WWF Wrestling Challenge – March 27th, 1994

March 27, 1994

From the Paul Gerry Fieldhouse in Loch Sheldrake, NY

Your hosts are Stan Lane and Ted DiBiase, who are now another new broadcast team.


“The Rocket” Owen Hart vs. Mike Maraldo

The announcers put over Owen’s win over Bret at WrestleMania as Owen takes control of the match. The announcers then talk about Owen’s aggressiveness as DiBiase says Owen proved to the world he has come into his own. Owen works a chin lock then Maraldo fights back up Owen catches him with a belly-to-belly suplex before the Sharpshooter gets the win (2:48).

Thoughts: They really did put over Owen on commentary as someone who should be considered a top talent with DiBiase saying it must be humiliating for Bret to have lost to his younger brother as that is one of the stories to go with a Bret/Owen rematch.


We are shown still photos of the Lex Luger vs. Yokozuna match at WrestleMania. Now, we hear from Mr. Perfect, who tells Luger he was chosen as the ref and let Luger get away with putting his hands on the managers and on him once but had enough the second time before telling Luger he is not going to get away with what happened. On the episode of “All-American Wrestling” that aired this week they showed a Mr. Perfect squash match from September 1993 but unfortunately Perfect did not get to wrestle in this run thus killing the feud.


An ad hyping the PPV encore airing of WrestleMania X.


Miguel Rosado vs. Jeff Jarrett

DiBiase says that Perfect did a wonderful job officiating at WrestleMania but Lane disagrees. The announcers now talk about Diesel appearing on the show and how pissed he is over getting kicked out of ringside at WrestleMania. Jarrett does his stalling before locking up. Jarrett complains to the ref some more then catches Rosado in a backbreaker. Jarrett follows with a dropkick but misses an elbow in the corner. Rosado climbs up top as slow a humanly possible then Jarrett cuts him off and uses a superplex for the win (3:30). After the match, Jarrett beats on Rosado before tossing him through the ropes as Lane said Jarrett was making claims that Little Richard wanting him to sing a duet.

Thoughts: The announcers talked about the Luger/Perfect fallout from WrestleMania as Jarrett did a lot of character work here. And Rosado was one of the worst enhancement talents I’ve seen in the last few months with his terrible look and lack of coordination.


The WWF Live Event News segment airs.


Iron Mike Sharpe vs. Sparky Plugg

Plugg holds up a ribbon that has reads “51” to honor recently deceased stock car driver Neil Bonnett. DiBiase makes fun of Alabama for being filled with hicks that bathe once a week as Sharpe hammers away in the corner. Plugg fights back and takes Sharpe over with a monkey flip then uses a flurry of offense to send Sharpe scurrying outside. Sharpe returns and lands a chop as the announcers talk about the “president” being at WrestleMania. Plugg catches Sharpe with a dropkick as the announcers talk about the celebrities at WrestleMania. Plugg now works the arm until Sharpe attacks him against the ropes. Sharpe then eats boot on a charge and soon after that Plugg uses the Pit Stop Plunge for the win (2:36).

Thoughts: Match was just a backdrop for the announcers to put over the celebrity involvement at WrestleMania.


The IRS Tax Tips segment airs.


David Thornberg vs. Diesel

Diesel chokes out Thornberg in the corner then beats him down as the announcers talk about him being angry. Diesel then drops Thornberg with a big boot then talk about Razor Ramon and how this could be happening to him in the near future as Diesel hits the Jackknife for the win (0:59).

Thoughts: And Diesel is mowing down enhancement talent over being angry he was kicked out of the WrestleMania ladder match.


The WWF Greetings on Call ad airs.


Men on a Mission w/ Oscar vs. Mike Bell & Derek Domino

DiBiase shits all over MoM for not being worth the money to buy. Mo rolls up Bell for a two count as Lane says MoM could be facing The Quebecers again soon. Bell fights back but gets chopped down as DiBiase makes fun of MoM’s soft physiques. Mabel tags and hits a leg drop then slaps Bell across the face. Lane puts over MoM for being popular at the Fan Festival as Bell continues to get his ass kicked. Bell fights back against Mo then tags out but Mo grounds Domino as Lane says “nobody raps any better than Oscar.” MoM stay in control then finally put Domino away with the Hip Hop Drop (3:08).

Thoughts: They put over MoM for being fan favorites and that they might get another shot at the titles. And they were at this time on the European tour, which did result in a title switch that we will discuss later.


The WrestleMania X Report airs.


Adam Bomb w/ Harvey Whippleman vs. John Paul

DiBiase says Bomb got screwed over at WrestleMania then the announcers talk about the Whippleman/Howard Finkel feud. Bomb hammers away to start. Paul avoids a charge then works the arm briefly before getting caught in a powerslam. We now see Whippleman yelling at Nikolai Volkoff, who is once again in the crowd wearing his red suit. Whippleman continues to yell at Volkoff as Bomb stays in control then Bomb puts Paul away with a flying clothesline that is now called the “Neutron Bomb” (2:28).

Thoughts: A few things here. First, they seem to be going forward with the Whippleman/Finkel feud. Also, Volkoff is still sitting in the front row still and since Diesel is using a powerbomb finisher and in line for a huge push we now see Bomb using a different finisher in a flying clothesline. Bomb continues to flounder in this role.


Rhonda Shear talks about loving WrestleMania.


Another ad for the WrestleMania X encore PPV airing.


Earthquake vs. Brooklyn Brawler

Brawler attacks Earthquake before the bell. Earthquake fights back and tosses Brawler into the corner but misses a corner splash. Brawler fails to slam Earthquake then gets caught with a belly-to-belly. The announcers talk about Earthquake possibly facing Yokozuna down the line as Earthquake beats on Brawler. Earthquake stays in control then finally puts Brawler away with a sit-down splash (3:11).

Thoughts: It’s still weird looking at happy, smiling babyface Earthquake. The announcers also hinted at a feud against Yokozuna.


We get another WWF Live Event News segment this time of the Fan Festival.


Final Thoughts: With all of the changes on “Superstars” and the new generation push on “Monday Night Raw,” all that happened to this show was a new commentary team. And with this show being dropped at a rapid pace across the country from syndication markets it meant that they were not going to do any major exclusive segments. I actually thought DiBiase did a decent and his laugh after getting in shots at people definitely enhanced his material because that laugh is amazing. However, this show felt dated and it wasn’t going to get better.