Mike Reviews: ECW Hardcore TV #333 – 11/09/1999

Hello You!

Back again with some more Hardcore TV. Once again, if you’d like to read a recap of the TNN show that preceded this one then you can read Scott Keith’s take on it by clicking right HERE (He’s a bit further ahead than I am currently)

Last week’s show was kind of miserable from an in ring perspective, but we at least got a good promo from Taz to build up his ECW Title match with Masato Tanaka at Anarchy Rulz 99 on the 19th of September. Hopefully we’ll get confirmation of some more matches for the show this week, although I imagine most of that sort of stuff will be dedicated to the TNN show now, with Hardcore TV playing more of a Sunday Night Heat/Velocity role in the ECW schedule.

Anyway, let’s drop toe hold ourselves right onto the comfiest chair in the house and get ready to take things to The Extreme!!!

Today’s matches were taped from the ECW Arena in Philly

Calling the action is Joey Styles

We get a video package to start, detailing how hate filled the Tommy Dreamer and Raven feud was, but then adds that they’ll be defending the ECW Tag Titles tonight on Hardcore TV.

Show Intro. This week’s tagline; “There’s No Law & Order ‘Round Here, Anarchy Rulz Live On PPV Next Sunday Night September 19th”

Joey Styles is in front of the ECW Banner, where he plugs Anarchy Rulz and sends to the ring.

Opening Match
Danny Doring and Roadkill w/ Miss Congeniality Vs Nova and Chris Chetti

Doring and Roadkill’s WWE dub of their theme is actually not too bad and suits them somewhat, which doesn’t always happen on these shows when the WWE music people are let loose on them. Doring is wearing bright yellow and blue gear, which causes the crowd to question his sexual orientation. Doring says that if Nova and Chetti win tonight, he’ll cut his hair and the team will split up. Roadkill doesn’t seem too torn up about possibly ending the team and merely shrugs at the suggestion. Nova and Chetti run wild to start but Congeniality trips them up, which brings Jazz down to even up the sides and we apparently have an Inter-Gender Six Person Tag as we take a break.


Back from the break, Nova is running wild on Roadkill, but tags in Chetti, which brings in Congeniality. Congeniality gets a flying head scissors and then taunts Chetti, so Chetti slams her in response and pins her in the 69 position for two. Chetti tags in Jazz, which causes Congeniality to flee and tag in Doring. Doring wants a test of strength, but kicks Jazz instead and then bad mouths her in the corner, which leads to Jazz monkey flipping him out and then actually slamming him for two. Chetti comes in for a double team elbow, but Doring stumbles into his corner for a tag from Congeniality. Congeniality flirts with Chetti, but it’s all a ruse as she low blows him and tags in Roadkill for the Bossman Slam for two.

Chetti gets worked over in the heel corner now, but he manages to catch Doring with a Blue Thunder Driver and makes the hot tag to Nova. Nova runs wild and delivers a Tornado DDT to Roadkill, but Congeniality breaks the count at two. Jazz gets a blind tag in and pummels Congeniality with punches, but Roadkill breaks that up. The match breaks down, with leads to Jazz low blowing Doring and getting the Jazz Stinger (X-Factor). The referee is distracted however, which allows Roadkill to leg drop Jazz and for Congeniality to pin her for the three count.

RATING: **1/4

This was messy in places but it had a lot of energy and the crowd was into it, so it ended up being pretty fun.


Joey is in front of the ECW Banner and hypes up Masato Tanaka’s match with Taz at Anarchy Rulz by sending to the following match.

Match Two
Mike Awesome Vs Masato Tanaka

This match was from The Elk’s Lodge in Queens during 1998. Both men no sell the others offence to start, which ends with Tanaka sending Awesome outside the ring, only for Awesome to slingshot in with a shoulder block and then clothesline Tanaka out. Awesome follows with an insane plancha, which is always amazing when a guy his size does it (Heck, it was always something I looked forward to in an Undertaker WrestleMania match). Awesome adds some chair shots outside the ring and then throws Tanaka back in for a clothesline from the top rope for two.

Awesome works Tanaka over with the chair back inside and German Suplexes him fight onto his head, only for Tanaka to pop right back up and deliver a suplex of his own. Tanaka takes Awesome down with a lariat, but he’s able to kick out at two. Tornado DDT comes next, but Awesome is once again able to kick out. Tanaka tries a powerbomb next, but Awesome counters that into an Alabama Slam for two. Awesome adds a big chair shot next and then powerbombs Tanaka onto the chair for another two, as Joey puts over Tanaka’s resilience. Awesome heads up top and gets a big splash from up there, but Tanaka is again able to kick out.

Tanaka slips out of a powerbomb attempt from Awesome, but Awesome gets it on the second attempt and then heads outside to remove the blue mats around ringside. Awesome sets a table up over the concrete and goes to powerbomb Tanaka out of the ring through the table, but Tanaka escapes that and hits a rolling elbow for two. Another elbow gets the three count however, but Awesome isn’t done and powerbombs Tanaka over the top rope through the table.

RATING: ***1/4

Not their best match ever but it was the usual exciting assortment of big moves, although after watching this you’d think it was Awesome they were building for the Title shot, as he hit all the best moves and got to put Tanaka through the table at the end.


We get clips of Tommy Dreamer and Raven defeating The Dudley Boyz to win the ECW Tag Team Titles. Dreamer’s look of dismay that he now has to tag with Raven is pretty great.

Joey says it’s ironic that Raven introduced The Dudleyz to ECW to feud with Dreamer and now he was responsible for sending them on their way. Joey muses that Raven was angry at The Dudleyz for injuring Beulah and this was a receipt. Joey then sends to footage of The Dudley Boyz showing respect to Dreamer following the match.


Tommy Dreamer and Francine join us in the ring. Dreamer doesn’t have his belt with him here for whatever reason. Tommy grabs the mic and talks about how the generator blew 5 seconds after Barely Legal and how Paul Heyman had to buy back up generators to assuage TNN. He also says that the TNN execs think that the New York fans are better than the Philly ones. However, he then goes on to say that he made his career in Philly and that the ECW Arena should be on TNN. Dreamer says the war between New York and Philly fans is stupid and that combined they are the best fans in the world. Dreamer says he legitimately has two herniated discs in his back and that tonight he will be making an official announcement about it, but Steve Corino and Rhino interrupt before he can finish.

Corino insults the fans in Philly and tells Dreamer he can either give up his half of the Tag Team Titles or he can defend them and risk ending his career. Corino says he cares about Dreamer enough to suggest a third option, which is that Dreamer lies down and Corino can pin him to claim his half of the Titles. Dreamer refuses though, which leads to Rhino taking him down whilst Corino clotheslines down Francine. Jack Victory comes down to help and we have a three on one beat down. Victory brings in barbed wire, which Corino wraps around him and then prepares to hit him in the back with a chair. Raven runs down for the rescue however, which leads to Raven and Dreamer pinning Rhino and Victory with DDT’s. Well I guess that was our Tag Title match of the evening.

In Conclusion

Tanaka Vs Awesome almost automatically makes this one a thumbs up all by itself, but the opener is decent too and the Dreamer/Raven stuff was the usual OTT soap opera stuff that you come to expect from those guys, so the show was fun overall.


And obviously before I go, thoughts are with anyone who was hurt or lost loved ones on that terrible day 18 years ago