The Wednesday Night WAR Thread!

It’s quite the night tonight.

NXT features the return of Ciampa 6 months into the supposed year-long recovery from neck surgery.  Medical science, phooey.  Plus another damn Keith Lee v. Dijak match.

AEW has the continuing tag team title tournament, although Luchasaurus is OUT with a hamstring injury and Marko Stunt will take his place tonight.  Also Jericho defends LE CHAMPIONSHIP against Darby Allin the skateboarder.

The Nationals completed their epic bitchslap of the Cardinals last night, and the Yankees are down 2-1 to the Astros and hopefully continue to lose tonight because fuck the Yankees.  I’m going with the Nationals because they used to be the Expos, duh.

Plus there’s hockey!  Probably Live PD in some form as well.  AEW Dark has a new episode up on YouTube too.  SO MANY THINGS.  You could even go see Jay & Silent Bob if you want, although I’m on the fence about it.  The march of time is a wicked bitch.

Take care!