Countdown to AEW

I live on the West Coast, sat down to watch the show and my 10 year rolled in to see what I was watching.

He watches the big three WWE ppvs, goes to live events in cheap seats when they come around, watches a random Raw, and is non-smart young fan.

Here is his comments as the show went along:

Beginning with Cody Rhodes and subsequently Dustin:

“Are these guys brothers?”
“Wait Cody was Stardust and that’s why he is with Goldust, ok that makes sense since they are brothers.”

“Why is he wearing a suit all the time? “
“Maybe because he has championships?”
Me: “No”
“That makes no sense.”

Young Bucks on screen
Me: “Do you know who they are?”
“No, who are these people like really?”

Dave Meltzer on screen
“Who is this guy?”
Me: “Dave Meltzer”
“What does he do?”
Me: “He’s a wrestling reporter”
“Wait that is a real job?”

Bullet Club on tv
“Ok, ok these guys are cool does AEW own the Bullet Cub”
Me: “No”
“Oh, that sucks”

John Moxley
“Wait, that is Dean Ambrose, I know him.”

“I like Jericho”
“Wait how long is this show (20 minutes in)”

Kenny Omega
“Who is this guy”
Me: “Kenny Omega, best wrestler in the company”
“Really? Then why did he lose to Jericho”

Adam Page
“And why is this guy in the championship match….no really?”

Jericho Omega match
“Jericho is a little out of shape.”

“They have women refs, that is good.  WWE doesn’t have them for men’s matches.”

Page Jericho match
“Jericho is really really out of shape, why is he out of shape?”

“Wait is Chris Jericho his real name”
Me: “No”
“Then why doesn’t WWE own his name?”

Me:  “Do you think you would interested in watching AEW?”
“Ehhhhhh WWE is more interesting, this company only has 10 wrestlers.”

Younger brother walks into room.
Older brother looks at him “It looks like wrestling but this is just talking.”

Sammy Guevara
“Panda guy????”

Leaves room 35 minutes into show.

Take with this as you may.

Dead by Administrative Assistant’s Day!