Purple Ropes And The Cruiserweights?

    Not that I'm complaining, but I was just curious if you knew why the WWE stopped doing the purple ropes for the cruiserweight matches on Raw?  I'm guessing it had to do with saving time, and/or not giving live audiences a heads up on a bathroom break match. 

​It's a cost-cutting measure, like many other small things they currently do to save money that the average viewer never even notices.  Which then leads one to wonder why they were bothering to do it in the first place.​

NXT using WCW ideas

So with wargames, the tv shows in Atlanta, and in some way even the Dusty Rhodes Classic, what else would you like to see NXT adapt from NWA/WCW to give it another go in this era?

My two pics, elevated ramp from entrance to ring , and out of the box locations for shows , like they did with mall of America debut nitro and the spring break Nitros.

Yeah, I've been championing wacky locations forever, like the time they got kicked out of the arena for the basketball game.  I was hoping they'd be all anarchic and shoot from the parking lot or something.  However, WWE is all about the brand, brand, brand, so everything has to look exactly the same all the time.  Unless they're getting paid off by Komen once a year.  

Wrestlemania 8 Booking

When they made the double main event of Hogan-Sid and Macho-Flair, was the plan always for it to be Hogan winning by DQ and Macho Man winning the belt back?  Were there thoughts that Hogan was going to come back at some point and continue feuding with Sid? 
Was there ever talk of Sid going over, or a pinfall by Hogan?

Was there ever talk of Flair keeping the title and Savage winning it later at Summerslam?

Also why did Money Inc get the belts from LOD instead of Natural Disasters with whom they were feuding with?  Were their plans for LOD to get the belts back sometime after they returned at WM 8?

​That's a lot of questions.  Yes, the plan was for LOD to get the titles back at Summerslam, or at least challenge for them there.  It was actually changed relatively late in the game.  Hogan was definitely, in Vince's mind, supposed to come back and have more terrible matches with Sid, and probably get the belt back in the process.  Normally he would have pinned Sid there, but Vince wanted to make Sid into the next Hogan, and Hogan was "retiring", so they didn't really want Sid doing the clean job there.  And Flair's title reign was originally thought to go much longer, but business wasn't good with him on top, so they changed it sooner than planned.  But yes, rough idea at the time was Flair keeps it until Summerslam and drops it to Hogan or Savage there.  ​

Dunne and Gargano in the dark

Hey Scott

Not sure if you've heard, but Pete Dunne and Johnny Gargano will be facing each other for the UK Title in a dark match on the TakeOver show this weekend

Personally, as both someone who lives in the uk and has a network subscription, this has really wound me up

Why would they punish loyal customers who give them money every month by denying them what could possibly be the best match of the weekend just to juice live ticket sales?

Those people are paying WWE once for one night of entertainment, we're paying them in perpetuity

Stuff like this makes me wonder why I even subscribe

​It's gonna be the main event of next week's NXT, innit?  Before we do anything rash like starting an internet petition or Twitter campaign.​

Should they have kept the belt on Reigns?

Hey Scott,

For all the flak Reigns gets, in hindsight, going back to Survivor Series 2015, should they have just kept the belt on Roman for the last two years? With the exception of AJ's stellar run with the belt, every one else has been a flop — Sheamus; Triple H; Seth Rollin's for five seconds; Ambrose; Cena for a month; Bray; Orton; and Jinder. 

Since Reigns is their guy, wouldn't it have made more sense to have him win it at SS15 and hold it until he drops it to AJ in September '16. Then Cena can win it at the Rumble and drop it to Reigns at WM33, who holds it indefinitely. What's the point of throwing the belt around like this? When Cena was their guy in 2005-2007, they just kept the belt on him regardless. 

​Yeah, I've said many times now, if they wanted Reigns to be The Guy, then they should have just pushed him as The Guy and made him champion.  Vince is obsessed with creating the perfect coronation moment for him at Wrestlemania and having him magically turn into Hulk Hogan or John Cena, and it's just not how it works for everyone.  They needed to push Reigns even harder until people just accepted him as WWE champion like they did with HHH, because THAT is what generally does work.​

CM Punk’s Drawing Power

Hi Scott. Been reading your stuff for years. Really enjoy what you do with the site. I've always wondered was CM Punk a big money draw in his time with the belt? Would his reign be considered a "success" in terms of being on top as champ? Since he hasn't done much of anything since leaving I figured he must have made a bunch of $$ during that time to be able to pretty much disappear and continue his lifestyle. Wondering if you could clear that up for me?


​Punk was definitely not a draw.  His big feature show, Money in the Bank 2011, did about the level of a normal B-PPV, but he did good ratings typically.  Punk pretty much made his money from three sources:
1)  Living on the cheap and saving as much money as possible while on the road.
2)  Huge merchandise sales, specifically t-shirts and his DVD set.
3)  Extra income from being on the cover of the WWE videogame that one year.  
You'll note that although Punk was champion for a year, he was rarely in the main or featured match of the night and was typically underneath John Cena during his entire reign.  So really, there was always going to be that ceiling for him anyway.  ​

Why the Carolinas?

Hi Scott,

Just wondering has there ever been a real understanding of why the Carolinas was the last territory to fall? It's never really discussed as one of the more important territories and yet sometimes it seems like people use the terms "JCP" and "NWA" interchangably.

Also, how come there were never any important territories in California? You'd think, with such a huge economy, it would've been a prime target for a wrestling stronghold.

​Dude, seriously?  California was a huge wrestling territory from the 50s to the 80s!  Freddie Blassie was a top star there for years and they had their own version of the World title and everything.

House of Hardcore on Twitch

Hey Scott,

House of Hardcore has started a weekly show on Twitch, and will be airing Saturday's live event in Philly on the streaming service for FREE. Tommy Dreamer spoke with The Wrestling Estate about the new deal, Austin Aries returning, Bully Ray retiring and much more. 
Hope your readers enjoy.
Thanks as always,
John Corrigan 

Old Wrestlers Learning New Tricks?

This question was inspired by the Observer post mentioning Terry Funk adopting moonsaults in 1994. Other than him (the moonsaults and adopting a more hardcore style) and The Undertaker adopting MMA-type moves later in his career, can you think of examples of wrestlers notably changing their style later in their prime or after their prime?

​Sure, there's Shawn Michaels going from daredevil bump machine to master of babyface psychology, Matt Hardy changing from bump machine to evil crime lord or whatever he does now, HHH going from technical wrestler to lost Legion of Doom member in 2002, Scott Steiner going from suplex machine to muscle-bound oaf in 1999…there's lots of examples.​

Brock Lesnar-Curt Henning Fight On A Plane In 2002?

  I remember hearing about Brock Lesnar and Curt Henning getting into a fight on a plane around 2002 or so, and Henning supposedly came out on the winning end.  Any truth to this?  Thanks. 

​There are no winners when you try to double-leg an NCAA champion on a plane, but basically the WWE crew got really, REALLY drunk on a plane ride back from Europe and Hennig challenged Lesnar to a wrestling match right there.  He tried to take him down and they rammed into the emergency door in the process, and while descriptions of "everyone nearly dying" are overblown, it was a bad situation.  Flair was incredibly drunk as well, and X-Pac cut off Michael Hayes' ponytail to prank him.  Unfortunately it resulted in the termination of Hennig pretty much immediately, and he died in a hotel room of an overdose shortly after.  ​