A question I’m not sure you’ll know the answer too.

Hey Scott,

  Reading about how WWE is getting huge money for their t.v. shows from NBC and Fox, and with ratings that keep slowly getting smaller and smaller, why are the networks so willing to spend so much to get a wrestling show?
​Because for as fast as the wrestling business might be moving downwards in the past few years, the TV business is plummeting even faster thanks to cord-cutting and streaming services, and traditional TV networks are getting really desperate.  The biggest buzzword is “DVR proof”, which means live sports programming, and that's the category in which WWE finds itself due to some shrewd branding on their part over the years. 
It's a really strange and wild west time for the business, because if the numbers thrown around for the new USA/FOX deals hold true, then WWE can literally abandon house shows, merchandise sales, and even the WWE Network and PPV and still be insanely profitable.  It literally won't matter how the champions are or who wins or loses, as long as they can keep pumping out content.  ​

Next great mania moment

I want to start by saying this is pure fantasy as I feel that Vince and company will never put their faith in Bryan as THE guy due to his history. That out of the way though, is there a better story right now than Bryan winning the rumble and being the first guy to ever make Brock tap and doing it at mania? Brock hasn't tapped in wrestling, right? I know there's summerslam '15 but I'm referring to tapping cleanly. I just think the image of Brock i the yes lock, blood pouring down his face, with Paul E. at ringside BEGGING him not to give up is one hell of a visual.

​I'm gonna take Brock's side here for once and say that he would be stupid to agree to that because it could absolutely hurt his image for future UFC fights.  ​

The Case for Extending a Title Run

Hey Scott. Could you make a case for extending the following title runs? Or did they pull the plug at the right time?
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Macho Man in 88/89

​Macho will always be champion of my heart and should have reigned for a thousand years.  Especially as a heel.  ​

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Macho Man in 92

​Eh, not so much here.  It was clearly a failing title reign.  ​

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Bret in 92/93

​If they were going to build to the Hogan match, they should have kept it on him.  Otherwise, they were right to take it off him from a business standpoint.  Other than Yokozuna, they could have tried Mr. Perfect if he was sticking around.  

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Bret in 94

​Tough call.  The business was in freefall and ​it probably wouldn't have mattered who was on top. But better Bret than Diesel.  

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HBK in 96

​Nope, Shawn was poison by November and they probably waited too LONG to take it off him.  
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Triple H in 99 (meaning he wins it from Mankind and we just bypass the whole McMahon and Big Show title wins)

​I'll allow it.  ​

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Jericho in 2002

​That title reign was actually making him a bigger geek by the day.  He was lucky they took it off him.  Either way, Hogan was getting it anyway.  ​

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Benoit in 2004

​Ditto, that title reign was doing him no favors and it was just to set up Orton anyway.  ​

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Punk in 2012 to Royal Rumble 2013

​If you ask Punk he'll say he should still be champ today.  ​

Curtain Call importance

May 19th was the anniversary of the Curtain Call at msg. Meltzer said on twitter that it's importance is revisionist history, but if it's true that HHH was punished by losing his KOTR 96 opportunity and thus Austin 3:16 wins and begins his rise… coupled with the debut of Hall on nitro just a week later; can't the Curtain Call be viewed in a historic lens as a game changer for the industry?

Curtain Call leads to Austin winning KOTR, while NWO rises, which fuels Attitude Era, Austin vs Bret and Triple H and Shawn to start DX. Am I overstating it, or is Dave right that it's all revisionist history

​Everyone knows the most important thing that happened was HHH driving a tank up to 1 CNN Center on RAW and turning around the war.  Everything else is just propaganda.
Regardless, what Dave is talking about is people who act like “OMG KAYFABE WAS SHATTERED” which is ridiculous because Vince and Linda literally testified before numerous commissions in the 80s that wrestling is 100% staged, not to mention the steroid trials. Also not to mention that “Austin 3:16” is itself revisionist history.  Winning KOTR did exactly jackshit for Austin's career in the immediate aftermath, it was Bret Hart campaigning for working with him at Survivor Series, and the character promos that followed, that turned him into a star.  ​

NWO Booking/Other

Hey Scott, was listening to an interview with Kevin Nash, I know, terrible wrestler, even worse booker, but I have to ask. Eric Bischoff takes alot of credit for the NWO, but Nash stated that Greg Gagne was the major force for the NWO, and the gimmick in Japan. Why is this not brought up more? Nash also brought up Sullivan being a genius in booking. What are your thoughts?

Also, who do feel is the first tweener? The first off the top of my head is Nash when he turned on Bret at the rumble. Right after that in interviews he would say if you had glove you get a fist bump, if no, you get nothing. Not a heel in the sense, especially back them.

​Sullivan was always a solid booker, but I don't know that “Genius” is a word I'd use to describe him.  He leaned fairly heavily on the cult stuff in territories he booked.  
And I've always thought “Tweener” is kind of a dumb term.  By the standard definition of the term, though, someone like Flair who feuded simultaneously with heels and babyfaces in the 80s would have to be the answer.  Or even Lou Thesz, who was a “rough babyface”.  ​

Stanley Cup/Million Dollar Belt

 Hey Scott,

Would you say that if the Las Vegas Golden Knight won  the Stanley Cup it would be the equivalent  of Virgil winning the Million Dollar Belt? Can't you just year Bobby Heenan saying, “The next time you see the Cup it will be hanging from the VIP Room at the
Bunny Ranch.”

​I just don't even have the words for this one.  It's not even that I'm a huge Jets fan or anything, but how the holy hell is an expansion team rolling through the playoffs like this in their FIRST YEAR?  
Well, good luck to them in the Finals.  ​

Trips and Billy

It's common knowledge that Triple H is a huge fan of the National Wrestling Alliance. They tried to purchase the NWA Houston Wrestling tape library in 2015 and even went as far as allegedly firing the woman executive who failed to obtain it in the negotiations. Then again in 2016 when Triple H met with Bruce Tharpe and tried to buy it.

Fast forward to 2018 and Billy Corgan now owning the NWA and Paul Boesch's Houston tape library. Do you think there's any way they buy it from Billy Corgan and give him creative control?

They get the tape library, they get the NWA championship they could eventually use for a physical Hall of Fame, and they get a creative guy in Billy Corgan. They couldn't just give him a 30 minute weekly NWA show from Full Sail to do his own thing? Scrap 205 Live and give him all those guys plus some developmental talent.

Ugh, no.  What has Corgan even done with the NWA name to warrant that kind of treatment?  Anyone dumb enough to lend their own money to Dixie Carter is clearly the worst kind of money mark.  HHH should just play the long game and wait until he burns through all his assets and comes knocking on WWE's door looking to sell.  Then they can lowball him like Mr. Burns negotiating with the Germans.

Million Dollar Nightmare


Should Ted DiBiase be considered a bigger flop as a manager than Paul Jones and Mr. Fuji due to actually having wrestlers who were supposed to be at the top of the card and his bringing in anti-heat?  At least Paul Jones vs. Jimmy Valiant would get a crowd reaction.
Separately, was there a point in '85-'87 where Hogan could have demanded a portion of the WWF from Vince?

​I wouldn't call Paul Jones a flop.  If anything, he overachieved with the Rude/Fernandez team and then the Powers of Pain.  Other than that he was mostly fine as a midcard goof manager.  It's not like anyone ever thought his guys would be challenging Flair or anything.
Now Fuji was a flop, especially given the amount of heat he would draw as a wrestler.  Dibiase certainly never lived up to the promise of a guy buying out the babyfaces, and that act was possibly a victim of the business changing anyway.  Plus I think it was hard for him to get heat because deep down everyone knew that he was an awesome wrestler who was better than the guys he was managing.  It's a tough line to straddle and Ted never really figured it out.  ​

Pure Mark Moment

Hi Scott,

Has there ever been a match (or series of matches) that you just hated from a technical standard but loved just because the guy you liked won?

I'm not even saying from a dispassionate “that was good booking” POV but purely from a markish “I like that guy and he won so YAY” POV.

​Sure, Demolition beating Andre & Haku at WM6 would be the prime example, I think.  Or to a lesser extent, Demolition beating Strike Force for the titles at WM4.  ​

Ultimate X Match

Let's say Impact goes out of business. Do you think Triple H would ever try the Ultimate X Match in NXT? It seems like it would be different and fun to try it out and ties into with the “nXt” Championship.

Really, they could probably do it now if they really wanted.  I think it'd be a fun addition.