So word comes today they are testing the waters with Facebook Live to do a weekly show. It will be Live after Smackdown meaning 205 Live could potentially be moved to before Smackdown.

Why on earth wouldn't they just scrap 205 Live at this point? It hasn't worked, cruiserweights on RAW haven't worked. They had something that DID work, the CWC at Full Sail. Move the freaking cruiserweights to Full Sail, never mention the word cruiserweight again, and simply call the show CWC without it standing for anything. Same presentation, same look to the show, same commentators. Just simply a show and not a tournament. The horrible ugly cruiserweight championship is redesigned and called the CWC Championship. Then have women also compete on the show.

Let Triple H do it right. He may be a dick who gets himself over as a wrestler, however, he has the golden touch as a creative guy. And by the way a nice touch is that CWC is actually the original name of WWE. The Capitol Wrestling Corporation even had a similar logo to last year's CWC.

​I dunno, I think the whole thing is so tainted at this point that they need to just scrap it all and try something different.  They already have the developmental show with NXT, so 205 Live doesn't really serve any kind of purpose. ​


So Paige returns last night and brings with her Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville.. I can dig it. More depth in the women’s division is good! However….

Mandy Rose
Sonya Deville

Oh god, they’re gonna call them PMS, aren’t they?

​We already had that one, didn't we?  Weren't Terri and Jacqueline called The Pretty Mean Sisters?
I mean, they wouldn't want to be unoriginal.  
Regardless, I'm constantly baffled by their choices of who to call up and who to leave in NXT, but I guess they had a certain amount of money invested in Mandy Rose and had to do something with her.​

Super Shane

So after watching Survivor Series, one thought popped in my head. They had Shane no-sell the RAW attack from SD last week, fend off Owens/Zayn by himself, last a minute in an ankle lock, and nearly survive the whole thing himself. Contrast that with Daniel Bryan selling a Kane chokeslam via stretcher and not appearing on TV in 3 weeks.
I mean they might as well make Shane champ at this point with how dominant he was booked last night. The only way to salvage this is by using it in a Shane/Bryan feud that they’re teasing, but the odds of that happening are slim and none.

I've actually heard it suggested that Shane was being PUNISHED based on how he was booked last night, in the sense that HHH looked even stronger.  Which goes to show that a McMahon getting punished beats the best day any of us will ever have. 

Fixing the Royal Rumble

After reading the email on Survivor Series and your opinion on the event itself, It only reinforced how much the event has dropped from its original concept. The Royal Rumble ,which has taken the spot from Survivor Series as the most unique and interesting concept, seems to be going the same way. I mean we obviously won't ever see a Royal Rumble event without a Royal Rumble match, like we have with Survivor Series but the fun is gone. There is no legitimate match anymore. Go back to 91 or 92. Hell 2001-2008. There was a match going on. Nowadays it is all entrances and laying around. Everyone stops what they are doing at each 10 second countdown to either lie around or stare in amazement at the next participant. There haven't even been any real surprises the last 2 years. For 2017 the "surprises" were Ellsworth, Mark Henry, Enzo, Kalisto and Gallagher. Hardly anyone to be amazed or kayfabe shocked to see if I am already in the ring. Those weren't surprises just announced competitors. Is the layout due to lack of Patterson? Is this a Dunn tv thing? Vince? Can the Rumble be fixed ? Can there be storylines? I know we don't have storylines like we used to but 90 Rumble had Warrior/Hogan, Piper/Bad News, Demos/CC, Savage/Dusty and DiBiase/Roberts built throughout. 2004 had Orton/Foley, Goldberg/Lesnar, Show/Cena, Christian/Jericho, and Kane/Taker built. Sorry 4 the lengthy rant just want the Rumble fixed before it goes the way of Survivor Series and I value your opinion. 
​The Rumble itself has really been a huge letdown the past few years, and it's mystifying because it's such an easy thing to not screw up. I thought the AJ Styles​ surprise a couple of years ago was huge, and he would be a good person to have in there again to direct traffic, but the problem is that the match has become their storytelling crutch at Wrestlemania time. It doesn't matter if Randy Orton is hot at the time, he's due for a title run at Wrestlemania, so he wins the match.  Obviously Reigns wins the Rumble again this year because of course he does.  And yes, a lot of it was Patterson.  


As we all can agree, 205 live needs a baby face where people can get behind. They have the heel in Enzo but they need the face to get behind. They need to get Gargano out of nxt to be that face. He can sell and get folks behind him better than most. And
when Ciampa is ready, they can bring him over too and have a money feud made for both of them. Thoughts? 

​God, no.  I'm sure that's where he'll end up, but Gargano doesn't need to be left to die on 205 Live.  They're already supposed to be moving Hideo Itami into the black hole division soon as it is, but they really don't need to be wasting any more talent with actual potential on that show. There's no "money" feuds there and Gargano deserves better than working once every week.​

NXT WarGames an all time great?

Do you think that in terms of top to bottom quality that WarGames deserves some recognition as one of the best shows WWE has ever put on?

Five matches, two of them good, three of them great. Two new champs. Hot crowd throughout. Hype packages to catch you up on the feuds, but virtually no fluff beyond that, with the whole thing being wrapped up in a tidy 2.5 hours. The best announcing team they have at the moment.

Seriously, am I crazy or was this the most enjoyable thing they've put together in years? 


You're not crazy, I enjoyed the hell out of it, especially the shockingly great Dream match and the upset in the title match.  


​Hey Scott,
I loved the show, too, but I have to admit that I was really taken out of the main event at times with the clumsy directing and heavy-handed camera positioning of the guys in the match by the​ referees. I know it's developmental, but it's the main event of one of NXT's four biggest shows of the year (and featuring several legit veterans) — do you think the refs should really have to blatantly call spots throughout the match? If nothing else, the refs need to disguise it better. It was especially clumsy in the War Games match. I almost hate to bring it up because of how awesome the show was overall, but Vince gets so much flak from overproducing the announcers via headset and I think HHH has a tendency to overproduce the matches, as they are happening, through the referees. I really feel that it actually took a little bit away from the main event. I'm fine with the refs directing traffic in the matches — that's part of their job — but it's way too obvious and way too distracting in a lot of NXT matches. (And I'm not even talking about the positioning after Wolfe cut busted open on the suplex. I understand the reasoning and necessity for that. I was bothered by the prominent directions being given by the referees before that even happened.)

I didn't personally notice, but I can see how that would bug. 

Best/Worst Survivor Series?

Hey, Scott:

Since it’s the season, I’m curious as to what you think were the best and worst Survivor Series? As PPVs go, everyone seems to have an opinion on best/worst Wrestlemania or Royal Rumble, but 30 years of Survivor Series and it seems the individual events don’t hold the same place in fans’ hearts.

​Yeah, for me it's easily the most missable of the Big Four and doesn't really hold any particular place of specialness in my heart.  Quality-wise, Survivor Series 97 was complete garbage, but of course by far the most memorable.  93 was hella-weak and I'd probably call it the worst, followed closely by 91, which was so bad that they tried to kill off the elimination match format as a result.  
None of them really inspire any great excitement from me.  I love the elimination matches on the original 87 and 88 shows.  98 is of course a classic.  2002 was pretty fun thanks to MSG.  96 is highly underrated and features one of the great matches of the modern era.  ​Anything past 2003, forget it, I can't even remember the shows.  

Invasion Era

Hindsight 20/20, should they have delayed the Invasion angle about 6 months or so until the likes of Flair & nWo would be available, or would it be holding off the momentum of the WCW purchase too long, potentially neutralizing any benefit of doing it right away?

Sub-Question, the separate ramps entrances at the Invasion PPV for the two sides was both aesthetically & logically cool. Think they should bring that back for helping with face/heel dynamics?

​The ramp thing is EXACTLY what they should be doing for Survivor Series.  
And hindsight 20/20, they should have done a LOT of things differently with the Invasion.  I will at least play devil's advocate with your first question, however, and note that they were wanting to do a new WCW show right away and waiting six months would have likely meant it couldn't happen, so they had to proceed with what they had.  Overall, though, they needed Flair and Goldberg to make it work.  ​