Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

I hope everyone had a great weekend and most of you are enjoying fall. Fall hasn’t quite hit central Florida yet but we’re hopeful it’ll arrive by November.

RAW tonight is the fallout from the Hell in the Cell show, a show that proves that one really bad segment can ruin a show. You can read either Scott’s or Thomas’ rant and both widely pan the Main Event for being the crap that it was. There were some good things on the card. Sasha-Becky was a good match if not the right result. I thought the tornado tag match was a little underrated. The Kabuki Warriors going evil was awesome with the great visual of Asuka using the green mist to win the titles.

There were some missed opportunities as both Sasha and Bayley jobbed out, thus making their alliance kind of moot. Bayley, in particular, seems like a really lost cause as she sort of went babyface last night for no reason and got her ass kicked for ten minutes before tapping out. It was the sort of treatment I would expect for someone that got popped for a wellness violation.

The main event was a disaster and apparently Vince is taking either the blame or the credit for it depending on where you stand. It made both guys look horrible. It continued to de-value Seth’s de-vauled run. It eliminated the one area where Bray Wyatt’s questionable ring skills could be covered. As the kids say, it was a “f*** finish”.

Moving on. Tonight’s RAW has Tyson Fury, which could be entertaining because he can be pretty witty and funny at times.

Browns-49ers are the Monday Night Game…How many Browns primetime games are we going to have to suffer through? And hopefully the Twins can stretch the Yankees for another game but I doubt it.

Keep it Clean!