Sunday Night Reset (featuring SUMMERSLAM) Part 1: August 19, 2018

It’s that time, folks!  The second-biggest PPV of the WWE calendar is upon us, featuring the main event of Vince McMahon vs. Brooklyn!

If you’re not interested, the baseball game of the week is Mets vs Phillies from Williamsport, which starts at a special time of 7 this week.

This thread should last us until 8-9 PM, at which point I’ll open Part 2.

Enjoy the show!

Friday Night Party Thread: August 17, 2018

Okay, so after taking an informal poll in the Day thread, I’ll keep the indie roundup but not interject where it isn’t warranted.  Also, I need to vet my sources better.

On a serious note, the Sunday Night Reset will be up at 6PM ET to coincide with the start of the Kickoff show.  Now, I know when it’s Mania, there tends to be one thread every hour, and SummerSlam is the #2 event of the year.  So, lemme ask y’all: should we just have one thread for the 5-6 hour show?  Should I create one at 9?  Or at 8 and 10?  Or do we go all out, hour by hour?

Joey Janela’s Lost In New York is going on tonight on FITE tv’s iPPV service.

Enjoy the weekend!


Sunday Night Reset: August 12, 2018

So yesterday I was in a seminar with Kevin Sulivan himself and got advice on how to be a marketable wrestler from him.  Also lots of encouragement because, as he felt, this was a time when there would soon be roster turnover at the top of WWE which meant lots of chances for upward mobility throughout all of wrestling.  That evening, we did a dojo show and he took part in the main event!  He stuck around and took pictures with all of us afterwards, then we headed to dinner together and heard road stories.

So this morning, I *was* Homer.

Still — best day of my wrestling adventure ever.

In indie wrestling news, two major title changes occurred Saturday.  Flamita and Bandido won the PROGRESS Tag Team Championships, while Mr. Touchdown Mark Angelosetti ended the 16-month reign of Juan Francisco de Coronado atop CHIKARA.

Tonight’s baseball Game of the Week is Nationals at Cubs.

Now to see where I put my liver after last night.  Enjoy the night!

Friday Night Party Thread: August 10, 2018

Welcome to the weekend!  I’m Andy PG, and I’ve gotten less exposure in wrestling than Randy Orton’s penis.  (Man, what a weird story THAT is.)

Oh, speaking of penises, Austin Aries got upset over the fact that his match at Brooklyn II with No Way Jose was somewhat glossed over in favor of Hideo Itami’s return post-match on a WWE Network Twitter post.  “And what’s either guy done since?  Great success?” he ranted, claiming he was Jose’s career highlight.  Aries then responded to a reply saying he wasn’t as good as AJ Styles by claiming to be “laterally [sic] the definition of special in the ring” and “so nuanced in the art that you don’t even realize how special and high level I am”.  He also said he was “Once In lifetime”, proving that Twitter should never, ever get an edit button.  (Yeah, Friday’s a slow news day, but any time a world champion has a public meltdown, it’s good theater.)

Our weekly Groupwatch is WWA Eruption.  The ringleaders will be by to post details soon, I’m sure.

Tomorrow, I attend a seminar taught by Kevin Sullivan, which I know I mentioned in the morning thread but dude I’m really excited so bear with me.

Enjoy the weekend!

Thursday Night Thread: August 9, 2018

Your big story is that Aleister Black is officially out of Brooklyn’s main event.  It will now be Gargano/Ciampa, last man standing.

Renee Young will step up in relief of Jonathan Coachman on the Raw announce team on Monday.

This weekend’s independent highlights:

  • PROGRESS will be in Seattle tonight, Chicago on Saturday, and Detroit on Sunday.  WALTER will defend the title in all three locations — against Jimmy Havoc in Seattle, Eddie Dennis in Chicago, and Mark Andrews in Detroit.  Seattle also has Bandido/Flamita/Rey Horus against British Strong Style; Chicago features Pete Dunne against Flash Morgan Webster; and Detroit has Dunne and Trent Seven teaming up against the Monster Mafia of Ethan Page and Josh Alexander.
  • CMLL Super Viernes will be available tomorrow night on Claro TV.  with a main event trios match of Fenix/Matt Taven/Volador Jr against Bestia del Ring/El Terrible/Rush.  In addition, the Lightning Match will feature El Valiente against Hechicero.
  • CHIKARA will be going at it Sunday afternoon with the 2018 edition of CHIKARAsaurus Rex.  J.F. de Coronado defends the gold against Mark Angelosetti, which Danjerhawk puts the Young Lions Cup on the line against Sage Philips.
  • CZW’s Business As Usual comes to you Sunday night in Voorhees.  Dan O’Hare faces Rickey Shane Page in the main event bloodbath, while the undercard features Joe Gacy squaring off against Wheeler YUTA.

Enjoy the night.

Sunday Night Reset: August 5, 2018

Wait… you meant 8 o’clock MY time on Sunday morning?  Oh.

Congratulations to everyone in Tennessee for putting on a weekend of amazing shows.  Joey Lynch won the Scenic City Invitational, including knocking off PCO with 7 consecutive moonsaults because in the indies, there is no such thing as overkill.  Then, in the most indietastic ending to a match ever, Nick Iggy beat Effy by [1] stealing his smartphone, [2] taking a dick pic with it, and [3] rolling Effy up for the pin when Effy was trying to delete it.

I don’t know if I’ve said this lately, but Wrestling Is Stupid And Wonderful.

Meanwhile, the G1 is down to six people who could theoretically win it, though one of them requires the World Champion losing to Toru Yano.  (Well, they don’t call him the Sublime Master Thief for nothing…)

Tonight’s baseball Game of the Week is, of course, Yankees/Red Sox.  Because what else would it be?

Enjoy the night!

Friday Night Party Thread – August 3, 2018

Sorry for forgetting something last night.  Wednesday into Thursday was a very long shift for me — I work in the medical profession — and when I got home, I figured I’d nap around 3PM until 7, when I was due to post this.  I woke up at 10.  Yup.

But enough about me.  Here’s your weekend show roundup!

  • Super Viernes from CMLL airs at 9:30 ET on Claro (which can be found online), and I bring it up because it’s the 40th anniversary for Negro Casas.  To celebrate, there’s a huge trios main event of Mark and Jay Briscoe teaming with Rush against Penta, Fenix, and LA Park.
  • Wrestling Revolver in Dayton, OH, is hosting the Catalina Wrestling Mixer Volume 2.  This time around, it features an 8-team, 1-night wrestling tournament with teams including The Rascalz, Besties in the World, OI4K, and LAX.
  • If you’re in Chattanooga, you’ve heard of the Scenic City Invitational, just about to kick off.  It’s a huge 16-man weekend tournament (first round tonight, second round and 4-way final tomorrow night) and this year’s field has Jake Parnell, Cain Justice, Pierre Carl Ouellet, Fred Yehi, Mance Warner, 2 Cold Scorpio, Kerry Awful of the Carnies, Nick Gage, Curt Stallion, and more.  Plus, tomorrow afternoon will have a 9-man Triple THreat tournament called the Futures Showcase.
  • AAW will be in LaSalle, Illinois for Jawbreaker tomorrow night.  ACH defends the AAW Championship agianst Jeff Cobb in the main event, with Eddie Kingston vs. MVP on the undercard.
  • NEW Wrestling goes Under The Stars for an outdoor show in Wappinger Falls, New York.  Although the nominal main event is Jack Swagger defending the NEW title against Billy Gunn of all people, the highlight is Rey Mysterio facing Elite whipping boy Flip Gordon.
  • Meanwhile, in Germany, WXW is running their Shortcut to the Top Rumble match tomorrow evening.  In addition, Absolute Andy challenges Ilja Dragunov for the WXW championship.
  • PROGRESS is touring the US East Coast — Philadelphia tomorrow, Boston on Sunday, and New York on Tuesday.  Over the course of the tour, there will be a round-robin challenge featuring the Grizzled Young Veterans, CCK, and LAX.  Philadelphia will also see an ECW Rules match between Jimmy Havoc and Rickey Shane Page.  Boston features women’s action with Jordynne Grace against Solo Darling.  And New York has a six-man throwdown of British Strong Style against Brody King, Eddie Kingston, and Jimmy Havoc.
  • RevPro is back at The Cockpit in London on Sunday.   Not much has been announced, but the highlight as of now is an Australian youth wrestling showcase of Adam Brooks against Jonah Rock.
  • When the Scenic City Invitational ends, everyone heads to Nashville on Sunday for Southern Underground Pro’s Not Problematic.  All three Carnies are in singles action, Midwestern team No New Friends face Marko Stunt and Cabana Man Dan, and AJ Gray and Curt Stallion main event in an I Quit match.

Enjoy the weekend, everyone!

Sunday Night Reset: July 29, 2018

Lazy Sunday, wake up in the late afternoon…

Thanks to Scott for posting the morning thread and allowing me to see it, roll over, and go back to sleep.  Which I need after the NOVA Pro show blew the doors off the Elks Lodge.  On a side note, I’m sure being in the building for a Nick Gage no-DQ match and coming out alive is an achievement.  If there’s enough demand, I’ll do a quickie write-up of the show.

Rest in Peace Nikolai Volkoff.  The single best Russian heel in wrestling history.  Somewhere in Heaven Wrestling, he and Ivan are gonna be tag champs within a week, I’m sure of it.

Tonight’s baseball Game of the Week is Cubs/Cardinals.

Enjoy the night.