Luger in 91

Looking back, had Lex Luger won the WCW world title and remained babyface, could he have been more effective as the champion? The fans were ready for him to have his run, and with the Dangerous Alliance soon forming, it seems Luger would have had a great heel roster to feud with throughout the fall and winter.

Other then Sting, most of his title challengers on the face side were random, with guys like Bobby Eaton, Rick Steiner, and Tom Zenk headlining house shows etc against him.

It's Sunday morning, you maniac.  Why are you making everyone drink?  

And yes, WCW is stupid and fans had been waiting an entire year for Luger to win the title as a babyface.  He could have turned on Sting by Superbrawl and gotten to the same place easily.