WWF Monday Night RAW – April 4th, 1994

April 4, 1994

From the Mid-Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie, NY

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Gorilla Monsoon.

We see footage from earlier tonight where Adam Bomb and Earthquake got in each other’s faces backstage. These two will be facing each other tonight. Also tonight will be the ten-man tag that was supposed to take place at WrestleMania. Plus, Shawn Michaels will be here to debut his “Heartbreak Hotel” segment.


Earthquake vs. Adam Bomb w/ Harvey Whippleman

Bomb attacks Earthquake before the bell. Earthquake reverses an Irish whip and hits a hip toss before clotheslining Bomb over the top rope. Bomb returns but Earthquake brushes off a shoulder block. Earthquake overpowers Bomb until he gets distracted and Bomb ends up using a neck snap. Bomb hits a slingshot clothesline then we see Whippleman giving Howard Finkel shit on the outside. Finkel then stands up as Whippleman bails then both men in the ring avoid getting hit with elbow drops. Bomb heads up top and hits the Neutron Bomb but that only gets two. Vince plugs the WrestleMania Revenge tour as Earthquake boots a charging Bomb in the face. Earthquake then hits a belly-to-belly suplex and drops an elbow. Earthquake now hits a leg drop then sets up for the sit-down splash and the win (4:21) *.

Thoughts: Weird how they built this as a grudge match at the beginning of the show with the two almost going at it backstage then we see half of the match focused on the Finkel/Whippleman feud. Earthquake was the one getting pushed on TV while Bomb has been floundering so the outcome made sense. They did a few agile spots but it was just a short, basic match.


We are shown a clip of Mr. Perfect disqualifying Lex Luger at WrestleMania X. After that we see Luger tells Perfect he had a problem with his officiating. Luger also says Perfect took his grudge out on him during his match and wants him out of the suit and into the ring.


Gorilla Monsoon welcomes Mr. Perfect into the ring. Gorilla questions his officiating but Perfect says that he has nothing against Luger and called the match perfectly down the middle. Perfect said Luger had Yokozuna beat but decided to drag a manager into the ring, which he let go, then he grabbed Fuji into the ring. Perfect said he let it slide being a championship match but Luger then put his hands on him then after that pushed him as the crowd is now booing. Perfect said he went by the rules and they state an official has a right to disqualify the wrestler who puts their hands on him and anyone who disagrees has the problem. Gorilla says that Perfect had a lot of things on his mind but Perfect brushes him off and says Luger will pay for what he did then Gorilla said after Luger is done there will be a “Made in the USA” stamp on Perfect’s coat as Vince cackles. Perfect came off well here and Gorilla’s follow up questions were good and he did not try to get himself over like he usually does in these segments. Then again, Gorilla is much older at this stage in the game. They are giving a lot of attention to this Luger/Perfect feud.


Razor Ramon vs. Austin Steele

The announcers talk about Diesel getting tossed out of the WrestleMania ladder match as Razor chops Steele in the corner. Razor now grounds Steele as Vince plugs “All-American Wrestling” as Gorilla says Polo also tried to co-host “WWF Mania” with Todd Pettengill. Razor stretches Steele out as Vince talks about the Tag Title switches during the European Tour but The Quebecers are still currently the champions. Razor plants Steele with an uranage before using the Razor’s Edge for the win (3:49).

Thoughts: Besides hyping the eventual Razor/Diesel match for the Intercontinental Title we also heard about the Tag Team Titles changing hands twice while over in Europe.


Back to last week’s show when Capt. Lou Albano revealed The Headshrinkers as his team to face The Quebecers. We now go backstage with The Quebecers & Johnny Polo as they take about some of the teams in the WWF but that they are the greatest. After that we get a number to vote for which team gets a title match next week: The Bushwhackers, Men on a Mission, or the Smoking Gunns. These were the teams The Quebecers mentioned by name as the story remains they are petrified of facing The Headshrinkers despite saying otherwise.


Jeff Jarrett & IRS & “The Model” Rick Martel & The Headshrinkers w/ Afa vs. Tatanka & Sparky Plugg & 1-2-3 Kid & Smoking Gunns

Samu and Billy mix it up to start. The Headshrinkers then double-team Billy as the announcers talk about the Tag Team Title scene. Jarrett tags in but Billy takes him over with a flying headscissors and tags out to Tatanka. Jarrett lands a few shots but Tatanka runs wild soon after that then tags out to Bart. Jarrett fights back after Bart worked the arm then hits a snap suplex before tagging out to IRS. We go to break and return with Plugg and Martel going at each other. Plugg gets two with a crossbody then works the arm as the announcers now talk about the IRS/Tatanka feud. IRS catches Plugg with a knee smash from the apron then tags in but misses an elbow drop. Kid is in now and runs wild on IRS until the entire match breaks down. IRS and Kid are now the only ones left in the ring. Kid hits a spinning heel kick but misses a charge then IRS rolls him up for the win (7:46 shown) **1/2.

Thoughts: Solid match that was mostly all action but with a weak finish. You’d figure they’d play up the excuse of the IRS & Jarrett led team not getting along as to why the match was cancelled at WrestleMania also be part of the finish but I guess with IRS actually in a feud he gets the win.


Vince once again hypes the Voteline number for who should face The Quebecers.


Heartbreak Hotel now makes it’s debut. Shawn Michaels set includes a heart-shaped bed, leg lamp, and a flashing sign as Diesel stands in front of the mirror. Shawn says there are no vacancies then says who would say no being a guest. Shawn then says he is now going to get serious and addresses Razor Ramon. He wants him to know both Diesel and himself have not even begun to start with him and that Diesel wants to challenge him for the Intercontinental Title belt and bring it back where it belongs to the Heartbreak Hotel. Shawn then asks for the lights to be turned out because its checkout time. Besides once again hyping Razor/Diesel we saw Shawn basically give us a preview of what to expect on this show. It was reported by Dave Meltzer in the “Wrestling Observer Newsletter” that Shawn was going on an in-ring sabbatical at the time. And, in the “1994 WWE as told by Sean Waltman” Timeline from Kayfabe Commentaries, Waltman said this segment went with Shawn’s persona at the time and when asked by host Sean Oliver if Shawn was dealing with injuries, Waltman smiled and replied “sure.”


A WrestleMania X hype video airs.


Yokozuna w/ Mr. Fuji & Jim Cornette vs. Scott Powers

Vince says that the Heartbreak Hotel will also appear on “Superstars” with guest Bret Hart and that will be the permanent home for the segment. Yokozuna beats on Powers as Vince plugs the USA Saturday Night Movie, “House Party” with Kid & Play. The announcers now talk about Roddy Piper’s “Bottom Line” segment from All-American as Yokozuna hits Powers with a leg drop then drags him to the corner for the Bonzai Drop and the win (2:37).

Thoughts: How the mighty have fallen. Yokozuna has gone from champion to now the guy whose match is used as a backdrop to plug everything in the promotion as well as the USA movie of the week. And there was no mention of Yokozuna getting a title match. We also learn that “Heartbreak Hotel” will be exclusive to “Superstars” going forward.


Next week we find out which team faces The Quebecers for the Titles.


Final Thoughts: The 10-man tag was solid, the Perfect interview was good, and we also saw the debut of the Heartbreak Hotel making this a decent episode of RAW. Plus, we find out which team is facing The Quebecers next week for the Titles.