Year to Date numbers

Just for something different to talk about this morning, people have asked how the AEW shows do in comparison to other PPVs, so here’s a list of the top 20 biggest pages on the site for the year to date, not including stuff like landing pages or the Observer Flashback index (which is by far the biggest):

1. Wrestlemania 35 (Duh) – 18600 pageviews.  Not surprising at all, and in fact that’s a little low based on what the numbers for the show traditionally are.

2.  Royal Rumble 2019 – 16600 pageviews.  Again, no surprise.

3.  Summerslam 2019 – 15000 pageviews.  I’m a bit surprised that it ended up that high because I didn’t feel much buzz coming into the show, but it really tore up the blog for some reason.

4.  NXT Takeover New York – 14400 pageviews.  Big surprise here, as Takeovers do well, but typically only 50-60% of what main roster shows do.  Perhaps it was the WM effect, I dunno.

5. AEW Double or Nothing – 13900 pageviews.  Lots of buzz and hype for the show equaled big results.

6.  Extreme Rules 2019 – 13500 pageviews.  Kind of surprised it finished that high to be honest.  A pretty polarizing show, though if I remember correctly, so maybe it makes sense.

7. NXT Takeover Toronto – 13300 pageviews.  Another surprisingly high finish for a Takeover.  Maybe it was lifted by the Summerslam weekend hype?

8. Money in the Bank 2019 – 13100 pageviews.  Usually a big show, so this makes sense.

9.  Stomping Grounds 2019 – 12500 pageviews

10.  Elimination Chamber 2019 – 12400 pagviews

11. Fastlane 2019 – 12133 pageviews

(These three are all about the same, which makes sense)

12. Super Showdown 2019 – 11800 pageviews (Saudi money couldn’t buy blog hits, even though everyone went nuts for the review and it was reposted all over)

13.  NXT Takeover Phoenix – 11500 pageviews.  This was the Rumble show and is falling more in line with usual numbers for those shows.

14. AEW All Out 2019 – 11400 pageviews.  It’s only been a day, but usually once I take off sticky it’s done what it’s going to do, so obviously this one didn’t have the buzz of the first one.

15. NXT Takeover 25 – 11400 pageviews.

16. AEW Fight for the Fallen – 10800 pageviews

17. AEW Double or Nothing (Tommy Hall version) – 10900 pageviews.  Good for Tommy!

18. Wrestle Kingdom 2019 – 9800 pageviews

19. AEW Double or Nothing Pre-Show Rant – 9500 pageviews.  Yup, even the pre-show for DON made the top 20!

20.  Bret Hart v. Tom Magee “Holy Grail” rant – 9500 pageviews.  DAMN.  They need to find more 30 year old lost matches so I can cash in!

So there you go.  Do with this as you will.