BoD Daily Update: November 3rd, 2016

NXT Women’s Tournament Update

Right now, the plan is for the tournament to begin filming in either January or March of 2017. It will be similar to the Cruiserweight Classic in that it will be part of a weekly show and feature talent from around the world.

Credit Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer Newsletter


Eva Marie Update

Eva Marie has just finished filming the movie “Inconceivable” and should be returning to Smackdown imminently.

Credit Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer Newsletter


RF Video Releases Newest Installment in their “Reflections” Series

Hosted by Timothy Embler, he welcomes guest Jimmy Garvin and you can view the trailer by clicking on the link below.

WWE Network Adding New Cruiserweight Show

“205 Live” will debut at 10pm on November 29th. It is an hour-long show that exclusively features wrestlers under the 205 lbs weight limit. It will be hosted by Mauro Ranallo and Corey Graves. No word yet on how this impacts the Cruiserweight Division on RAW or Talking Smack.


Update: Dave Meltzer notes how this will impact Talking Smack and the Cruiserweights on RAW here

BoD Daily Update: November 2, 2016 NXT Preview


Spirit Squad Update

While not signed with the WWE, there is talk that the company might offer them a contract once their current storyline with the Miz ends.


ESPN Cheap Heat Podcast with Bill Goldberg

WWF Superstars of Wrestling – March 18th, 1989

March 18, 1989

From the Broome County Arena in Binghamton, NY

Your hosts are Jesse “The Body” Ventura and Vince McMahon

In action this week will be the Ultimate Warrior, The Rockers, Mr. Perfect, and the Powers of Pain. Plus, we will see the Brutus Beefcake vs. Rick Rude match from “Saturday Night’s Main Event” along with Elizabeth’s decision on whose corner she will be in at WrestleMania V.

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BoD Daily Update: November 1st, 2016 Smackdown Preview

TNA Loses Overseas Television DealĀ 

Challenge TV in the UK will stop airing TNA in January 2017. Challenge TV is one of TNA’s biggest revenue streams. Article on Enzo Amore