Oh dear god, we’re getting King Corbin aren’t we?

Of all the options, and they choose this, FFS.

Maybe then he can serve a real Royale with Cheese.

Why not use this to springboard Ricochet, Rico wins the tournament at Clash, beats Corbin clean at Hell in a Cell, and challenges Rollins (or a brand switch to challenge Kingston) for Survivor Series and we get one decent match. 

I guess one shining light could be a King Elias win, and turns him face in the process.

Or…… oh my god I’ve just done a little sick in my mouth….. Clash – Corbin vs Elias starts, Shane’s music hits, he comes to the ring, pins both, “your King of the Ring 2019, King Shane” …..

So help the IWC.
I mean, I've already come to accept King Korbin.  In the grand scheme of things it's not a big deal and it's something else for him to do if he's gonna be all over the show anyway.  I just think it's hilarious that his main event push was such a colossal flop and their solution is to give him a rest for basically two PPVs and then go right back to trying to reheat him AGAIN.