Vince has no reason to change

While I agree the Hell in the Cell main event was the biggest clusterfuck.  Do people really think Vince gives a shit? He’s laughing all the way to the bank, knowing that the people that are complaining are still going to watch Raw and SD every week, will still
shell out $10 to the Network every month and will still go to the shows and he’s still making money hand over fist .  If you we want to send Vince a message about shitty booking and not delivering what’s advertised then simply don’t give your money to WWE,
Royal Rumble 2015 should’ve taught us that lesson because Vince McMahon will book whatever he wants because he knows the hardcore fans won’t ever leave
Yeah but people ARE tuning out in droves, and house shows are bombing, and Network subs are dropping year over year.  The problem is not that the “hardcore fans” are giving Vince money, it’s that TV networks and Saudi princes are desperate for content and throwing money at WWE to get it.  And that’s completely out of our control as fans and probably why it’s so frustrating for us.  We CAN’T vote with our wallets because we don’t have a vote.