Hey Scott, hope all is well with you. I was thinking about the AEW going live and I will be checking out the product no doubt. But, my concern is a lot of the talent do not have TV experience. For example, a wrestler like Orange Cassidy is fine in small venues at different Indy events, but an act like his I dont think will translate to a weekly product. Its something to be enjoyed in doses, not constant. I also think alot of the talent are going to have trouble with agents and TV producers. On the indy scene, you can freelance, on a cable network in prime time, can they change the approach? Also, promos sell, can Hangman Page sell me on a big time match with a Jericho or Ambrose?

I am not saying they lack talent, but the one thing WWE does is prepare performers to be salesmen. You can work a great match, but if there is no story, it just becomes a weekly two hour spot fest. WCW had spotfests, but, they had some good stories as well with Sting, NWO, Piper, Hogan, etc. 

Well I guess we'll find out on October 2.