WWF Wrestling Challenge – May 22nd, 1994

May 22, 1994

From the Springfield Civic Center in Springfield, MA

Your hosts are Stan Lane and Ted DiBiase

We start off with footage from last week that led to tonight’s Kwang & Adam Bomb vs. 1-2-3 Kid & Sparky Plugg match.


Adam Bomb & Kwang w/ Harvey Whippleman vs. 1-2-3 Kid & Sparky Plugg

Kwang and Plugg start off the match then work an Irish whip sequence ending with Plugg hitting a slam. Plugg then works the arm for a bit. Bomb tags in but gets caught with a drop toe hold. Bomb fights back and rams Plugg into the corner then catches him with a backbreaker. Bomb & Kwang then have some miscommunication that allows Plugg to escape and tag out. The spot was supposed to be Kwang spitting mist while Bomb held up Plugg but it just ended up looking terrible. Kid takes Kwang outside after a series of kicks. Bomb comes in and Kid kicks him outside after a struggle then Bomb and Kwang fight while Whippleman steps in between them. We go to break then return with a Kid hitting more kicks on Kwang in the corner. Kwang fights back and takes Kid outside with a spinning heel kick then he spits the mist into the air. Bomb rolls Kid back inside after a clothesline where Kwang gets a two count with a thrust kick. The announcers talk about Kwang & Bomb never working before but they are now in control of the match. Kwang gets another nearfall this time with a roundhouse kick. Powerslam gets two. Kid avoids a run-in by Bomb then catches Kwang with a spin kick before tagging out. Plugg runs wild until Kwang hoists him up on his shoulders. However, Kwang spins around and Plugg accidentally kicks Bomb then Bomb retaliates by decking Kwang and Plugg ends up taking Kwang down with a crucifix for the win (9:41) **1/4. After the match, both Kwang & Whippleman blame Bomb for losing the match then Bomb leaves.

Thoughts: The match itself was decent with the story being since Kwang & Bomb never teamed before that they were going to have miscommunication. Funny, that they are having a Tag Team challenge for the titles in Yokozuna that have also never teamed on TV at the PPV. Anyway, this was designed to cause friction between Bomb and Whippleman.


Live Event News segment for the “D-Day Challenge.”


Tatanka vs. Barry Horowitz

Tatanka drops Horowitz with a spinebuster after an Irish whip sequence then we hear from IRS in an insert promo telling Tatanka all he had to do was pay the gift tax on his headdress and says he is not done yet. Tatanka now hits an arm drag as Lane talks about Chief Jay Strongbow being inducted into the WWF Hall of Fame. Horowitz now takes control as DiBiase says Nikolai Volkoff will be here tonight. Lane then adds that Mabel is in action as Tatanka fires up then puts Horowitz away with the Renegade Drop (2:40).

Thoughts: They are still pushing the Tatanka/IRS house show feud and mentioned Strongbow being inducted into the HoF.


Replay of the Sumo match from RAW.


Raymond Rougeau welcomes Crush & Mr. Fuji to the ring. Rougeau points out how Crush cost Lex Luger a shot at the King of the Ring Tournament then added how Luger was considered a favorite. Crush then tells Luger losing the qualifying match was just an “attention getter” and that he has much more to worry about. The camera now zooms in on Crush’s face as he talks about being Luger’s worst nightmare and how he hates everything he represents, stands off, and even hates his “stinkin’ guts.” Crush wasnt necessarily bad on the mic but using the Hawaiian accent with this goofy verbiage made it tough to take seriously as we are now going ahead with this Crush/Luger feud.


The gas station attendant talks about seeing The Undertaker.


Mabel w/ Oscar vs. Corey Student

Mabel shoves Student outside then slingshots him back inside. We then hear from IRS in another insert promo as he vows to defeat Mabel in the King of the Ring Tournament. Mabel stays in control then hits a spinning heel kick for the win (1:34). Lane now tells us how Whippleman is pissed at Bomb then plugs next week’s King of the Ring qualifier between Bomb and Kid. DiBiase then leaves to “take care of business.”

Thoughts:  Man, two IRS insert promos on the same show. How lucky were us who saw this show? Anyway, they pushed a 1st Round match in the KotR and expect more of that as the brackets are almost complete.


The Duke Droese vignette where he wakes up from a nap in the dumpster airs.


Nikolai Volkoff w/ Ted DiBiase vs. Phil Apollo

Volkoff is wearing his new attire to the ring. Volkoff grounds Apollo after a waist lock then breaks clean as DiBiase is not pleased. The action heads outside where Apollo hits Volkoff with a knee smash. DiBiase berates Volkoff then Volkoff roughs up Apollo in the corner but backs off as DiBiase yells to Volkoff how that cost him $500. Volkoff his now more aggressive then puts on the Boston Crab for the win (2:06). We now hear from Virgil in an insert promo as he tells Volkoff to not go down the same road he did and to think before staying with him as you will get treated like a dog.

Thoughts: The action was the shits but it now appears they are building for Virgil to confront Volkoff and persuade him from staying with DiBiase.


King of the Ring Report airs.


“The Rocket” Owen Hart vs. Scott Taylor

DiBiase tells Lane he fined Volkoff because the way to get attention is through someone’s wallet. Owen works the arm of Taylor as the announcers plug Owen vs. Earthquake on RAW as a KotR qualifying match. DiBiase talks about Owen having the killer instinct as Owen catches Taylor with a powerslam. The crowd chants for Bret as Owen whacks Taylor’s knee against the ring post. Owen continues to target the knee then he turns Taylor for the Sharpshooter and gets the win (2:16). Lane wants to know if Owen can turn over Earthquake for the Sharpshooter. Owen then attacks Taylor after the match and puts the glasses on Taylor and says its just like Bret then snaps his glasses.

Thoughts: All hype for Owen vs. Earthquake tomorrow night on RAW, which never happened. Anyway, Owen was such a great heel at this time and I loved how he snapped the glasses off of the guy’s face after beating them to cement himself as a complete prick.


Another WWF Live Event News segment airs.


Next week in action are Duke Droese, Lex Luger, Crush, Bam Bam Bigelow, and The Quebecers. Plus, an interview with Diesel and more!


Final Thoughts: The big news here was seeing conflict between Adam Bomb and Harvey Whippleman. Other than that we had a crappy Crush interview to go along with not one but two fucking IRS insert promos as this show would have what I believe was the last ever featured match on Challenge. Well, if I’m wrong then we will see eventually this show would limp along for another 15 months before getting the ax.