All 30 Royal Rumbles, Ranked from Worst to Best

Hey Scott,

I'm enjoying rereading your Rumble reviews and was wondering if you could put up a plug for an article I did, "All 30 Royal Rumbles, Ranked from Worst to Best." It was a lot of fun rewatching all the Rumbles (a project which I devoted more time to than just about anything I actually get paid for).

I know you just mentioned you were in a bad mood when you reviewed '07 and I think you should give it another shot…I've got that Rumble as the #6 best on my list. Granted, most of that is because of the epic Undertaker/Michaels finale, but still…

What's your vote on the most underrated Rumble? I know you love the 2010 edition.

Thanks as always, long live the Blog!

​Yeah, the CM Punk stuff in 2010 was fantastic and I thought it was probably the last one where they got the timing exactly right and hit the right pacing for clearing out deadwood and bringing in big stars and such.  ​Plus the Shawn Michaels run was heartbreaking (pardon the pun), where people were hoping so hard for one last run from him and then had it yanked away.  Plus the big surprise at the end of Mountain Man Edge winning, even though the Wrestlemania payoff ended up being supremely disappointing.  

Rumble Question

Hey Scott, hope you are well. I was reading article for Raw 25 and noticed MVP is appearing. Do you see him in the Rumble? Who do you see as some surprise entrants? I have some below. What do you think?

1. EC3 
2. James Storm
3. Lashley
4. Tama Tonga/Fale, I believe contracts are up.

​EC3 is basically confirmed for the match, as his contract with TNA is done and he pulled out of indy bookings on the night of the Rumble.  Storm has recently done interviews where he wants to come back, but he didn't make it to the main roster the first time and I don't see him doing so this time.  Lashley, yeah, probably.  Big muscles heal all wounds with Vince.  Frankly I'm shocked that they haven't been calling Cage for the past two years as well.  As for the Bullet crew, they've asked them in the past and both turned them down for New Japan.  Fale is a definite no according to Meltzer because he's got too much going on in New Zealand with his own shows, but Tonga's a big dude and he's not getting younger, so now would probably be the time if it's going to happen.  
I don't know if it's just me, but I don't feel any particular excitement from the fanbase over this Rumble at this point.  The title matches are both DOA and there's not a lot of viable winners of the Rumble match itself.  Could be just me, though.​

Tokyo Dome on January 4, 1992

Hi Scott,

I think you had mentioned not knowing the rights with the early WCW/NJPW Tokyo Dome, but the 1/4/92 is up on NJPW World:

Unlike WWE Network their search is pretty solid even with the language gap so you can find a lot of other WCW endorsed matches with 90’s guys rocking their WCW gimmicks.

That link you sent is just for Luger v. Chono, or as the translated description calls it,

"Super Warrior IN Fighting Dreaming 1994 January 4 Tokyo Dome 11th WCW World Heavyweight Championship game Rex Ruger vs Masahiro Butohno"

​Ah, Rex Ruger.  ​Anyway, I wish they'd put the full shows up there as one deal.  I actually find the WWE Network much more intuitive when I'm looking for stuff.  I do wish that NJPW would just hire some English website guys and make a full version of the site for us North American clods, since that's a huge chunk of their business now.  

PRESS RELEASE: WWE Superstar Fruit Snacks Now Available

Oh man, so much potential snark about this, so little time.  

Pittsburgh, PA – PLB Sports ( has partnered with WWE to create and launch fruit snacks featuring WWE Superstars called WWE Superstar Snacks.  Made from real fruit juice, and naturally fat free, the fruit snacks are in the shape of the WWE logo and come in six flavors: cherry, apple, orange, strawberry, blue raspberry and grape.  The 10-count box will be available at Jewel-Osco, Wegmans, Giant Eagle, Woodman’s Markets, FYE and other fine retailers.  WWE Superstar Snacks are also available at the recently redesigned


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WWE Superstar Snacks 20ct box design.jpg

WCW jumpers

Hey Scott

The question about Jericho got me thinking back to the demise of WCW.  The reasons for it going down have been debated ad nauseum and i'm firmly in the camp that the various corporate mergers would of killed it eventually
no matter what the rating were doing but one viewpoint the WWE has consistently used over the years was the WCW lack of elvating new stars  and how this led to many of them jumped to the WWE for greater things and leaving WCW to flounder.

Do you actually think anyone that jumped from WCW to the WWF, if pushed and used correctly (a big if) whilst in WCW could of helped, if nothing else, halt the demise? Ive been entertained by the likes of Jericho, Show,
Eddie and Benoit at various points in their careers and im sure they would of made 1999/2000 WCW more watchable if the had all stayed  but its fair to say none of them ever came close to the Stone Cold, Rock or Hogan level and probably had no higher ceiling
than Booker or Steiner who WCW eventually had to push out of necessity so whilst some upward movement of talent would of made the show more entertaining i dont think any of them were going to pull in peak NWO ratings and wouldnt of made much difference to
the fate of the company or am I wrong?

​You're not wrong.  The big problems for WCW were so big by that point that "making new stars" was a drop in the bucket.  Plus they made one of the biggest stars in the history of wrestling, in the form of Goldberg, and still managed to fuck that up and kill the company anyway. ​

Question about WWF TV in Canada in the 80’s and 90’s


In Canada in the 80’s and 90’s did you get any (or all) of these shows?

WWF Challenge (was this re-branded as something else there? I see a show on YouTube called WWF Cavalcade but I’m not sure if that was Challenge matches or what…)
WWF Prime Time Wrestling
WWF Mania
WWF Action Zone

I know you got WWF Superstars rebranded as Maple Leaf Wrestling with new host(s)  and commentary but the same matches.

Basically, what were your WWF TV options between say.. 1987 and 1995 in terms of what was available to you either over the air or on cable/satellite?

Just wondering. Thanks!

Well, the period you're referring to is when I was mostly living in the Vancouver area, which meant that I would just watch the wrestling block on KCPQ 13 out of Washington.  So unless it was some extraordinary circumstances, I was normally watching the US version of Superstars anyway.  Challenge was indeed rebranded to Cavalcade on Canadian stations in syndication, though.  
Prime Time was never available in Canada, nor was Action Zone.  However, I got a grey market C-band dish in 94 that allowed me to subscribe to USA Network, so I just watched US versions of those.  So I can't really speak to Canadian availability after that, since I didn't have Canadian TV again until mid-96.

Ric Flair’s NWA World Heavyweight Title Bookings – 1/83-5/83

Have you seen this yet? That schedule was insane! 

Tim Hornbaker (@TimHornbaker)
Ric Flair's NWA World Heavyweight Title Bookings (1/83-5/83) – Official Schedule put out by booker Jim Barnett. Ric @RicFlairNatrBoy

​Yeah, Dave was telling a story on the radio show the other day, about how Nick Bockwinkel was half-ass offered the NWA World title by the promoters around the time, and he was like "Well, I can work 100 dates a year for $150,000 and vacation in Hawaii half the year, or work 300 dates a year for $350,000 and never have a life or see my family, so no thanks."  It was a pretty brutal lifestyle and it's amazing that Flair was able to last as long as he did without self-destructing.​

Never got the appeal

Who are some figures from the wrestling world whose popularity or appeal you never understood?

Gotta start with Gene Okerlund. An a-ok presenter and moderator, but nothing special at all. Also his grabbing and thirsty behavior towards women half (or more) his age was always offputting

Never understood the love of Roddy Piper. Always found his matches to be mediocre at best, to downright atrocious many times (WCW nineties run comes to mind). His sense of humor in his segments/interviews was always clichéd and lame in my view

​Clearly you're not watching it right, then.  Mostly what you need is old, pre-WWF Piper, before he decided to become an actor.  
For me, I never got Pedro Morales or understood why he was so popular in New York.  He had nothing in the ring, nothing on promos…I just don't get what made him into such a big draw at the time.​

Someone to eliminate all 29 guys

Hey Scott,

I remember years ago, I think it was when Brock was coming up, you mentioned how cool it would be to have him enter the Rumble and eliminate all 29 guys by himself. I always that was interesting and a great way to push a guy to the moon. Something that would've been perfect for Strowman this year, in fact. 

Do you still think this is something they could do/should do with a guy? Is It worth sacrificing the entire roster to push one guy all the way?

​They can always try it by having Asuka run the table in the Women's Rumble, because it doesn't really matter who wins anyway.​

Reigns on Roids

Cultaholic (former whatculture guys) reported that a jailed steroid dealer named Roman Reigns as a client. Obviously there's no evidence to this but let's pretend because the image of Vince spazzing out is just too priceless. Let's say Roman gets popped for wellness right after the Rumble… his second violation. What do you think Vince does for Mania? Or is Roman above any penalty at this point?

Depending on how fast this story blows up, I don't think he's above anything.  They've got a BIG TV deal they're trying to negotiate and this is exactly what they don't need at the moment.  We'll see what happens right away, I guess. 

Betting favorite

Hope all is well north of the border Scott. I remember reading I think the day of last year's show that Orton was the Rumble favorite and low and behold he ends up winning. Since then I go out of my way not to read the odds the day of a ppv since the favorites almost always win. So my question how does this get leaked? is one of Vince's top guys leaking the ppv plans?

​Usually what happens is the bookmakers make best guesses as to finishes and odds, and then closer to the show, someone from within WWE who knows the actual finishes puts large amounts of money on the people booked to win, at which point the bookies have to swing the odds wildly to keep from losing their shirts.  That's why you see those giant movements just before the PPV.  I think it's a far better idea to handicap what Dave's star ratings are going to be, since that's not predetermined.  ​