Yes, hello.

AEW is obvs, basically the best and number one 4-eva pro wrestling group in history after all those sellouts.

When they get a second show, do you see it being live every week, taped every week or live one week and taped the next?

What two WWE (not number one 4-eva) "superstars" do you see making the jump to AEW to start a war with AEW?

Who do you think AEW's authority figure will be? I say either Mick Foley or Conrad Thompson. 

Do you think Yukes will make their video game and Hasbro, their dolls?

I also see them buying Impact and probably New Japan so they can have tons of content for the AEW Network.

The future is bright, and you cant spell "bright" without "AEW".

They are just…….too…….SWEEEEEEEET!!
I wish they'd actually announce the name of their show at some point before it airs, though.