rollins taking the belt off Brock, why make Rollins drop the IC belt first? Wouldn't the IC champ winning the World/Universal title strengthen the IC belt?

Let's say Rollins goes over Brock. The next night GM Angle makes Seth vacate the IC belt (Vacant for HOF in 2019). Now we can have a tournament to crown the next IC champ at the July PPV. We know how much you love a good tournament, and they won't have to build a big backstory for a B-show. Then throw us a gimmick match for Summerslam.


Oh yeah, definitely keep the belt on Seth. In fact I'd have Seth beat some other scrub like Mojo this week, and then do an open challenge at MITB where Brock answers him in advance.  Seth agrees as long as Brock puts up the Universal title, and there you go.  

ALL IN Sells out

All in sold out! i guess the young bucks and Cody have paid off in their risk.

Wonder what Vince is thinking…

80s and 90s Vince would immediately try to find a legal loophole to keep them out of the building, or sign CM Punk back and run opposition.  Or book a show the night before and make sure it went to 300am so that the crew wouldn't have adequate time to set up the All In show the next day.

Forgoing Roman…

So this is assuming they don’t go with The Guy, but….

Which of these scenario seems like the bigger money bet?

1) Strowman takes the belt off Lesnar while Rollins goes on a tear doing IC Open Challenges, drops the belt, challenges Strowman and beats him for the Universal belt.

2) Rollins goes on a tear doing IC Open Challenges, drops the belt, challenges Lesnar and wins the Universal belt, Strowman is set up as the Number #1 contender by beating Brock, beats Rollins.

Either way, you get a big star taking out Lesnar and it feels earned, but who comes out best in the end?

I think they need to capitalize on the current hot streak for CrossFit Jesus and just put him over Brock while they can. Then Finn Balor challenges him to his long awaited rematch for the Universal title and they can do their thing. 

Protecting Your Finish

Hey Scott.

Way back in the day, wrestlers were protective over their finish. Nowadays, guys kicking out of multiple finishers is the norm.

Does the current generation just not care about stuff like that? Do they think it's a great way to tell a story? Or were the old timers just taking this stuff too seriously?

Bonus: I remember this trend starting in the Attitude Era. Who could you point the finger to for starting the trend?

Thank you!

​The finger pointing for the specifics of kicking out of finishers as a big near-fall would have to go to Japan, since that was a thing in the 90s well before the WWF ever thought of having Rock kick out of a stunner or whatever. In the WWF in particular, Kurt Angle is the guy I can remember working it into his matches on top the most, specifically the feud with Austin in 2001 where they kicked out of a million stunners and Angle Slams and whatnot.  ​

Still a B+ Player?

Why has WWE booked Daniel Bryan the way they have since his return from injury?   Could you imagine if Shawn Michaels came back from his years-long hiatus to feud with Test?

Is there any sort of plan to put Bryan in any of the “dream matches” we were hearing about when he was cleared?  The only one we’ve seen to this point is the AJ Styles match on Smackdown, which was just a tease to set-up the AJ/Nak feud.  Or is Bryan going to keep going nowhere against Big Cass while guys like Finn Balor sit in the back drinking coffee?

​It's really kind of baffling, but now it's come out that Bryan hasn't actually signed a new contract yet, so it's less baffling in a lot of ways.  I have to say though, even at Wrestlemania Bryan seemed a lot less special once he was actually back, and by having him on TV every week, he seems less special on top of that.  I guess that's what they want.​

When you think about it…

Watching old stuff on the network.   
For all the shit we give him.   You have to admit.  It’s actually kind of mind blowing that Vince is out doing commentary on these huge PPVs when he is the decision maker on every little thing.  I know he had great road agents.  But he really left his whole vulnerable in that regard. The fact that he doesn’t lose his shit on botched spots or boring matches is pretty amazing. 

Speaking of commentary.  When Tony Atlas debuted as sabba simba or whatever. And Piper just straight shits on the gimmick the whole match.  How come they didn’t just re shoot the commentary.  You can tell it wasn’t live.   I’m sure he didn’t see Simba as the next Hogan. But just letting it sink right from the start is just bad business. 

As usual.  Love the blog.

​Yeah, although Vince wasn't the best at the technical aspect of commentary, to say the least, he was the absolute best at getting over the stories he wanted to be told. 
As for the Saba Simba thing, the basic story that's come out over the years is that Tony Atlas was essentially homeless at that point, so Vince gave him a job and gimmick just to be a nice guy and wasn't terribly concerned with Piper exposing it on commentary.  ​