Smackdown Slog

Hey Scott–

I asked you a while back if you would keep reviewing ECW on TNN because it seemed like such a slog to you. You clarified that it wasn't a slog, it was just a shitty show, and that the numbers your reviews were doing on the blog justified continuing it.

Where does Smackdown fall right now? Would you classify it as slog or shitty show? And whichever one it is, does it move enough numbers that you should keep on with it (especially when the World Series is giving you a week off?)

The last two weeks have been what I’d call a slog, yes.  Mostly I was rolling my eyes at the booking and camera work during the show.  Makes it hard to enjoy.  
That being said, yes, the numbers more than  justify keeping it around.  HECK YEAH.  Dynamite even more so.