WWF Wrestling Challenge – June 5th, 1994

June 5, 1994

From the Springfield Civic Center in Springfield, MA

Your hosts are Stan Lane and Ted DiBiase

In action this week are Razor Ramon, Doink the Clown, Heavenly Bodies, IRS, Jeff Jarrett, and The Headshrinkers. Plus, an interview with Owen Hart and more!


Razor Ramon vs. PJ Walker

The announcers talk about the King of the Ring Tournament as Razor beats on Walker. Razor then takes Walker across of the ring with a hip toss as the announcers talk about how Razor wants the Intercontinental Title. We now hear from Bam Bam Bigelow in an insert promo hyping up his first round match against Razor then Razor hits Walker with a super back suplex before the Razor’s Edge gets the win (2:19).

Thoughts: Hype for the Razor vs. Bigelow 1st round match at King of the Ring.


WWF Special Report with Lord Alfred Hayes. This focuses on the Jerry Lawler/Roddy Piper feud with clips from Lawler trash-talking Piper and some clips of the “Bottom Line” segments with Piper as the focus is on the Sick Hospital for Children in Toronto. And it teases Piper being the guest on the King’s Court. I believe this was the final Special Report segment. It was a dated segment and Lord Alfred’s weird heel turn did not seem to get over in the slightest.


Doink the Clown w/ Dink vs. Ray Roy

Doink & Dink embarrass Roy as DiBiase believes Piper became too soft from being in Hollywood. Doink catches Roy with a back elbow smash as Dink is messing around on the apron. We now hear from Jeff Jarrett as he once again says he who laughs last, laughs best and promises to show this to Doink again. The announcers put over how both Doink and Jarrett will be lumberjacks on RAW, with DiBiase saying Nikolai Volkoff will be there too, then Doink hits the Whoopie Cushion for the win. The move had a fart sound effect at the end as DiBiase asked Lane if that was him who made the noise (1:40).

Thoughts: Lots of hype for the Doink/Jarrett feud as well as the Lumberjack match on RAW.


WWF Live Event News plugs a show at the Wallace Civic Center in Fitchburg, MA. Not exactly a marquee venue. Anyway, the show includes: Lex Luger vs. Crush, Razor vs. Diesel for the Intercontinental Title, Doink vs. Jarrett, Alundra Blayze vs. Luna Vachon for the Women’s Title, Smoking Gunns vs. Executioners, Duke Droese vs. Kwang, and Bob Backlund vs. Brooklyn Brawler. At least tickets should have been at that venue.


Heavenly Bodies w/ Jim Cornette vs. Virgil & Mike Bell

DiBiase makes fun of people with Boston accents doing the guest ring announcer spots. DiBiase breaks the news that Lawler will be in action next week. Virgil and Del Ray start it off with Virgil taking control early. Del Ray comes back with a super kick then Virgil clotheslines Del Ray and it was messed up with Del Ray getting clobbered in the face. Bell tags in and the Bodies beat him down with the announcers plug the King of the Ring Hotline. The Bodies stay in control as the announcers talk about the PPV then the Bodies use a veg-o-matic for the win (2:31).

Thoughts: The big news here was learning Lawler will actually wrestle on TV next week and of course the plug for the latest PPV hotline.


DiBiase tells us he has made contact with The Undertaker but Lane says he’s not proven anything yet. We then see the clip of Paul Bearer telling DiBiase he is a liar and that The Undertaker’s trail has gone cold.


Jeff Jarrett vs. Mike Davis

DiBiase promises to show us The Undertaker next week. Jarrett works over Davis then taunts him after ducking a crossbody. Jarrett pancakes Davis as the announcers talk about the Jarrett/Doink feud. We now see Doink & Dink in an insert promo as Doink wants to humiliate Jarrett the way Dink was humiliated. Davis almost puts Jarrett away with a rollup but Jarrett takes control then works the leg before using a figure-four for the win (1:55).

Thoughts: And even more talk about the Jarrett/DiBiase feud. Challenge is now reduced to announcers devoting time to hype up midcard feuds.


King of the Ring Report airs.


The Headshrinkers w/ Afa & Capt. Lou Albano vs. Mike Maraldo & Tony DeVito

DiBiase jokes that either Stu or Helen Hart will backup Bret at the PPV. We see Crush & Yokozuna in an insert with Cornette talking about how they will defeat The Headshrinkers for the Tag Team Titles. The Headshrinkers beat down Maraldo as the announcers talk about the Tag Team Title match at King of the Ring. DeVito tags in and gets his ass kicked too then Fatu hits a top rope splash for the win (1:55).

Thoughts: Quick win for The Headshrinkers as they will face the newly formed team of Yokozuna & Crush at the PPV.


Raymond Rougeau welcomes Owen Hart to the ring. He asks Owen about the King of the Ring tournament as Owen objects over anyone saying he is lucky to get into the tournament. Owen says he is the best then said if was in it last year, he would have defeated Bret. Owen then vows to win the tournament and said he is the best in the WWF. Owen finishes by telling off his parents for not being there when he needed them and that he is doing great without anyone’s help and that they should kiss up to someone who really needs it like Bret. One of Owen’s better promos to be honest. He was a total prick here as he also furthers his position as the current Hart family outcast.


IRS vs. Scott Taylor

IRS tells the crowd to pay up their overdue taxes then demands Tatanka pay his gift tax. Truly original stuff. IRS beats down Taylor then we see Mabel in an insert as Oscar raps a promo about Mabel defeating IRS in the King of the Ring. IRS stays in control as the announcers talk about the Hall of Fame Ceremony then IRS uses the Penalty for the win (2:45).

Thoughts: The company is still pushing the IRS/Tatanka feud as an attraction for the WrestleMania Revenge tour but most of the focus was on the IRS/Mabel 1st round match.


Another WWF Live Event News segment for the Fitchburg, MA show. I mean there was nothing else better to do in Fitchburg than to go to this show anyway, even if the card was weak.


Next week in action are Owen Hart, Nikolai Volkoff, Lex Luger, and Jerry Lawler. Plus, an interview with The Headshrinkers and more.


Final Thoughts: The Owen interview was good but the rest of the show is just generic hype for feuds, the PPV, and other shows. Challenge is certainly not appointment viewing and that will continue until the show winds up getting cancelled.