This week’s PowerslamTV release highlights

Hi Scott,

I hope this finds you having a great day. I just wanted to send you the Powerslam release highlights for this week. We added our 91st promotion this morning and will break 2,900 hours of content by the end of the day. While we have added over one hundred hours of content this week alone our we are highlighting three of our favorite international promotions:

Ireland's Over the Top – Scrappermania 4
New Zealand's Southern Pro Wrestling (SPW) – Southern Rumble
Spain's WhiteWolf Wrestling (La Triple W) – No Rules Day

Thanks again for helping us to get the word out! Let me know ANY questions you might have about any of these events or promotions! 


For sure, thanks for the info!

Never Getting the Win Back…

Assuming Vince doesn’t throw down another half-mil to do it, does Braun not getting his win back from Lesnar really make a difference?  

The only time I can recall a soon-to-be champ not getting his win back was Austin never pinning Bret after WrestleMania, and with the double turn making Austin look like a badass nobody thinks back and says “well Austin never beat Bret so…”

Are there any other examples where not getting the win back actually made a difference in somebody’s career?  Or is this a lot of complaining about nothing?

I don't think anyone is seriously thinking Brock is gonna return and put over Braun, so I wouldn't worry about it.  Probably the only thing they'd have Brock return for is to put over Roman again just to make sure we all know who the #1 guy is.

But what about Rousey?

We can all guess where Roman goes from here, but what happens to the women's division? Assuming Rousey can survive her epic encounter with Nikki Bella, who do you think challenges her on Raw? W

ho could possibly beat her? Steph-o-mac?

UFC did OK with her smashing outmatched foes for a couple of years, so I think WWE can probably get away with the same.  Smash Nikki Bella, smash Natalya, finish things off with Charlotte at Wrestlemania…that should be fine.  

Never Before Never Again

Hey Scott,

If you were given The Rock for a three month program to build up for one match at Survivor Series this year what would you do? 

Other than the obvious pairing with Roman to go up against the dangerous alliance of R-Truth and The Miz. 

Man, tough call.  I think Rock v. Kevin Owens could be a hell of a deal, but honestly I think the most bang for your buck as far as giving someone the rub would be Elias.  The match would probably suck but the weekly build would likely be tremendous.  

They’re telling the wrong story

Hi Scott,

So, I loved the Shield angle but they've got the heels and faces mixed up. Strowman promised he was cashing in and he (like Roman) kept his word. If anything, Rollins and Ambrose should be like the old Horsemen saving the title for Flair because the fans' natural instinct is to boo Reigns. It's hard enough to garner sympathy for a guy like Strowman, so here's an opportunity to have him not only dethrone the champion but thwart his cronies in the process as well. Yet, the Shield are presented as conquering heroes for beating on a guy 3-on-1?

What say you, Sir?

Yeah, I'm not particularly clear on what they were trying to accomplish, either.  It felt like a Russo Reset angle where all of a sudden someone like Goldust just comes out in his old gimmick with no particular motivation behind the change. 

*VERY IMPORTANT* Blog question

                                                                                                   OFFICE OF THE AMBASSADOR

                                                                                                 The Honorable Henry Mwabwetumba

                                                                                                                    Ivory Coast

Dear Sirs:

What is the real deal with Mr. Burns’ assistant, Roman Reigns? You know what I’m talking about.

Sincerely yours,

The Hon. Henry 

Roman Reigns is the WWE Universal champion and he sucks.  


Hey Scott, so here we are, the era of Reigns. My question is, you brought up jn another post about WWE writers not knowing the pulse of their fanbase. For instance, Becky Lynch getting loud cheers after turning on Charlotte. I am to a point where I think its intentional. I believe they do have the pulse of the fans, but, now that is a gambling sport, they have to think different. 2, I cheer for the heels, and with the times changing, many people root for the bad buy. 

I think the change in the rooting patterns has changed writing and booking. We love the cool heel more so then the plucky babyface. I think we ourselves as fans might have hurt the product.

You’re right, clearly it’s our own fault, and ratings are at record low levels because Vince is so far ahead of the curve that viewers haven’t caught up yet.  

WWE Is A Bunch of Arse.

Hi Scott. 

Arse. A lovely British word for the human backside, and also a word that pops up if you anagram a few WWE Stars names. 

For Example

Cesaro – Arse Co. 
Maryse – My Arse
Roman Reigns – Morning Arse. 

Couple of related ones:

Stone Cold Steve Austin – Unsteadiest Vets Colon (He might want to consider taking up vetinary surgery)

Lana's Twitter Handle @Lanawwe – Eww Anal

And I may as well through this one in there

Charlotte Flair – Clitoral Father. (I wouldn't advise thinking about that one!)

– Barry   
Quit posting all the Roman Reigns emails, they said.  Post something other than Lex Luger questions, they said…

Kevin Owens HAD to job!

Amazing that people are upset about Kevin Owens’ booking last night when you look at the whole picture. Think about it:

– Kevin Owens gets obliterated with no credible offense so that…

– Braun is kept fresh for later in the night so that…

– Braun can threaten to cash in so that…

– All the fans stay in their seats and don’t leave so that…

– Braun can actually not cash in and Reigns can win with a still packed (now muted) crowd and the PPV can go off the air so fast it’s like it committed a bank robbery.

Clearly, Owens had to be destroyed so thoroughly that the announcers literally laughed at him. Roman must rise, though the heavens fall.

Yeah and now watch Owens get the title shot for the next PPV.  

Who Would be the Guy?

By now it’s pretty obvious that the way to go is to turn Roman Reigns and have him lead a heel shield faction. He would hold the belt for a while and then eventually give it up to a conquering babyface. My question is who would be that babyface? Who is on the roster currently or in nxt that fits Vince’s ideal of a carry the company type superstar? They gave Bryan, Balor, and Rollins a shot at title runs only to see them get injured so I would think they were out. Lashley just fought Roman to less than mild reactions. Ambrose might get there but he’s coming off an injury and was basically treated like a joke prior to that. I don’t see anyone in NXT that works on a top top guy level. It’s basically just Braun who is a better heel in my opinion or stay with the Roman babyface mega push until he magically gets over or dies trying. Does that about sum it up?

Yeah, I think we're in for a lot of Roman v. Braun over the next few months.  

Mailbag Question

Can you please explain the bizarre relationship between modern wrestling fans and 1990s Simpsons references?! Like, is a near 30 year old cartoon the only other media fans have ever consumed? For a bunch of wanks who pretend to be "smart", you'd think they would have left their obsession back with their discarded pogs, flash-cube cameras, and feety pajamas. Or at least graduated to Married…With Children references. While we are on the subject of Fox's Sunday lineup, Charles S. Dutton's Roc never gets any love. Everyone marks out for 30 Rock doing a live episode, but Roc did an entire SEASON live and nobody remembers it. #SeanShannonForever