Favorite Wrestling Toy

I don't know if you ever played with those Fisher-Price Little People toys when you were younger, but apparently there are some Macho Man and Ultimate Warrior ones coming:  https://www.simplemost.com/you-can-buy-celebrity-fisher-price-figures-of-the-beatles-kiss-and-more-on-amazon/?fbclid=IwAR0XzzpEcgUeoLSFv-6fSPmimDHEiuVs0j7VJoWylO-27WC-nw_0AQfSNck

About the only partnership the WWE hasn't had is with Lego, which is surprising.  But what was your favorite wrestling toy of all time?  I will always be a Hasbro guy.

I have no clue why they haven't gotten on the Lego gravy train, to be honest.  It's a perfect fit for them.  The Lego RAW set?  COME ON.  Plus they can do animated Lego movies and stuff.  

Anyway, those who know me know that I had a giant collection of LJN WWF figures growing up that ended up dispersed to various members of my family and friends as I got older.  I missed the entire Hasbro era completely.  

Also, when the hell is The Toys That Made Us coming back to Netflix?  It's been months since the teaser trailer for the new season hit YouTube and we've heard nothing.