Vince ‘Pranked’ Me

Hey Scott,

Kurt Angle did a Q/A during an appearance at iPlay America in Freehold, New Jersey over the weekend. Howard Finkel was moderating and calling on a variety of older fans and young kids, so even though we got a few kayfabe questions, Kurt was able to answer honestly and in entertaining fashion. 

He talked about the Jason Jordan storyline ("You know this was a big prank that Vince had."), regrets with Team Angle, staying clean for five years and much more. 

Hope your readers enjoy.

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​hy am I not surprised that Vince would run a months-long storyline and take up TV time as a prank on someone?​

Who do you pick instead of Barry?

Obviously Flair walking out prior to GAB 91 was a disaster

A lot of people complain about them randomly deciding that Barry Windam qualified for a title match, considering Barry had been solidly mid card for years prior to the event

I must admit that I struggle to think of who else they could have stuck in there instead

Sting/Koloff were busy with each other, Arn Anderson had suffered from the same mid card booking as Barry, ditto for Ron Simmons

My only thought would be Vader

He wasn't really over to that level yet, but you could either have him crush Luger and get himself over in one night, or you could have baby face Lex squeak a win, causing Vader to come back with Race as his manager for a rematch

Who would your pick have been?

​The complaint about using Barry Windham in that spot is like the least important issue with the show.  Once Flair left with the title, there was no simple fix.  Windham was as good as anyone.​


Scott, tell these dweebs that Punk vs Bryan isn't drawing 20k in Chicago or any other city on the planet.

Yeah, dweebs!  Maybe if Punk or Bryan went to New Japan and faced Kenny Omega, they'd have something.

Wrestlers compensation Now

Hey Scott

We all know how wrestlers were paid back in the day with getting a certain percentage of the gate. That’s why they had to “talk asses into seats”.

But how does it work now.   You have said before that they had to back up the brinks truck for AJ.  But what about the NXT grown guys.

Does Braun sign for a certain about and have bonus if he gets to main roster?

Or Jinder for example.  A curtain jerker who became champ.   Does all of the sudden her go from making like 6 figures to high 6 figures?

Just curious on how they scale it. Especially with really no competition to speak of.

​No one really knows for sure, especially the wrestlers, which is why guys like Cody going off to the indies and doing pretty well has been a very eye-opening experience for lots of them.  The death of the PPV system and house show model have both made it difficult to figure stuff.  Top guys typically have a set downside plus bonuses (like Reigns, Orton, Cena, etc) but your midcarders (ie, the rest of the roster) are pretty much just paid on Vince's whims.  It's kind of a shitty system.​

Dave Meltzer

This post is hilarious as they just absolutely rip Dave for his inaccurate reporting this past year like the recent Balor report. Also interesting Jimmy Jacobs may actually been let go for being Daves mole.

Really?  The whole thing comes off as really petty.  Like we're supposed to be impressed because they claim something that didn't happen, didn't happen for some other reason months later.  Also, journalists should probably check their spelling a bit better.  

Bigger RAW main event

Bushwhackers vs Bert Centeno & Barry Hardy in 1994

Jason Jordan vs Kane in 2017

You decide!

​Well, you know, if you having trouble getting a project over as a top babyface  because people aren't buying him in the role, it only makes sense to try to turn him heel. 
*cough cough*

Hogan in 2002

Once the nostalgia buzz wore off, it seemed Hulk Hogan found a really suitable spot as Tag Team Champion with Edge in the Summer of 2002.  How come just a few weeks later, they were losing the titles and Hogan was being killed off by the newcomer Brock Lesnar?  Then he finally returns six months later, but to feud with Mr. McMahon?  I'm assuming Hogan's ego got involved along the way?

Yeah, Hogan was fine putting people over as long as he was getting his win back, brother, but Vince dangled that carrot in front of him and then once it became apparent that Survivor Series 02 would not in fact result in Hulk getting the belt from Brock, he was out, dude. *Flexes*. 

Makes ya feel better

Going through some bad times right now, I've been watching Midnight Express vs Fantastics from the first Clash, and boy did it ever make me feel good, had a great time watching it.

What are some of the greatest matches/segments you'd recommend when doing bad? Like "chicken soup for the wrestling soul"?

Oh, so many. 
Flair vs Steamboat from Chi Town Rumble, Midnights vs Midnights from Starrcade 88, Rock N Roll vs Andersons from Starrcade, Rock vs HHH from Backlash 2000, Rock vs Hogan from WM X8, Savage vs Warrior from WM7…

Best Alternative to WWE since 2001?

Hey Scott.
What do you feel was the best alternative to WWE since they bought WCW/ECW? I'm not talking in terms of direct competition, but something that attracted your attention when you felt WWE was stinking it up.
I'd nominate TNA from 05-06, but I'm curious to hear from those who watch New Japan, ROH, Lucha, etc….
Thank you!

I've gotta go New Japan.  

Royal Rumble

Hope all is well Scott. So with the 2015 Rumble match being historical for all the WRONG REASONS and Brock vs Roman 2 a near certainty for Mania, does Vince really have the "grapefruits" to let Roman win another Rumble in Philly? Or will they wanna send the hardcore crowd home happy with a Strowman win? Or maybe Nakamura to set him up vs AJ. Your thoughts?

If they're gonna go with Roman, they should just go with Roman and not obsess over every show.  I mean , we know it's not gonna work, but if he's the top guy, you have to try.