WWF Superstars – May 21st, 1994

May 21, 1994

From the Knickerbocker Arena in Albany, NY

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Jerry “The King” Lawler

This week we have Lex Luger vs. Jeff Jarrett in a King of the Ring qualifying match. Also in action are Razor Ramon, Duke Droese, The Headshrinkers, and Crush. We see Razor toss his toothpik at Lawler en route to the ring. We also have new graphics for


Razor Ramon vs. Derec Domino

Razor beats on Domino then tosses him across of the ring. Lawler talks about Roddy Piper being scared of him and that he’s a coward. Razor catches Domino with a fallaway slam as Lawler says Canadians are stupid for calling it the “Hospital for Sick Children” and how they will not get any money when he beats Piper. Razor toys with Domino as Vince hypes the Razor vs. Diesel Intercontinental Title house show matches then soon after Razor looks into the camera and tells Diesel he is next. Razor clotheslines Domino then slaps him around before hitting a super back suplex then after that uses the Razor’s Edge for the win (4:21).

Thoughts: A long squash match as most of the focus on commentary was Lawler hyping up his match against Piper at King of the Ring. We also saw Razor act more aggressive than usual as he is pissed over getting screwed out of the Intercontinental Title as his rematches against Diesel will continue around the house show circuit.


We now get a video package on the Sumo Match between Yokozuna and Earthquake on RAW. Earthquake won the match.


Crush heads out for his match. He then calls out Luger about having to figure out how to survive when they face off as Crush vows to retire Luger from wrestling for good and if not he will be saluting the Japanese flag. With Mr. Perfect gone they are now full speed ahead with Luger vs. Crush as a feud.


Crush w/ Mr. Fuji vs. Mike Terrence

Terrence tries a sneak attack but gets beaten down. Crush then hits a running powerslam and then a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for the win (0:52). After the match, Crush press slams Terrence out of the ring as Vince says Luger has to concentrate on his match against Jarrett, not on Crush.

Thoughts: They made it completely obvious that Crush will make his presence known in Luger’s qualifying match today.


WWF Live Event News for the “D-Day Challenge” on June 6th aboard the U.S.S. Intrepid.  It includes a tug-of-war between WWF superstars and “Combined Seagoing Forces of the United States.”


Duke Droese comes out for his match. His entrance music is the noise a trash truck makes while backing up. He also wheels out a dumpster. Lawler asks him about his match then puts a clothespin on his nose because the dumpster smells. Droese responds by dumping trash on top of Lawler. At least Vince thought it was hilarious.


Duke “The Dumpster” Droese vs. Mike Bell

Bell attacks Droese as Vince makes fun of Lawler for smelling like trash. Droese clotheslines Bell and follows with a back suplex as the announcers plug the “Posters 10” magazine. Droese stays in control as Lawler is pissed about Droese being a filthy person. Droese stays in control as Lawler promises us a surprise later on in the show regarding Ted DiBiase as Droese hits a tilt-a-whirl slam that went awry for the win (2:20).

Thoughts: They tried to give Droese something by tossing trash on Lawler but he lost the crowd in the ring as he was awful. He could barely hit his finisher. But sadly, Droese would not be the last occupation-based gimmick we will be seeing.


King of the Ring Report with Todd Pettengill. We learn that The Headshrinkers vs. Yokozuna & Crush will be on the show for the WWF Tag Team Titles. Odd to see a team that has yet to team on TV get a title shot. They did a few house show matches at the time. And, given how Crush is clearly feuding with Luger, lets see what happens with Luger for the PPV.


The Headshrinkers w/ Afa & Capt. Lou Albano vs. Jim Massenger & Raymond Roy

Massenger & Roy jump the Headshrinkers before the bell but it had minimal effect. The Headshrinkers now beat down their opponents as the announcers talk about the WrestleMania Revenge tour and joke about the Howard Finkel vs. Harvey Whippleman tuxedo match. Vince also says another tour will take place soon as The Headshrinkers stay in control until Fatu puts Roy away with a top rope splash (2:31).

Thoughts: An easy win for The Headshrinkers as there was minimal talk about their title defense at the PPV.


This donut shop employee, with a strong New York accent, says The Undertaker came in to get six “coffin” shaped donuts and coffee. The guy then went to get a thermos of coffee and turned around but Undertaker was gone. Terrible segment that felt like it lasted for about five minutes.


We now see DiBiase walking around a cemetery. He jokes about having a lot in common with dead people, meaning Dead Presidents, then says Paul Bearer lacks the resources to find The Undertaker and vows to have the Undertaker in his possession. Well, we now have DiBiase trying to manage The Undertaker. And since he called out Bearer by name we should expect Bearer on TV soon.


King of the Ring Qualifying Match: Jeff Jarrett w/ Mr. Fuji vs. Lex Luger

Vince is shocked over Fuji managing Jarrett. Luger backs Jarrett into the corner then Jarrett cheap shots him after the break. Luger shoves Jarrett back into the corner then Jarrett stalls and complains of hairpulling. Jarrett catches Luger with a knee lift then rams Luger into the corner. Luger reverses a hip toss then hits a crossbody for a nearfall as Jarrett scurries to the corner. Vince talks about Luger being focused and how Crush’s shenanigans from earlier and Fuji’s presence will not distract him in this match. Jarrett now works Luger’s arm but Luger fights back and hits a press slam. Luger follows with a pair of clotheslines but Fuji jabs him with the flag pole and it lets Jarrett take control. We head to break then return with Jarrett kicking Luger in the ribs. Luger reverses an Irish whip but eats boot in the corner then Jarrett hits a flying clothesline for a two count. Jarrett hammers away then sends Luger outside. The ref backs Fuji away from Luger so Jarrett climbs up top for a distraction and that allows Crush to run out and attack Luger. Crush sends Luger’s head into the steps then bails and the ref turns around and counts then Luger runs up the aisle and attacks Crush but ends up getting counted out (6:57) *3/4. Jarrett celebrates as Crush and Luger brawl through the curtain then Jarrett even waves the Japanese flag as Fuji smiles.

Thoughts: If you didn’t get the hint earlier in the show that Crush would screw Luger, they made it quite obvious here with Fuji randomly coming out to manage Jarrett. Luger could have even went back in to beat the ten count but fell for Crush’s plan and got counted out thus not being able to compete in the tournament that he was favored to win in what you would have figured was a redemption storyline. Anyway, Crush is just a midcard heel and Luger has gone from guy who was pushed as the top guy ten months ago to well, this. It just makes him come across as a guy who can never win a big match. Plus, with Crush involved in the Tag Team Title match what will Luger be doing at the PPV?


We saw a replay of Crush attacking Luger as Lawler hysterically laughs over Luger not going to the King of the Ring.


The announcers bring out 1-2-3 Kid, who will be facing Adam Bomb in a King of the Ring qualifying match. Lawler is now laughing about this as Kid says being in the King of the Ring is a dream but Lawler makes him watch footage of Bomb on the video wall. Kid then says he has the speed and agility to pull off an upset in the most wooden voice possible as Lawler continues to laugh uncontrollably over Kid thinking he can defeat Bomb.


Final Thoughts: The Luger/Crush stuff was the main focus as Luger is now out of the tournament and since he was billed as the favorite it makes the field wide open. We also learned that DiBiase wants to acquire The Undertaker, saw the underwhelming debut of Droese, and learned the Tag Team Titles would be defended at King of the Ring. Next week is the final KotR qualifier for the “Superstars” side of the bracket but man is the midcard stuff in this company starting to get terrible.