Sunday Night Reset: February 23, 2020


(Yeah, I’ve been saving that one for some time.)

But seriously, this is my milestone 40th birthday and I was all ready to spend it with the guys at CRAB when my ride pulled out at the last minute.  To say I’m pissed off about it would be… kind of accurate, really.

XFL going on right now.  Everybody lost in college hoops this week.  And I’m gonna watch WM12 and WM13 to drown my sorrows.  Thank heaven I got tomorrow off as a birthday present.

Enjoy the night.

WWE Friday Night Party Thread, Episode 21 — LA VITA BELLA

We made it!

So it looks like it’s Get People In The Hall Of Fame season.  With that in mind, A Moment of Bliss will have the Bella Twins as their four guests tonight.  (What?  They’re both pregnant.  What did you think I meant?)  It’s been heavily rumored that this will result in announcing them as Hall Of Famers, a rumor that has made people very Mad Online because the Bellas were the old guard the women’s revolution was supposed to knock out.  As a reminder, wrestling is a work.

(Side note: Davey Boy Smith and John Bradshaw Layfield are also said to be going in.  I may have to watch the HOF ceremony just to hear JBL’s speech.  His inductions of the Briscoes, Ron Simmons, and Teddy Long were amazing.  The dude can give a speech, lemme tell ya.)

Meanwhile, it’s official that Goldberg will face the Fiend at In Your Mosque: Riyadh or Die.  (I wish I could remember which of you weirdos coined this so I can give you credit.)  But something like this needs the proper build-up.  And that means Goldberg will be on SmackDown tonight!  He might even be in the building, who knows?

As for the actual roster (what a concept), Carmella and Naomi have a match tonight.  Carmella is the resident #1 contender for the SmackDown Women’s Championship, but she lost her match to Bay Lee Billionaire last week.  So now Naomi wants her turn; why not have the top 2 contenders go at it?  Sounds like a plan!

There’s an NBA doubleheader on ESPN.  Or if you want to kill two hours with wrestling in front of a HAPPY crowd, go check out my review of Hoppy Place before watching it in the IWTV archives!

Internet Burn of the Week goes to CM Punk, who — when someone suggested Saudi Arabia get an XFL team — said they should be named the Riyadh Bone Saws.

All right, everyone, we’ve been over the rules.  I expect you to follow Scott’s orders at all times. No porn, no personal attacks; let’s keep it clean.  Now shake hands and come out swinging. Enjoy the weekend!


Friday Indie Spotlight Thing: NOVA Pro Hoppy Place

When I started this series, I wasn’t always thinking it would deviate from recent shows, but IWTV is so chock full of amazing stuff that basically any recently posted show is like catnip. That’s why I hit the 2018 JT Lightning Invitational. However, I kinda knew I’d reserve this weekend in February for my own amusement. I love wrestling in the DMV, and so I’m doing a DMV show from about a year ago. Why this show? It’s the first time I worked as main ring announcer at a recorded event!

Also, this is the first show hosted by the Old Ox Brewery in Ashburn, which right now is basically the home away from home for CRAB Wrestling. With news that the 2020 CRAB season in Ashburn begins May 2 (and that we’ll be involved in Mania weekend – Saturday show, American Legion Post 5 “USS Tampa”, get your tickets while you can!), I figured I’d go see how Ashburn’s love affair with indie wrestling began. But mostly, I’m here for myself. My birthday weekend, after all.

The PG Era Rant for Nova Pro Wrestling Hoppy Place. Tape runtime: 128 minutes.

From Ashburn, VA. Show date December 15, 2018.

Your host in Jason Heat with a rotating cast of guys helping him out. Your referees are Stephon Smith, Chris Sharpe, Bill Olsen, and Todd Myers. And I, Andrew McHale as I was known, am your ring announcer. I do a little firing up of the crowd (suffering from a voice crack – it happens to me if I try too hard to be loud), and here we go.

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Indies and Insanity: February 20, 2020

Since this is my birthday weekend (I turn 40 on Sunday, god help me), I’m reviewing an old Nova Pro show that I happened to take part in!  Indulge me!

Thursday Night Hoops: your NBA ON TNT doubleheader is Nets/Sixers, followed by Rockets/Warriors.  ESPN gives you Ohio State/Iowa, then Oregon/Arizona State.  ESPN2 follows with UConn/Temple, USC/Colorado, and San Fran/Gonzaga.  ESPNU goes for the little D-1 schools with Vermont/Stony Brook, UNC-Asheville/Radford, and Hawaii/UC-Riverside.  (Thirty points for naming all three conferences these games are from.)  CBSSN has South Florida/Wichita, then a WCC doubleheader with Santa Clara/BYU and LMU/Saint Mary’s.  FS1 completes the whiparound coverage with Sparty/Nebraska.

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting to skip over, it’s the Indie Weekend Roundup!  Details after the jump as always.

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Sunday Night Reset: February 16, 2020

Next week is my birthday.  Yay.

XFL Main Event tonight is St. Louis against Houston, which is almost certainly going to be the game of the week after a 17-9 yawnfest, a DC shutout (GO DEFENDERS!), and a field goal battle in LA.

(Edit: I wrote the previous paragraph before the fourth quarter.  It’s gone from 9-6 to 25-18.  Shows you what I know.)

CRAB Wrestling is going to be at Mania weekend!  We’ll be performing as part of a mini-Collective with Prime Time Pro, Crux Wrestling, and a special one-off event booked by Faye Jackson.  We’re going to Tampa!

Enjoy the night.

Friday Indie Spotlight Thing: 2018 JT Lightning Invitational Tournament, Night Two

If you’re gonna do the first half of a two-parter, you’re kind of obligated to do the second half too, aren’t you?

The PG Era Rant for the JT Lightning Invitational Tournament, Part Two.

From Cleveland, Ohio, and hosted by AIW. Held May 27, 2018. Tape runtime: 195 minutes.

Your hosts are Matt Wadsworth and Brian Carson, although Carson arrives late and others take his place early on.

Pre-show promos come from Colt Cabana, Tom Lawlor, Andrew Everett, Matthew Justice, and The Besties In The World.

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Indies and Insanity: February 13, 2020

Tomorrow, I’ll look at Night Two of the 2018 JT Lightning Invitational.  Which of the remaining 12 guys takes home the trophy, and will the trophy survive the show?

Sports dial: Just one NBA game on TNT tonight, as the Clippers and Celtics meet just before the All-Star Break.  The NHL has their game on NBCSN, as it’s Flyers/Panthers.  But College hoops is where it’s at!  ESPN is running Memphis/Cincinnati, then Colorado/Oregon (warning: Bill Walton AND Mark Jackson on color).  ESPN2 has Wichita State/Central Florida, then Washington/USC, then Arizona State/Stanford.  ESPNU gives us the deep cuts: Winthrop/Gardner-Webb, Murray State/Austin Peay, and BYU/Loyola Marymount.  CBSSN is finishing up Bryant/Sacred Heart as this goes live, and following that will be Charleston/Hofstra and Marshall/UTSA.  Plus, FS1 will have Arizona/Cal after their coverage from Daytona is up!

And now, after the break, your indie report!

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WWE Friday Night Party Thread, Episode 19: PARTY LIKE IT’S 1998

We made it!

So another episode of SmackDown is upon us, but more importantly, it looks like the WWE are ready to head to the desert for Super Showdown III: Maybe An Old Person Won’t Nearly Kill Himself This Time.  And the old person in question appears to be the mighty Goldberg, who wishes to speak to the WWE and its fans.  Is this setting up a match in Jeddah?  Yeah, probably, but who would it be against?

Meanwhile, Bayley needs a new challenger.  All indication is it’ll be Naomi, given their interaction last week, but this is SmackDown and sometimes we have to pretend people earn things on wins and losses.  So, Naomi steps into a Fatal Four Way with Alexa Bliss, Carmella, and Dana Brooke, with the winner getting the future shot at Bayley and the SmackDown Women’s Title.  Are they even taking odds on this one in Vegas?

PLUS: One is John Morrison, and after a evening session, he got Madonna to adopt an English accent; the other’s the Miz, and he’s a former winner of the main event of WrestleMania.  Yes, folks, the Dirt Sheet is back!  If it’s anything like it was 10 or so years ago, it’ll be a hoot, even without special guests.  (For you newbs: imagine Edge and Christian’s Awesomeness show, but completely kayfabed by two heels.)

THIS JUST IN: Buddy Murphy has lost his first name.  If found, please contact the WWE Lost and Found and let them know.  It worked when we found a spare Mustafa lying around.

Your NBA alternative is Raptors/Paces and Blazers/Jazz.  If you want to hit up IWTV, both AIW and Freelance have live shows tonight.  Or, check out my review of an AIW show from 2018!

All right, guys, we’ve been over the instructions in the back.  All questions have been answered except for “How much does dis guy weigh”.  I expect you to follow the mod’s orders at all times.  Now, let’s have a good clean thread.  Touch gloves and come out swinging!

Friday Indie Spotlight Thing: 2018 JT Lightning Invitational Tournament (Night One)

So last weekend no one really wanted to compete against the Super Bowl, meaning new shows were light fare. Thankfully, IWTV has a very extensive catalog that they’re constantly updating, and one of the newest additions is the JT Lightning Invitational Tournament from 2018. It’s a two-day, 24-man event – 12 first-round matches, 3 four-way semifinals, and the three-way final. The first night is the entire first round, and given the diversity of the field, I couldn’t resist. So let’s check it out!

The PG Era Rant for the 2018 JT Lightning Invitational, Night 1. Tape runtime: 193 minutes.

From Cleveland, Ohio, May 25, 2018, and hosted by Absolute Intense Wrestling.

Your hosts are Matt Wadsworth and The Duke.

Your field this year, just to get an idea of the variety, is in alphabetical order: AJ Gray, Andrew Everett, Cheech, Colin Delaney, Dominic Garrini, Ethan Page, Frankie Flynn, Gangrel, Gringo Loco, Jody Fleisch, Joey Janela, Josh Prohibition, Laredo Kid, Little Guido, Louis Lyndon, Magnum CK, Marty Jannetty, Matthew Justice, Maxwell Jacob Friedman, Space Monkey, Swoggle, Tim Donst, Tom Lawlor, and Tracy Williams.

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Indies and Insanity: February 6, 2020

Well, with very little action on the indies last weekend, I’m going to hit the wayback machine and cover a show from a couple years ago with people I like.  So the Friday Indie show will be from the JT Lightning Invitational first round of 2018, and boy what a wild collection of names it’s got.

HoopsNight: the NBA on TNT has Sixers/Bucks, followed by Rockets/Lakers.  ESPN is doing Cincy/Wichita from the AAC, then will show Part 2 of their 30 for 30 on Michael Vick.  ESPN2 stays in the AAC with UConn/Tulsa before a Pac-12 double header with USC/Arizona and UCLA/Arizona State (Bill Walton alert).  ESPNU goes deep cut again: Campbell/Winthrop from the Big South, Tulane/Houston from the AAC, and St. Mary’s/San Diego from the WCC.  CBSSN opens with Towson/Delaware of the CAA, then goes to LaTech/Western Kentucky of CUSA and ends with Gonzaga hosting Loyola Marymount in the WCC.

Or, if hockey’s your thing: NBCSN has a doubleheader with Wings/Sabres and Sharks/Oilers.

But first, IWTV will be busy this weekend, and after the jump, all you need to know.

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WWE Friday Night Party Thread, Episode 18 — THE MONSTER AMONG GOLD

We made it!

I want to thank those who read my PTPW review.  March 7th is their next show, and IWTV will livestream.

Well, SmackDown is loaded tonight, and the main event is a title match!  Shinsuke Nakamura was already known to be a very tough opponent, and he takes great pride in the new Intercontinental Title design given him by Sami Zayn.  But Braun Strowman isn’t impressed, and in fact he beat the Artist in a non-title encounter.  As per the rules of wrestling, this means they rematch with the title on the line!  Can the Monster Among Men get his first singles title?  His track record when the lights shine bright is not what he would hope for…

Last Friday, Roman Reigns and his cousins the Usos came out victorious over King Corbin, Dolph Ziggler, and Robert Roode.  On Sunday, Reigns and Corbin met in a Falls Count Anywhere match, and their respective teammates got involved.  Now, we’re running it back — the six-man tag match gets the rematch!

The New Day has held the titles throughout most of the SmackDown On Fox tenure.  Recently, the Miz has been a thorn in their side, and he’s brought back John Morrison with him!  However, as long as New Day are champs, it’s not as easy as challenging — they have to earn it.  Tonight, a four-way tag match with the Dirt Sheet, the Revival, Heavy Machinery, and the Lucha House Party will go a long way towards seeing if Miz and Morrison — or, for that matter, anyone else — is knocking on the door of a title shot.

Chad Gable faced Sheamus at the Royal Rumble kickoff show, and despite putting in a very good effort, “Shorty G” came up, well, short as the Celtic Warrior took the W.  However, many people in WWE noted how good Gable looked in defeat.  That doesn’t sit well with Sheamus, and he wants to end the conversation now — so he’s demanded another match!  Will this backfire?

Once the show’s done, everyone can run over to ESPN and check out the Blazers playing the Lakers in the Kobe Bryant Memorial Game.  Or, if you want, subscribe to IWTV — there’s no streaming this weekend, but they’ve got a heck of an archive.  Where do you think I get my indie fix?

All right, folks, we went over the thread instructions in the back.  I want a good, clean conversation at all times.  No cheap shots.  Now, touch keyboards, keep it clean, and come out swinging.  Let’s get it on!

Friday Indie Spotlight Thing: Prime Time Pro’s 1st Annual IGPTTCI

Well, here goes nothing.

Listen, I want to help pro wrestling in my neck of the woods grow, and the only way to do this is to inform you all of shows YOU want to watch that involve the three biggest indies in the DMV (Prime Time Pro, Flying V Fights, and CRAB Wrestling). Of course, I’m very much involved in all of them, so it’s a touch-and-go situation reviewing them. I’m going to say ahead of time to all wrestlers who read this: no matter what I notice in your match, you did better than I could have done. And to you readers: if you think I’m being generous, go ahead, but I assure you the shows are THAT much fun.

So, this is Prime Time Pro Wrestling. It basically was formed by former NOVA Pro personality Coach Gator to fill the void in the area, specifically becoming the first DC-based independent in who knows how long. The most high-budget of the three, it’s spread its influence very early, becoming a mainstay of IWTV livestreams. Now, this show wasn’t live-streamed, which is a shame because it would’ve gotten a lot of buzz. As it was, it did anyway, if that makes sense. So… buckle up, and get ready.

The PG Era Rant for Prime Time Pro Wrestling’s First Annual Invitational Grand Prix Tournament of Tournaments Classic International. (Tape runtime: 133 minutes)

From Washington, DC.

Your host is Jason Heat, going solo.  Jamal Shipley is your ring announcer, with Adam Gault and John Kermon your referees.

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Indies and Insanity: January 30, 2020

Tomorrow’s Indie show review will be of Prime Time Pro in Washington, DC.  Since I know most of the people on the show, expect me to enjoy it a lot.  Also, I worked crew for the show, so obviously I already know it’s good.

Basketball report: TNT’s NBA doubleheader is Warriors/Celtics, then Jazz/Nuggets.  ESPN has Louisville/Notre Dame women, followed by Part 1 of a 30 for 30 on Michael Vick.  ESPN2 has a late-start Pac-12 doubleheader with Arizona/Washington, then Colorado/UCLA.  ESPNU goes deep cut with USC Upstate/Presbyterian out of the Big South, Belmont/Tennessee Tech out of the OVC, and UCSB/Northridge out of the Big West.  CBSSN gives you Charleston/James Madison of the Colonial, then a WCC double-header of Pepperdine/BYU and Gonzaga/Santa Clara.  FS1, meanwhile, has Minnesota/Illinois of the Big Ten, followed by Utah/USC of the Pac-12.

Indies are pretty quiet in the US this weekend with the Superb Owl going on, but England has some highlights:

  • EVE gives you the Reign After Queendom from London Saturday night, as Rhia O’Reilly faces Jinny in a non-title match, while tag champs Charlie Evans and Millie McKenzie defend against Gisele Shaw and Sammii Jayne.
  • RPW runs back-to-back.  They’re in Stevenage Saturday night for Raw Deal as Chris Brookes faces Kyle Fletcher, Gisele Shaw takes on Taya Valkyrie (and then races over to EVE in London), and Dan Moloney gets a shot at Rhino.  Sunday, they’re Live At The Cockpit as David Starr defends the big gold against Rampage Brown while Ricky Knight and Robby X are forced to team up against Shota Umino and Michael Oku.
  • Meanwhile, Progress presents a Chapter (#102: Bang Tidy) in Cardiff on Sunday afternoon.  Jordan Devlin and Scotty Davis defend the tag gold against the Anti-Fun Police, Jinny defends the women’s gold in a three-way against Shaw (she’s everywhere this weekend) and Dani Luna, and Cara Noir has an open challenge for the big gold.

Your Indy Match Of The Week is from Maine and Limitless Wrestling, as we have a five-way women’s scramble.  Allie Kat, Ashley Vox, Jody Threat, Masha Slamovich, and Skylar all battle it out… and yeah, the thumbnail gives away interference, what of it?  Watch it anyway.

Bring the insanity!

ROYAL RUMBLE 2020: Part 1

It’s time to Pre-Show!

…nah, doesn’t sound the same.

Anyway, here’s where we try to hype ourselves up for the Royal Rumble, even though that’s gonna be hard to do.  Most of us are sports fans, and we’re understandably pre-occupied right now.

RIP Kobe Bryant, his daughter, and the other passengers.

But let’s get prepped anyway!

WWE Friday Night Party Thread, Episode 17 — A THIN (DOTTED) LINE BETWEEN LOVE AND HATE

We made it!

Tonight, SmackDown comes to you from Dallas as all signs are pointing to the Royal Rumble, starring Brock Lesnar and some other people.  Fortunately, it will also feature Daniel Bryan doing what he best: be a foil for Bray Wyatt.  Say what you will about how WWE botched the rollout, but Bryan has been able not just to *get* what Funhouse Bray/The Fiend is about, but help explore it.  Plus, it helps that he’s trusted AND he listens to Bray, who’s clearly put a lot of thought into this duality.

I bring this up because it’s time to sign a contract!  Tonight, Funhouse Bray and Daniel Bryan come face to face and do some paperwork for Sunday.  Obviously, with something like this, the question isn’t whether a fight will break out, but who will go through the table they use to sign the deal.  I’m betting on Ramblin’ Rabbit.

Meanwhile, ever since King Corbin interrupted a title shot that Roman Reigns had on Nakamura, Reigns has been saddled with getting past him.  Humiliation after degradation seemed to lead to a payoff in December, but alas, the torture continued.  When all seemed to be a broken record, the Usos rode to the rescue and evened the odds!  Now, finally, it’s all in as we get a huge six-man tag featuring Corbin, Roode, and Ziggler against Roman and the Usos!

The Australian Open is in full swing tonight.  There’s college and pro hoops around the dial.  Or, hop on over to my review of the latest BLP show and see if it’s worth a watch.  Or, heck, watch SmackDown, but it seems we all hate the wrestling we love.

All right, guys… you’ve had your instructions.  I answered all questions in the locker room.  Let’s have a good, clean thread, show respect, and come out posting.  Touch gloves and enjoy the weekend!

Friday Indie Spotlight Thing: Nobody Puts BLP In a Corner!

More wrestling, yay!

Today’s show is from Crown Point, Indiana, the home of Black Label Pro. Crown Point is in Northwest Indiana near Chicago, on the shores of Lake Michigan. So, to honor their home, they decided to call this show Crown Point Jewel. Unfortunately, the artwork on the posters was a little too obviously ripped off from WWE’s Saudi Arabia shows and a cease-and-desist followed. Fortunately, the company had a good rename: Nobody Puts BLP In A Corner! And with that, we were underway.

The PG Era Rant for Nobody Puts BLP In A Corner! (Tape runtime: 212 minutes)

From Crown Point, IN, January 18.

Your hosts are Dave Prazak and Sarah Shockey on commentary, with J.Rose as ring announcer.

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