Radio WWF

The Flashback story about Savage going off on Hogan got me thinking.

Are any of these shows available anywhere? Ive looked and can’t seem to find anything.

I didn’t get Radio WWF where I lived at the time.

Did you ever hear any of its content?

I think it would have been cool hearing a ppv being called on the radio.

No, I was only aware of the existence of Radio WWF through the TV shows.  I very much doubt they had any clearance into Canada whatsoever.  

Question for the blog about UK wrestling


With Pete Dunne due to make his NXT full time debut very soon and with the new of PROGRESS Wrestling announcing a Wembley Arena show for next September ( potential capacity of 12,500.00), do you think British Wrestling is the hottest
it's been in living memory?
Given I don't live there and have no exposure to it, I'll have to take your word for it.  What I can tell you for sure is that Jinder Mahal has made wrestling in India even hotter.  And the way they brought out Khali for one run-in and then never mentioned it again. That was awesome too.

The Original Women’s Revolution

Hey, Scott:

Enjoying the Mae Young recaps. They got me thinking: after decades of fits and starts, WWE finally determined the value of women's wrestling. Curious if you have an opinion on whether it was a specific match that gave the concept credibility (some iteration of Trish and Lita, maybe?) or if it was the work of Fit Finlay as a trainer or if there was some other "turning point" that got us away from "Harvey Wippleman, women's champion" for good?

I think it was a twofold combination of Trish and Lita getting over at a level believable enough for them to main event a TV show, plus Lord Steph gaining power and pushing her own agenda.  And hey, great, women wrestlers should get equal treatment as long as they're performing at the same level. 


I always see people talk about who had suprising chemistry such as Braun/Big show but who are some that were expected to have 4 * matches and didnt deliver? Some of my picks would be Owens/Rollins, AJ/Owens, Aries/Neville (good matches for sure but I was expecting classics) Joe/Rollins, Wyatt/Rollins and basically everyone Wyatts faced recently and Orton/Sheamus.

​The most glaring examples for me were Edge & Christian and the Hardy Boyz.  Not against each other as teams, but their individual feuds when they broke up.  You'd think that the Hardyz would have crazy chemistry together, but they never did and in fact their Wrestlemania match was kind of disaster.  E&C had some OK matches against each other, but again nothing on the level of what you'd expect two brothers…uh, cousins…uh, best friends…to have.  ​

Nice Package

Scott………watching the network over the last few years made me aware of something.  How great the wwe's video packages/ppv opening videos are, and how terrible WCW's were.

Agreed?   Do any particular video packages stand out in your mind?  I remember the Rock-Austin one set to My Way was awesome, the Daniel Bryan one that aired right before his match with HHH, and a really good one when HHH returned from his first quad injury.

My favorite will always be Mr. McMahon's Utopia from Over the Edge '98.  I was also fond of the Doors ripoff song package from Armageddon 2000 I think it was, the one that went "The end is near"?  Really gave the six-way Cell match a sense of gravity that it was otherwise lacking.


Since Luger was so amazing at the time as a heel, was there ever any thought of putting someone else in his place to take on Flair when Sting got injured? To me you could have easily put in Pillman or Muta (obviously getting why the latter didn't happen. Justs aying perfect world and all). Was Luger just a case of being the biggest star they had?

Had streaming been around much sooner, could WCW have survived or was TV a must?

​Yeah, Muta was absolutely in the running to get the spot but he didn't want to turn.  I haven't looked up those Observers in a while, but I think Steve Williams was also a contender, which might have been an OK stopgap. That being said, Luger was definitely the biggest star they had available​ so it's hard to fault them too much for the move.  
And no, streaming would not have saved them.

New Idea: Rebooking SS 97!

Hi Scott

Just wondering was there ever any thought to transitioning the belt from Bret to Taker to HBK to Austin? They did have a built in feud, what with Bret stealing the title. They could've had UT take out HBK at Bad Blood, beat Bret at SS and THEN drop it to HBK at RR with a debuting Kane, and we slide into our timeline before Biff starts betting on races.

Bret probably wouldn't even have been bothered by losing the belt in Canada.

​Bret WASN'T bothered by losing the belt in Canada.  He offered to drop the title to anyone, anywhere, but just not Shawn Michaels at that particular show. I'm sure they could have come up with all kinds of scenarios, but Vince wanted Shawn to win it at Survivor Series and that was going to be that.​


​Hey Scott,

I just rewatched WrestleMania 24 and did not remember the Big Show vs. Floyd Mayweather match being as good as it actually is. It was obviously pure spectacle, but it was booked perfectly for what it needed to be, and Mayweather was shockingly great. He's a natural heel so it made sense for them to switch the roles that were originally intended, but he also worked his ass off! His selling was as good as many real pro wrestlers, nothing looked awkward, his facials were awesome, he made everything that Big Show did to him actually matter, and he cheated (a lot) to win, which was the only reasonable finish if he was going to go over. Most impressive of all was that the crowd had little interest — if not outright hostility — to the angle and the match as it started, but the work from both guys and the clever pacing legitimately hooked the audience by the end. A few quick questions: Who trained Mayweather for the match? How do you think the match compares overall with other celebrity matches? Has any celebrity outsider had a better individual performance during a wrestling match than Mayweather? And was there ever any word about how his performance was perceived by everyone backstage? 

​To be honest, I barely remember much about the match, aside from the promotional aspect changing several times leading up to it because their original direction wasn't working.  It had started with Mayweather as a babyface and Vince did interviews talking about how it's such an easy storyline to run, a classic "David v. Goliath" story that they couldn't possibly screw up. And then by the time they got to the show, everyone was booing Mayweather like he was Roman Reigns and they had to run with Show as the babyface instead.  For me, it was always a weird dynamic because I really didn't care about the match or the participants.
As for the trainer, I wanna say MVP but I haven't thought about the match in many years so I'm not 100% sure.  ​


Is it true that there were rumours online of the death of Benoits wife before the police found his family?

​I've heard that one before and it still sounds like a bunch of conspiracy-theory hooey to me.  ​Dumbass trolls edit Wikipedia all the time and 1 time out 1000, luck into changing the entry in a way that matches up with something that happens in real life.  I would pay exactly zero attention to it.