Extant’s Pull List – 2015 Year in Review Part 2

Yesterday, I looked at five comics that I enjoyed during 2015. Click on the link here if you’re interested. I wanted to throw in a few more recommendations of books I enjoyed before we close out the year tonight.

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Extant’s Pull List – 2015 Year In Review Part 1

I’ve been reading comic books in one form or another most of my life. I started collecting (mostly DC) comics just after the Death/Return of Superman storyline. In more than 20 years of spending money on Wednesdays, I have bought thousands of books. Several times in 2015, much like with pro wrestling, I considered giving it up entirely.

It wasn’t an altogether bad year. I’m going to try and focus on some of the high spots of the year here, but the lows have been frustrating, especially when it comes to DC Comics. Now several years into the most recent reboot, several of the characters I grew to care about are unrecognizable from their former incarnations.

Most disappointing to me has been the company’s treatment of Superman. In the second half of the year, DC Comics revealed his secret identity to the world, depowered him back to 1938 levels and has its entire world doubting him. That’s… not how Superman should be treated.

Of course, with all the complaints about what they’ve done to Superman, DC has introduced the pre-Flashpoint Superman and Lois – fresh from the waste of time that was the Convergence crossover – into the new universe, hiding under new identities with their son and trying to save the world in secret. So, at least there’s that.

Yes, there was a lot to complain about in the comics world throughout 2015, but there was a lot to like, too. So let’s forget the bad and focus on some of the better things I’ve read over the last 12 months.

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Streets Ahead Friday Night Thread


We are one week away from Christmas! Wooo!

Lots of stuff to talk about here tonight, including a big ROH show, which will hijack this thread later tonight!

In the spirit of the holidays, be sure to head over and vote in the Final Four of PTBN’s Holiday Spectacular, by clicking right here!

And in a bit of self-aggrandizement, the New York Daily News takes a look at the biggest stars of the Attitude Era and where they are now. Check that out, because EXTANT SAID SO!

Have at it, DoomBots.