The NWA’s plan to do studio wrestling

What do you think of Billy Corgan's plan to recreate studio wrestling & leaving Ring of Honor? 

I must admit that I am intrigued & even cautiously optimistic. They have a couple of interesting pieces in place, with Aldis being a good champion so far and signing guys like James Storm & Eli Drake has potential. I really enjoyed the Crockett Cup show they put on earlier in the year.

Like MLW, could be a unique alternative for fans and provide more opportunities for indie guys & young talents getting started. 

As a fan – I haven't been this excited about "this business" in 20 years, even though I can't stand WWE anymore. AEW, NJPW, MLW and now maybe NWA – there's so much good stuff going on. And that doesn't even include the sinking ship that is RoH or whatever Impact Wrestling becomes when it moves to AXS. 
More good and different wrestling is always a positive.  I don't know how the studio format is gonna work in 2019, but good on him for thinking outside the box.  I know ROH has done shoots at Center Stage so that's available, and if he really wanted to go old school he could check if Techwood was still around.