Hey Scott, came across a pod cast with Jake Roberts and Roddy Piper. Got me thinking, I dont remember them ever feuding in WWF. I am pretty sure they crossed paths in MACW. I think they both turned face around the same time in 86-87. But, a feud between them in 86-87 or even in 91-92 would have been molten. Both guys on the mike were incredible and Jake playing mind games with piper to the point where piper snaps would have been great. 
Yeah, they were definitely in the same orbit in Mid Atlantic and would have crossed paths during Jake’s cowboy babyface period.  But man, the “trust me” Jake suckering Piper into an alliance and then turning on him to trigger a war?  AWESOME. 

What if (more PPVs in the 80s)

What if there were more PPVs in the 80s during the Hulkamania era? Would we have seen guys like Bad News Brown (challenging Savage for the title in late 88), Mr Perfect (vs Hogan in 90),Dusty (90 vs Macho King), or Jake The Snake (89 vs Andre, 91 big gimmick match vs Taker or Warrior) in tippy-toppy main events? More big rematches (Hogan vs Savage, Hogan vs Warrior, Hogan vs Earthquake, Hogan vs Dibiase….)?

Hogan vs Dibiase was supposed to headline Summerslam in the original timeline.  I could definitely see Hogan vs Perfect and Savage vs Bad News as B show main events as well.  

Baron Corbin as Raw G.M.

Do you think anything newsworthy will come of this whole "Baron Corbin is acting G.M. of Raw" angle, like he books himself in a 1 sided title match against Reigns with Ambrose and Rollins barred from the building, or some other heel authority figure shenanigans?  

They probably just couldn’t figure out how to write a show with only two heel authorities at a time and needed a third one.  
Also, where can I get a job like Angle’s, where you work four days a month and still get paid vacation?

Best Associate with Ric Flair

Over the years Ric Flair had many managers/Valet's with him in WCW/WWF.

How would you rank them  in the context of their effectiveness being with Flair and vice versa?   You had JJ Dillon, Hiro Matsuda, Woman, Bobby Heenan, Mr. Perfect, Jimmy Hart, Miss Elizabeth, Fifi and Sherri.  Were there
others I missed?

I think you got them.  My rankings would always go JJ, Perfect/Bobby and then everyone else WAY below.  

Strowman vs. Shield

With the Shield back together, it looks like Braun Strowman will need a partner or partners to help.  They might even need to be older than 10 this time.

Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre make sense storyline wise, but that will make Braun the heel by default so that’s probably a bad idea.

But what about Bray Wyatt?  He has nothing to do now with Matt Hardy seemingly retired and would probably get a great reaction making a surprise return to assist his former lackey.  Plus this allows you to do Wyatts vs. Shield on a PPV to stretch the feud out and build to Braun FINALLY winning the title.

I mean… He’s gotta get it eventually. Right?

Hey, Rowan is out for eight months and Luke Harper will have nothing to do.  Why not cash in with a Wyatt reunion as babyfaces against the Shield?  Maybe have Bray and Harper team up to destroy Roman as revenge for the Shield thing and that’s how he cashes in?  

NWA Title, All In

Hey Scott,

What are your thoughts on the NWA 15 months on from Billy Corgan buying it and the NWA Title about to be defended on All In?

Is the renaissance real? Will it last? Do you hope it lasts? Thoughts on whether we’ll see more cross-promotional work like the NWA, All In and the G1 Supercard going forward?

Well, some guy on the blog says that selling out MSG isn't impressive because it took TWO promotions to do it, so let's curb our enthusiasm a bit here.  

Anyhoo, the NWA isn't a real thing, and no one cares.  I do think having Flip Gordon win the belt in order to make it onto All In would have been the story to go with, but whatever.  It's Billy Corgan's plaything, so hopefully it makes him happy.

Becky turn

Lost in the uproar about the Becky heel turn is that the E could easily play out the old Flair championship runs where she gets protected while babyfaces try their best to overcome the odds. Hell, Charlotte is already known as being a part of the Four Horsewomen. Sasha and Bayley don't have anything else going on.

Hey now, I have faith that Sasha and Bayley are eventually gonna have that match they've been building towards for 2 years now.  It's just so hard when PPVs are only 4.5 hours and there's just not enough time to squeeze everyone on!

Bigger draw

I’m arguing with someone on FB, bigger draws: Austin or Rock. I say Austin. Of course Rock’s comeback made bank but In their prime, who was it? 

Same question Hogan vs Flair, Hogan made tons more right?

Austin v. Rock is tough because they drew the biggest buyrate in WWF history against each other, so you kind of have to credit both.  Rock did top that against Cena, twice, so he's got a legit claim there.  Overall, though, Austin sold more merchandise and was a much bigger factor on ratings, so I'd give the win to Austin.  
Hogan is absolutely a bigger draw than Flair, and it's not even an argument.