WWF All-American Wrestling – April 3rd, 1994

April 3, 1994

Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon and Johnny Polo, who actually took over as co-hosts the week prior.

This week is the debut of the “Bottom Line” segment by Roddy Piper.


The hosts are on the set with Polo making fun of Gorilla. However, Polo wants to know where is chair is as Gorilla says its coming.


We see the Sparky Plugg vs. Jeff Jarrett match from the 4/2 edition of “Superstars.” Stan Lane & Ted DiBiase are the announce team for these matches.


Back to the studio as Polo is still looking for his chair while Gorilla says its coming.


Now we are shown Polo come to the ring and interview Jarrett after his match and how he got ripped off.


Bam Bigelow defeated John Paul from the 4/2 edition of “Superstars.”


A video airs to hype the WWF. Ludvig Borga was even featured in this so it appears at this point the plan was for him to still come back.


Once again we are in the studio as Polo points out the photo of The Quebecers behind them. All of the champions are shown in photos on the back wall. Gorilla then has us see The Headshrinkers revealed as Capt. Lou Albano’s team to challenge The Quebecers for the titles. Gorilla then says Polo was rattled but Polo claims he was never bothered.


Lex Luger defeats Rick Martel from the 3/28 edition of “Monday Night RAW.” The original commentary team (Vince McMahon & Jim Cornette) was intact for this match.


We see the “WWF Unbelievable” ad with the baby smiling after turning on RAW.


Gorilla yells at Polo for going to the warehouse to look for his chair then introduces us to the “Bottom Line” segment. We see the disclaimer on the screen that says these views from Piper are not necessarily the views of the WWF.


Roddy Piper’s Bottom Line now makes its debut. We see Piper in a leather jacket with the NYC skyscrapers as a background. Piper talks about respecting all the wrestlers and to leave “Sebastian Booger” alone and who cares if he eats a couple of donuts and has a hump. Piper then talks about the folks being nice to him at WrestleMania X and that the WWF took him from the ghetto to the penthouse. He then does a few jokes before saying he isnt above making fun of himself before saying he will bring us tidbits every week. Really just a preview of what to expect going forward, which is apparently Piper shooting from the hip. At least its a different thing and its something exclusive to give to All-American, which has basically given up on exclusive matches at this point.


Doink the Clown defeats Mike Bell from the 4/2 edition of “Superstars.”


We go back to the studio as Polo gets up out of Gorilla’s chair. Gorilla then breaks the news to Polo his chair came this morning but was so good that it was stolen. However, a new chair was just ordered and should arrive next week. What a payoff, huh.


Also next week we will see the debut of the “Heartbreak Hotel” with Shawn Michaels. Plus, an interview with Mr. Perfect that is conducted by Polo himself.


Final Thoughts: The big thing here is that Piper is getting his own weekly segment for the show. However, the chair gag seemed like a leftover bit Gorilla would do with Heenan. And even though I felt Gorilla and Polo had chemistry this show format feels like a relic from another era. I’ll review more of these shows going forward because of Piper but other than that there is no real reason to watch this show anymore.