Brian Cage

Hey Scott: I know he had a cup of coffee in FCW, but why didn't the WWE ever go after Brian Cage? It seems crazy that they passed on a guy with his look and who can do the moves he can.

They did go after him and their attempts at building a relationship apparently ended very acrimoniously due to Cage being perceived as having attitude problems and the like.  In the old days that wouldn't have stopped Vince from drawing money with him, but here we are.  

Macho Man Color Combinations


While reading your review of the spectrum show from 88 today, I took note of Macho Man’s blue tights which I had never seen previously. I started down a rabbit hole of checking out old house shows on the network and found a house show from summer 86 at the Boston Garden that had Macho wearing red boots.

I can’t ever recall Savage wearing anything other than yellow or white boots while wearing trunks. Are there any other crazy combinations he pulled out? Side note, if we’re talking just his trunks phase? What’s your all time favorite look for Macho Man? I always thought his Wrestlemania 5 look was such a let down compared to Wrestlemania 3 & 4. His Summerslam look in 1989 that year was bad ass though!

Didn't we just have a thread on Macho Man and all his crazy awesome color combinations? 
Anyway, classic red and yellow is my favorite, with the finals of Wrestlemania IV being the peak.  Always hated the pea soup green he wore while beating Tito Santana.  

Match With The Best Near-Falls?

What match do you think had the best near-falls?  I haven't watched a ton wrestling in the last 10 years or so, but Randy Savage vs Ricky Steamboat is still the gold standard in my book.  
That’s like saying you haven’t watched a ton of superhero movies lately but Blade is still the gold standard.   It’s ALL near falls now! That’s 99 percent of Brock’s moveset.  Anyway, Will Ospreay is the king of near falls for me.  His New Japan matches with guys like Takahashi have mindblowing ones.  

“Beyond The Mat”

Did you ever see the “Beyond The Mat” documentary when it came out in 1999-2000?  I don't think I've ever seen you do a review or talk about it before.  

Probably because it was 20 years ago and the only things that have really stuck with us on a long-term basis are the Rock beating on Mick Foley with a chair and Dennis Stamp begging to be booked.  it's a fantastic movie for the time in a lot of ways, though, especially for a time when that kind of backstage stuff wasn't necessarily shown or discussed in a mainstream format.  Now, though?  I don't think it necessarily holds up in the same way.  

Scott Hall/Razor Matches

I'm trying to recall if Scott Hall in WWF or WCW ever had a four star match or higher with anyone other than the Kliq and Bret Hart? Makes it seem like he wasn't the great wrestler that some people praise him to be

Hot take there, bro.  Who are these people praising him as a great wrestler, exactly?  

Favorite Apter Mag Columns

Reading the comments on the Stu Saks post was one of the most enjoyable things I have read on the BOD in awhile. With that in mind what are some of the articles/columns that you, (and the readers,) remember? One that sticks out for me is Eddie Ellner, Liz Hunter,
and Ric Flair watching the Rangers win the Stanley Cup. Both Eddie and Liz had a column on it from their perspective. 

That's long past when I was reading the magazines.  Probably the one that's stuck with me longest is Dave Rosenbaum tracking down bookies who take bets on wrestling and putting money on a Hulk Hogan v. Harley Race match at a house show.  Turned out to be pretty prophetic.  

Rumble 93 Ending


Just finishing reading your review about the 93 Rumble.  I don't remember if this has been discuss before but did Savage just get carried away like he did in the 92 Rumble and forget the rules?  Or was that the planned ending (which as you said made him look like a geek unfortunately).  

Thanks in advance and keep up the good work

It was the planned ending.  They weren't exactly concerned with protecting Savage at that point anyway. 

Adam Cole

Hey Scott, hope all is well. I have been reading that Adam Cole's contract expires in August and he is going to AEW to be with his girlfriend. I know WWE gets a ton of heat on how they blow it with talent, but, I thought Adam Cole has been treated well. Long title reign, leader of a top faction, etc. What do you think? 

He's been treated well but NXT guys aren't making a lot of money.  Matt Riddle was called up because they wanted to make sure he saw what main roster money was so he didn't bolt, for example.  Especially right now, if Cole's NXT contract expires, I can see him leaving.  

Montreal question (sort of)

Watching the Owen DSOTR episode, and hearing the Martha Hart interviews with Meltzer and Jericho got me thinking. 

Martha pretty much implies that Bret’s WWE reconciliation was due in large part to his desire to have access to his footage, so as not to have his legacy tarnished by a DVD hatchet job a la the first Warrior piece.

Assuming Bret never reconciles with Vince and is still to this day on the outs with WWE: is his legacy altered at all?

Yes, 100%!  There's no “implies” about it, WWE had a hatchet DVD in production called “Screwed” if I'm not mistaken, which was basically burying Bret over the Montreal incident ala Warrior's DVD.  And then he mended fences a bit and it got turned into the much better career retrospective set instead.  And it's a good thing too, because otherwise he'd have become a meme where people mocked him for being self-important instead of giving him the proper respect.  

Stu Saks Retires

Hey Scott,

Longtime and lapsed readers of Pro Wrestling Illustrated will be sad to learn that Stu Saks, publisher and editor, is retiring this week. In an exclusive with The Wrestling Estate, Saks, as well as former and current writers, reflect on his 40-year career and impact on the overall industry. 

Hope your readers enjoy.

Thanks as always,

John Corrigan 

Do they even have anyone left from the old days? Liz Hunter and Matt Brock must be in their 80s by now!


I gotta ask it Scott. With The Undertaker talking about how Hogan lied about his neck injury in 91…Are we gearing up for Hogan vs Taker in the Boneyard?

Maybe if we move beyond cinematic wrestling and just start simulating matches via CGI.  


Hey Scott–

Just finished this week's NXT on my DVR. I love Matt Riddle, and I love what he's done in NXT, but I get the sneaking suspicion that if he's ever “promoted” from that show, he'll be jobbed into oblivion, become Elias' wacky tag team partner, or some other waste of his talent.

Then I dream about Matt Riddle in AEW. Chris Jericho can cut a believable promo on a DRONE. Can you imagine the wacky, wonderful bullshit that would take place if Jericho and Riddle got to play in the AEW sandbox for four months?

If you could airlift five NXT talents to AEW, who would you pick? I'd go Riddle, Keith Lee, Johnny Gargano, Candice LaRae and Io Sharai to shore up their women's division. Thoughts?

Adam Cole is a no brainer.  Gargano and Ciampa for sure.  Maybe Fish and O’Reilly as well.  

Corner Gas

Hi Scott,

As a bit of a comedy aficionado I stumbled upon the Canadian sitcom Corner Gas on Amazon Prime last year and loved it.

As a proud native of Canada what are your thoughts on it?  Favourite characters?  For me Oscar and after initially not liking him, Davis really grew on me.

Do you have any other TV show recommendations from your homeland?


I’m not a big fan but it’s gospel here in Saskatchewan.  It is very, very accurate in portraying that particular segment of the country however.  
You could also check out Trailer Park Boys.  

Peaked in Twilight Years

Hi Scott,

Maffew’s ECW posts have shows featuring plain old boring Vance Archer in his 30s, before he became chokeslamming/water spitting/making kids cry Murderhawk Lance Archer in his 40s.

My question is are there any other wrestlers who had a career peak in their 40s/50s whilst being low/mid tier in their 20s/30s? The only others I can think of are PCO and maybe Suzuki. Mr Brodie Lee potentially as well I guess?

Careers seem to be peaking later now with guys starting earlier.  I feel like Bockwinkel is a guy who also hit his career highs very late in his career, too. 

Ministry vs Dungeon

Hey Scott,

What shitty supernatural 90s stable was better, the Ministry of Darkness or the Dungeon of Doom? I realize there are no real winners here, but best of the worst.


The Dungeon had a clearly stated goal of destroying Hulkamania and managed to get the title off him.  That's two points in their favor.  I have no idea what the fuck Undertaker wanted to accomplish and he ended up working for the McMahons.

Winner:  DOD in a landslide.

Riddle vs Lesnar

Clearly Riddle vs Lesnar isn't happening, but I'm still going to fantasy book for a second. Let's say Riddle somehow overcomes Vince and, let's say his”outspokenness”, and the brass and Brock are convinced the match could make money. Wouldn't the Fight Pit from NXT make the most sense for presenting this match?

I didn't watch the show or generally pay attention to NXT at the moment, but I will agree with your assertion so that I'm not accused of undue bias.

If Vince sold…

Hey Scott-

Hope all is well.

Here is a question that I don’t think was ever asked. 

Let’s say Vince did sell, what do you think the number would be?  Ufc was sold for 4 billion. I am assuming they go higher than that correct?

Seems like a fair assumption.  Maybe the Khans have that under their couch cushions and can make an offer?  

Embarrassing angles

Hey Scott,

Hope you and yours are safe.

Quick question, has a 'drunken' angle ever worked, we've seen it with depressing regularity in the 'E'?
Jake the Snake
Jeff Hardy (Twice now) 
Scott Hall in WCW

And others, I'm sure I've missed, but have these angles ever actually been successful??

I can't remember any that have. Makes you wonder why Vince returns to these insulting angles,
I can't ever remember any that worked, no. 

Safest workers

Bret Hart is seemingly the gold standard for safe in ring workers. Jeff Jarrett seemingly has a great reputation as one as well. Who else ranks up there as being very safe? Besides LOD, Vader, The Nasty Boys, and Nia Jax, who else has a reputation sitting on the other end of the spectrum? 

Stay safe.

Orton might be boring and injury prone, but he's never hurt anyone that I'm aware of.  Yokozuna was also famous for looking like was throwing his hundreds of pounds at people like a monster but landing pillow soft.