WWF Superstars – May 28th, 1994

May 28, 1994

From the Knickerbocker Arena in Albany, NY

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Jerry “The King” Lawler

Show starts off with a clip of Crush attacking Lex Luger which then prompted Luger to chase Crush up the aisle and brawl with him until he got counted out of his King of the Ring qualifying match.

We now see Lawler backstage with Harvey Whippleman. He asks him about Adam Bomb facing 1-2-3 Kid in this week’s KotR qualifying match. Whippleman said victory for Bomb is as easy as “1, 2, 3.”


Diesel vs. PJ Walker

Lawler talks about having Bret Hart as the guest on his “King’s Court” for this Monday’s edition of RAW. Diesel tosses Walker into the corner and beats him down as Vince asks Lawler about his feud against Piper. Walker fights back and hits a pair of dropkicks but runs into a big boot. We get more talk about the Lawler/Piper feud as Diesel hits a side slam then finishes Walker off with a Jackknife (1:57). Vince then asks where Shawn Michaels is as Lawler says this is the week he opens his swimming pool.

Thoughts: Hype for both the Diesel/Bret and Lawler/Piper matches at the PPV.


We get a video package hyping the Piper/Lawler match at the King of the Ring PPV.


Smoking Gunns vs. Iron Mike Sharpe & Tony DeVito

Lawler makes a truly shitty joke about Piper’s movies being so boring he’s donating half the proceeds to “yawn” research as Sharpe beats on Billy in the corner. Vince brings up how Piper has only been pinned once and that was by Bret Hart as Billy fights back. Lawler talks more trash about Piper as Bart works over DeVito. Vince plugs a “WWF Magazine” article that calls Piper the greatest street fighter in the WWF. The Gunns stay in control as they work the arm of DeVito before putting him away with the Sidewinder (3:04). Vince then lists off the guest attending the HoF including Piper, Valiant Bros., Fabulous Moolah, Johnny Rodz, Jose Estrada, Don Muraco, George Steele, Ivan Putski, Ivan Koloff, Dick Murdoch, Ernie Ladd, Sgt. Slaughter, and Bobby Davis.

Thoughts: More hype for the Lawler/Piper match. Which is fine but the fact there have not been any face-to-face segments between the two has been noticeable and overcompensating by having Lawler talk about this during every match it seems isn’t enough.


A graphic listing the WWF HoF inductees which include: Chief Jay Strongbow, Freddie Blassie, Gorilla Monsoon, James Dudley, Arnold Skaaland, Bobo Brazil, and Buddy Rogers. The ceremony takes place on June 9th in Baltimore, MD.


WWF Live Event News that once again plugs the “D-Day Challenge.”


King of the Ring Qualifying Match: Adam Bomb w/ Harvey Whippleman vs. 1-2-3 Kid

The crowd gets behind Kid as Lawler cracks jokes. Lawler then says there is no truth to the rumors that Bomb was seen in North Korea. Bomb beats down Kid then tosses him across of the ring. Bomb continues to overpower Kid and gets a nearfall after three consecutive elbow drops. Vince brings up Whippleman being upset with Bomb last week as Bomb catches Kid in midair and hits a backbreaker. Lawler assures Vince that the little misunderstanding last week between Whippleman and Bomb has been smoothed over as Bomb hits a snap suplex for a nearfall. Kid ducks a clothesline and back drops Bomb over the top rope. Kid then flies out with a pescado but Bomb catches him and hits a slam. Whippleman distracts Kid to allow Bomb to attack from behind then Bomb rolls Kid back inside for a chin lock. Bomb now chokes out Kid against the ropes but misses a running attack. Kid gets up and fires away before a spinning heel kick gets a nearfall. Whippleman distracts the ref as Kid hits a flying body press. Kwang coes out now as Bomb had Kid ocvered after a side slam. Bomb holds up Kid so Kwang can spew his mist but Kid broke free and Bomb gets the mist in his eyes. Kid then rolls up Bomb and the ref covers for the win (5:15) **. After the match, a blinded Bomb swings wildly then Whippleman leaves with Kwang as Bomb is alone in the ring.

Thoughts: Most of the match was Bomb beating on Kid but the big news out of this match was more miscommunication between Bomb/Kwang & Whippleman as this time Kwang & Whippleman left Bomb by himself after he lost the match. And then Vince tried to explain this as Kwang & Whippleman intentionally planning to do this  but it played out as your average miscommunication spot so no one was buying it but based on the past week or so you can tell they are planning to turn Bomb face. And since Bomb hasn’t done shit as a heel might as well turn him face due to the high amount of superheavyweight heels on the roster.


Yokozuna w/ Mr. Fuji & Jim Cornette vs. Corey Student

The announcers talk about the problems between Whippleman and Bomb as Vince says we will show any footage that takes place backstage later on in the program. Yokozuna shoves Student then Student fires away only to get beaten down. Vince says that the Headshrinkers will take place in the D-Day Challenge tug-of-war with Bam Bam Bigelow and Men on a Mission against the Combined Seagoing Forces of the U.S. Military. The crowd starts a USA chant as Yokozuna hits Student with a belly-to-belly suplex for the win (2:11). Vince then talks about Mr. Fuji effecting the KoTR Qualifying matches.

Thoughts: So its a given that there will be footage of Bomb confronting Whippleman later on in the show. And they casually mentioned how Fuji has effected a few KotR qualifying matches and with one left to go I assume he would be making his presence felt there too. Also, amazing to see Yokozuna less than ten weeks removed as the World Champion now the guy whose squash mtaches are used as a backdrop to talk about everything happening in the promotion. And his cardio has not improved in this taping cycle.


Next week, the “Heartbreak Hotel” returns with guest Lex Luger. Well, Shawn will be here next week now so that mystery has been cleared up.


King of the Ring Report with Todd Pettengill. We see that Jeff Jarrrett vs. 1-2-3 Kid is set in the first round and the winner of Tatanka vs. Jimmy Del Ray on RAW will face Owen Hart in the first round.


Mike Maraldo vs. IRS

On his way to the ring, IRS tells us that 5% of the people in this country make over $100,000 yet pay over 35% of the taxes and tells the crowd to stop burdening the wealthy and pay their fair share. IRS beats on Maraldo then tosses him onto the apron. Maraldo floats over on a suplex and gets a rollup for two but IRS goes back on the attack. The announcers talk about the IRS/Tatanka feud as part of the WrestleMania Revenge tour then IRS’s 1st round match against Mabel as IRS uses The Penalty for the win (1:26).

Thoughts: They are building up IRS as he has a feud and part of the KotR Tournament.


A tow truck driver talks about going out to a call on the freeway where he saw a body lying on the ground that jumped up. He saw it was The Undertaker and claimed Undertaker jumped on top of a few cars then over the guardrail before disappearing. Good lord are these segments terrible.


Ted DiBiase is now inside of a funeral parlor. He said it smells like money then says that even The Undertaker has his price then promises Undertaker will become his property once again. And when that happens, the rest of the WWF will be resting in peace. DiBiase closes this out with his evil laugh.


Heavenly Bodies w/ Jim Cornette vs. Mike Davis & Phil Apollo

The wings attached to the jackets of the Bodies are such a ridiculous look. The announcers talk about the power DiBiase would have with The Undertaker in his control and talk about that for a bit. Del Ray beats down Apollo then takes a swing at Davis. The Bodies hit a double suplex as the announcers talk about Tatanka vs. Del Ray on RAW with the winner advancing into the King of the Ring. The Bodies stay in control then Vince says he was handed a note but Lawler takes it and says that next week we will see Kwang vs. Bomb. Davis tags into the match and fires away but whiffs on a dropkick as Vince screams about Whippleman & Kwang conspiring against Bomb today. The Bodies stay in control then hit an assisted powerbomb for the win (3:07).

Thoughts: We learn of Bomb/Kwang taking place next week as the Bodies new look is terrible. They did not build up Del Ray much seeing that he was billed as getting a shot to enter the KotR this Monday.


WWF Live Event News now plugs the “Marathon” tour. It includes a date at the Nassau Coliseum on July 9th and I do have a fan-cam copy of that show I will be reviewing.


The hosts introduce us to what took place backstage despite Lawler’s protests. We see Whippleman hiding as Bomb grabs him by the throat and demands to know Kwang’s whereabouts. Bomb even calls Whippleman a “stupid idiot.” And he was nowhere near as entertaining as when Chris Jericho says it. We now hear from Whippleman backstage. Lawler asks which corner he will be in but due to technical difficulties we cannot hear his decision. I mean anyone with a pulse can figure out where this is going.


The show ends with slo-mo footage of KWang spewing mist into Bomb’s face.


Final Thoughts: The show mostly revolved around the Bomb/Whippleman saga. We also got plenty of trash talk from Lawler on commentary to build his match against Piper and more build for the PPV. Plus, more talk about DiBiase trying to acquire The Undertaker as the buzz for King of the Ring seems to lessen with each passing week.