Undertaker on FOX

The Undertaker/Sami segment got me weirdly interested in the idea of a Taker/Nakamura match, which would be such a bizarre "can you believe this is happening?" styles clash of a dream match.

But it also got me thinking of a way to use Undertaker as a featured attraction once more.  Say Taker/Nak actually have a match, and Taker wins the IC title.  He then proclaims that "the dead will rise" once every 30 days to defend his title on Smackdown, issuing an open challenge to any former IC champ.

Every month, then, Smackdown and FOX get to promote a rare Undertaker match.  Using the FOX pregame show style and WWE's own video package abilities, they could really get over Taker's mystique, interview the guy who answers the challenge in advance, put over how big it is for some younger guy to wrestle Undertaker for the first time, and how bigger it would be to actually beat him.  Here's a hook for six months of SD programming until Taker drops the belt to someone at Wrestlemania, putting them over in a big way.

Owing to Taker's health, the matches wouldn't exceed ten minutes, and he'd face opponents that wrestle a safe style and could bump around for him.  (Maybe at least one of the matches would be a total 30-second squash of an arrogant heel.)  The model here is the Undertaker/Mysterio match from the 2010 Royal Rumble — hell, Rey could even be one of the monthly challengers. 

Ugh, no more Undertaker.  They already have enough of a problem with the old guys completely overshadowing their current "stars" as it is.