WWF Monday Night RAW – March 28th, 1994

March 28, 1994

From the Mid-Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie, NY

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Jim Cornette

We are shown footage from earlier tonight of Ted DiBiase giving two women in the front row $100 in order to take their seats.


“The Model” Rick Martel vs. Lex Luger

Cornette says Luger cost himself the match at WrestleMania being hot-headed and not because of Mr. Perfect’s officiating but Vince disagrees. Martel keeps avoiding Luger but gets trapped in the corner. Luger hammers away then runs wild until Martel bails. We cut to the announcers with DiBiase behind them counting his money. Cornette then asks DiBiase if he wants to buy the seat next to him as Luger now works a side headlock on the mat. Luger then runs over Martel before going back to the side headlock as this match has considerably slowed down. Martel gets out on the apron but Luger blocks a punch and slingshots him back inside before going back to the headlock. Vince talks about Bret Hart being the World Heavyweight Title as Cornette blames Roddy Piper’s officiating for that happening. Luger hits an atomic drop then clotheslines Martel to the floor right before we go to commercial. The match returns with Martel pulling Luger outside then hammering away. Luger fights back and rolls Martel back inside but gets choked down upon returning to the ring. Martel chokes out Luger in the corner then applies a chin lock on the mat as the announcers talk about the title matches that took place at WrestleMania. We hear a USA chant from the crowd as Luger powers out but ends up running into a knee smash. Martel taunts the crowd as Vince hypes the WrestleMania encore airing on PPV that will air after this show. Martel goes back to the chin lock then chokes Luger out on the mat and against the ropes. Martel goes to the chin lock again then even jumps on Luger’s back. Martel comes off the top but is decked in midair as Luger fires away. However, Luger whiffs on a dropkick as Martel now stomps his back. Luger blocks a hip toss and turns that into a backslide for a two count but Martel once again targets the back. Luger blocks a suplex and hits one of his own as both men are down. Martel is up first and targets the back again then they mess up a float over spot and Martel taunts the crowd without realizing Luger is standing behind him. Luger then fires away and runs wild briefly until he uses the torture rack for the win (11:50 shown). **. Vince now says that somehow, someway we will see Luger reach his “point of destiny” in the WWF. The “Made in the USA” graphic then appears on the screen.

Thoughts: This wasn’t terrible but it was deliberately placed. Based on the commentary it appears they are still not done with pushing Luger in the main event picture as they hype up his feud with Mr. Perfect. However, the crowds are still not reacting to him as a top guy. And this match started the show-long theme of hyping the WrestleMania X encore airing.


An ad for the WrestleMania encore airing appears.


We see Owen Hart lifting weights backstage then says after beating Bret that he can beat anyone.


Now, we get an add hyping the Smoking Gunns & Tatanka & 1-2-3 Kid, Sparky Plugg vs. Headshrinkers, Jeff Jarrett, IRS, Rick Martel match that was supposed to happen at WrestleMania X.


Owen Hart vs. Mike Freeman

Vince talks about Owen shocking the world by beating Bret at WrestleMania while Cornette said it was never a shock to him because Owen is the best of the Hart family. The crowd chants “we want Bret” as Vince now asks DiBiase what he is doing here. DiBiase said he is proving that everyone has a price and over the next few weeks he will show us some big surprises. Owen grounds Freeman on the mat as Cornette claims Owen was the one who taught Bret the Sharpshooter. Vince hypes up WrestleMania X as the greatest of all-time then the announcers make fun of boxing PPV’s and Super Bowls that failed to live up to expectations. The crowd chants for Bret as Owen works the arm with Vince hoping for a Bret vs. Owen championship match. Freeman fights back briefly but ducks his head and gets booted in the face then soon after that Owen uses the Sharpshooter for the win (5:11).

Thoughts: It’s obvious they are building to Bret vs. Owen for the title. And Owen is getting some heat from the crowds since beating Bret. We also saw that DiBiase is here to stay and will be building up to something. And Vince used the fact that other sports/events have disappointed as to why you should order the encore WrestleMania airing.


A video of Burt Reynolds is shown after WrestleMania as he talks about how much he love the show. All reports from the “Wrestling Observer Newsletter” were that the company was thrilled with Reynolds at the PPV. And he did appear genuinely enthused.


Doink w/Dink vs. Eric Cody

Doink & Dink mess with Cody to start. Cody bails as we see a fan with a Doink mask then returns as Doink works the arm. Vince wishes Reba McIntyre a happy birthday as Dink messes with Cody. Cornette says he can whip any midget or child under the age of twelve as Doink covers Cody for a two count. This match continues at a terribly slow pace as Vince plugs “Weird Science” airing Saturday night on USA then Doink climbs up for the seated senton, with Vince calling it the “Whoopie Cushion,” for the win (3:32).

Thoughts: This match was fucking terrible and its clearer than ever how the Doink & Dink act is cooked. Cornette was funny on commentary at least.


Another ad hyping up the WrestleMania X encore airing.


Jim Cornette welcomes Johnny Polo & The Quebecers to the ring. Pierre then says “Vive le Quebec” before Cornette asks them about challenging all of the teams. Capt. Lou Albano comes out now to ask if they have accepted the challenge. Jacques hilariously calls Albano “Captain Crunch” as Polo says they have accepted. Albano then brings out his team and it turns out to be The Headshrinkers, who are led out by Afa. Polo now tries to backtrack and The Quebecers claim they are friends with the Headshrinkers so Albano says he will take this up with Jack Tunney. The big new is now the Headshrinkers are going to be babyfaces as the Quebecers are trying to do everything possible in order to weasel their way out of the match.


We get an ad hyping next week’s Earthquake vs. Adam Bomb match, which is a WrestleMania X rematch.


Black Phantom vs. 1-2-3 Kid

Cornette claims that Kid is a weak link of his team for next week’s match. And for those unaware, the Phantom is David Heath (Gangrel) under a mask. Kid grounds Phantom but Phantom fights back. Kid kicks Phantom in the face as Vince talks about Rush Limbaugh making over $15 million last year then yells out “way to go Rush!” I now imagine Vince listening to Rush in the car. Kid lands some more kicks in the corner but Phantom is able to avoid a dropkick. Kid ducks a clothesline and catches Phantom with a spinning heel kick for a two count then uses more kicks in the corner before using a flying body press for the win (2:46).

Thoughts: Solid action here as they did some hype for next week’s 10-man tag. However, there was a funny story about Phantom in the “Wrestling Observer Newsletter.” And here it is:

“It is said that Dave Heath doing television jobs as the Black Phantom wearing his old Black Hearts ring costume was because he was mad at Tom Nash, who still wears the Black Heart gimmick on indies, because of comments Nash made directed at ex-wife Luna Vachon in the newsletter “Chairshots.”


The WWF Greetings on Call ad airs.


Crush w/ Mr. Fuji vs. Ray Hudson

We see Nikolai Volkoff back in the crowd with the same red suit as Crush yells at him. Crush catches Hudson with a choke slam then snaps Hudson’s neck on the top rope. Crush drops Hudson with a super kick then hammers away with Cornette plugging the new Stan Lane & Ted DiBiase commentary team on “Wrestling Challenge.” Crush then press slams Hudson then finishes him off with a knee drop (2:25).

Thoughts: Nothing new with Crush other than the fact he used a press slam/knee drop combo as his finisher instead of the head vice. And we see Nikolai at yet another TV taping while Cornette plugged the new commentary team on Challenge.


Vince plugs next week’s show with the 10-man tag and Earthquake vs. Adam Bomb. Also in action are Razor Ramon and Yokozuna.


The announcers ask DiBiase if he will be here next week. DiBiase says he might then laughs.


We get a music video recap of what happened on tonight’s show to close things out. This is the first time RAW has done this and they did it on the syndicated shows a few times in either ’92 or early ’93.


Final Thoughts: Luger vs. Martel took up a good chunk of the show and we saw The Headshrinkers revealed as Albano’s surprise team but other than that the show was more focused on hpying the WrestleMania X encore airing and next week’s RAW. I did like Cornette on commentary though. He keeps things moving.