The Friday Night Thread of Doom!

We’re in day two of our long national nightmare, with Eva Marie STILL suspended from competition. You can sign the petition to reinstate her right here!

But if it’s any consolation, it’s the start of the weekend, and we’ll have about a thousand hours of wrestling to digest – if we want to – over the next few days.

Ring of Honor and EVOLVE both have shows tonight, with another EVOLVE show tomorrow afternoon in advance of the flood of WWE action coming your way. NXT Takeover on Saturday, SummerSlam on Sunday and then the regular Raw-SmackDown-NXT-CWC combo to go through the week. Be sure to check out my close, personal friend Brian Bayless’ SummerSlam Preview over at PTBN by clicking here. And be on the lookout for the penultimate edition of my SummerSlam Top Twenty – looking at last year’s show – sometime tonight.

There’s always a lot to talk about, and we can talk about it all right here in the open thread!

Thursday Night at the BoD

Well, it’s been a rough day here at the Blog of Doom, with the news that Eva Marie has been suspended. But we soldier on, we shall overcome. We will watch the Olympics and root for any country that has ALL RED outfits in tribute. Or we’ll watch other stuff that’s on TV. Really, whatever you want to do.

While we haven’t had a LIVE WATCH in a few weeks, I’m suggesting honor of NXT Takeover: Brooklyn II that we watch the first NXT Takeover: Brooklyn from last August to prepare for Saturday’s show. We’ll begin the watch at 8 p.m. Eastern time! Other considerations will be taken from there.

Until then, this is your open thread for the evening. Talk about anything and everything!