Crazy weekend

Seriously, this meningitis thing is the craziest thing to happen in a while. I’d rank it up there with Brock deciding to up and quit before WrestleMania, the Survivor Series screwjob and the weekend that WWF bought WCW.

Shame it takes four guys getting deadly ill for the product to get interesting.

And yet it STILL wasn't deadly enough for them to ask Daniel Bryan back.  

Sister Abigal vs the Demon Pumpkin

Is it possible that the WWE uses this virus outbreak as a chance to completely drop the horrible Sister Abigal vs Finn Pumpkin angle? Or are we getting this again at Survivor Series?  
If they do drop this angle how high is it on the list of terrible ideas that they dropped midway through? 

Midway?  The stupid thing was wrapped up by SummerSlam and it's been going on like a zombie ever since.  

Ranking Kane

Hi Scott

How would you rank the different Kane personas over the years?

Kane 97-98

Kane – X-Pac's friend

Brother of Destruction Kane (00-01)

Freaks are cool Kane

Unmask Kane

Rapist then loving husband Kane

See no evil Kane

Kane 07-11 (Doing nothing expect winning world titles Kane)

Re-Mask Kane

Hell No Kane

Corporate Kane


​That's a lot of Kanes.  Did I tell you I once wasted a day of my life reading his fake biography​?  And it didn't even go into his libertarian background!  

Ahmed in 1996


It seems weird now, but there was a brief moment in late-July and early-August 1996 that Ahmed Johnson looked like the next biggest thing in wrestling.  Up to that point, the WWF had done a great job of emphasizing his strengths (look, charisma, intensity) and hiding his weaknesses (promos, long matches).  And in the taped RAW's leading up to Summerslam that year, they booked him as the "No. 1 contender" to the WWF title and teased a match on RAW the night after Summerslam of Ahmed vs. the Vader/Shawn winner.  He really could have been Goldberg before Goldberg if he'd stayed healthy.

Anyway, what was supposed to happen on the RAW right after Summerslam if Ahmed hadn't been injured?  Is it too unrealistic to think they would have put Vader over Shawn at Summerslam only to have Vader pull an Iron Sheik and job the belt to Ahmed?  The WWF was getting killed in the ratings war and pushing an entirely new star would have been a much better alternative than the fake Razor/fake Diesel mess they came up with a month later.

​There's no indication that Ahmed was in any kind of immediate plans for the title, so they would have likely done some kind of bullshit finish to get out of it.  However, he was definitely in their long-term idea for top guy, so had he not been so injury prone he would have ended up with the belt in 97, I'm sure.  ​

Injuries in 97

While rewatching 97 WWF, holy crap did they have tons of injury problems.

Whether bad accidents on-air (Austin at Summerslam, H. Godwinn against LOD, Putski at Ground Zero), longtime problems (Pillman, Rude, Foley around WM, Goldust after Survivors), clumsiness (Ahmed multiple times) or kayfabe (Shawn's smile, Bulldog at ONO?), every week on RAW you would hear how multiple people are on the shelf or unable to compete.

I don't know how many times planned matches were scrapped or altered (Mankind subbing in many times, mostly for Austin or Shawn).

Must have been thrilling for booking, wrestlers' pockets and fans (on TV and in arenas). Was the general change of style (more garbage wrestling, more hardcore stuff, more highspots/highflying) to blame, or just bad luck/clumsiness?

​It's the style.  Bryan and Vinny have been watching the 97/98 RAWs on their show, and the amount of brutal chairshots and stupid spots for no reason is just staggering on those Attitude Era shows.  Vince was basically treating his guys like disposable stuntmen at that point, and we all know what it led up to, sadly.  In fact, seeing at lot of it again, it's kind of shocking something didn't go horribly wrong a lot sooner than it did.​

Drop some Canadian knowledge on us

Hi Scott –


After your tutorial on the impact the Tragically Hip played on Canadian music, I had a question arise from the comments in the “Unreleased” reviews.


Someone mentioned the Jacques Rougeau retirement show, and how that was an amazing gate and crowd.

As an American, I remember the Rougeaus as the smiling brothers with ugly boots who waved little American flags – but I’m guessing they were a much bigger deal north of the border? Can you provide some Canadian insight? Were the Rougeaus really THAT big a deal?
Or was it “Hey, they’re Canadian, and I’m Canadian!”?

​They were specifically big in Montreal, but nowhere else in the country.  Before the Bret Hart deal in 97, Canada ​just kind of played along with whatever the babyface/heel alignment was regardless of country.  It was really Bret saying "I'm proud to be CANADIAN" rather than "I'm proud to be from Calgary" or whatever that suddenly created Bizarroworld and all that other stuff.  

TLC huge changes

Scott- just broke that Roman Reigns is being replaced in the TLC main event with Kurt Angle???? WTF??? 

Is this wellness related? And Angle being in a wwe ring for the first time in 11 years in a TLC match??? 
Oh and Bray being replaced by AJ Styles? I'm all for replacing worst story of the year with a bunch of snowflakes in a potential classic.
This show went from lame to gotta see it…thank you wellness

What a bizarre bit of business.  Man, if Roman got Wellnessed again, they'd pretty much have to change the entire direction of the company.

Brock on TLC card

Hi Scott


If Bray Wyatt can’t go this Sunday due to illness, does Vince give Brock a stack of cash to work the show against Balor, and do a full court press on social media announcing as such for the next 2 days to help with ticket sales and Network

​Uh, why would anyone give a shit about Bray Wyatt missing the show?  Just say he's got meningitis and can't be there.  ​

How damaged was Strowman


   On the subject of the question about star breaking matches from last week, just how hurt do you think Strowman was by his loss to Brock? I know he has continued to look strong on Raw but he was being built up to be the guy to dethrone Lesner, or at least
only lose via shenanigans, and then he just lost clean to a single F5. I guess he can be built back up but it felt like it took away all of his momentum and aura. 

​I mean, it hurt him and I'm constantly mystified why Vince has a hard-on for every other big hoss that comes through their system, but he won't go all the way with Braun when he gets hot.  But that being said, they can easily rebuild him again, and if Undertaker does decide to come back one more time for Wrestlemania, there's your logical guy right there.  ​

Goldberg in WCW/2018 Rumble

Hey Scott,

Glad to see you enjoyed the Unreleased DVD. You're right; an incredibly fascinating and entertaining set of rarities.

Couple questions for you:

When Goldberg loses to Buff and Luger at WCW Sin in 2001 and has to 'retire,' to my knowledge he is not seen again before the company closes in March. Did they have specific plans for bringing him back? Any insight on the storyline? He wasn't done, was he?

And since looking forward to the Rumble gets me through the fall doldrums, do you have an early pick on the 2018 winner? They surely can't….they wouldn't….no way they could….put BIG DOG over AGAIN in Philly would they? That would kill that city for good,
no? Battleground, the punjabi prison and Great Khali did even more damage back in July I imagine.

Please, PLEASE tell me your sources know AJ is ending Jinder's reign of DOOM in December after those PRECIOUS India dates, and Nakamura wins the Rumble for the Mania dream match. PLEASE I'M BEGGING YOU haha

But I saw Meltzer report the Brock-Jinder match is a holdover and Brock would defend against Finn Balor at the Rumble, so that should be awesome, right?


​Dawg, you're all OVER the place here, but I'll do my best.
1.  The plan for WCW in general was that Bischoff and Fusient were going to buy the company, do yet another reboot, and then bring everyone back like Goldberg and use RVD as the top star with a whole new promotional concept and BLAH BLAH BLAH.  So yes, there was a specific plan for him, but we never got to see it.
2.  Top two matches for Wrestlemania are supposed to be Cena v. Jinder and Big Doggernaut v. Brock, so your choices for Rumble winner appear to be pretty slim.  Seriously though, who else are you gonna put over?  Strowman would be awesome but what's the point?  Might as well go with Reigns and be done with it.  
3.  ​Jinder's going all the way to WM, man.
4.  To be honest, Finn has bored the shit out of me in this run.  And we know it's just going to be Brock throwing him around and going over in 6 minutes again anyway.

I’m concerned for the Singh Brothers

Hi, Scott,

With the announcement of Jinder vs. Brock, I'm legitimately concerned that the only way out of this without making either champ look profoundly bad will be for Brock to eat the distraction pin and then "get his heat back" by literally committing assault (and possibly involuntary manslaughter) against one or both of the Singh brothers. I get the strong impression that they are viewed as less than human by the back office – more animate props than men – and Orton certainly couldn't have cared less when he nearly snapped one of their necks (twice?). 

I think that's the plan. Brock loses via major distraction, then VIOLENTLY suplexes the Singh's either through something or directly down on the tops of their heads. I'm actually worried. I don't think it's going to end well for them.

Is there a more positive resolution that I'm just not seeing?

​It really, really feels like this is just something to do so that Lesnar works the show.  The only thing that matters is getting Reigns to another coronation, so it would be silly to beat Lesnar in any form.  It's gotta just be Brock destroying all three guys and pinning Jinder, or Jinder running away and the Singhs getting killed, whatever.  Brock might be all about the money, but Heyman at the very least would be smart enough to refuse doing a job to Jinder.​

More Unreleased

Scott- with your Unreleased rant wrapped up, the question is do you see WWE doing more of these? Opinions are that its sold very well but with WWE getting out of home video what is the future of it? The potential is endless:

-There have to be thousands of hours of totally unaired stuff in the warehouse 
-There are tons of matches from international only showings in English       commentary (honky/savage v hogan/steamboat is a great example)
-There are likely hours of crockett/wcw unaired stuff…heck, I remember buying   a three tape set of 85-87 nwa stuff just like unreleased from highspots back in   the day single camera no commentary

The potential seems endless but what is the best way to capitalize? Oh and anything particular you'd like to see?

​Bret Hart vs. Tom Magee, obviously.  And I think just a straight second volume of this will sell even better because now people are buzzing about it.  In fact, it was sold out on Amazon for a while, and anecdotally I can tell you it was sold out everywhere here that actually carries WWE DVDs, so it was definitely a hit for them.  
Unfortunately I've been told the Crockett collection is in rough shape outside of the main TV shows, so it's unlikely there's much raw footage to sift through there.  They can barely put together PPVs for the Network sometimes!  Usually WCW didn't leave much on the cutting room floor, either:  There was a LOT of TV time to fill and they'd dump whatever leftovers they had on Pro or Prime or whatever.  
But hell, there should be enough tryouts and dark matches from TV tapings for ten of those sets.  Even stuff like the lost NXT pilot from 2011 that produced the Cesaro match on the Hidden Gems section of the Network and has never been seen otherwise.  ​

One match wonders.

In music, there is a term called "One Hit Wonders."  Basically, a singer or group had a hit song or album, but could never repeat that success.  Do you think there are "one match wonders?" Wrestlers who had one great match, but could never repeat that success?

​Sure, stuff like the legendary Kane v. Albert match, for example.  Test v. Shane McMahon is another notable one.  Strowman hasn't really had anything notable outside of Roman Reigns.  ​