Next Great Latino Star?

I feel like now more then ever, we have huge potential for a big Hispanic star since the rises of Rey and Eddie. There's a big field for the first time in ages currently so my question is who do you see it being? You got Pentagon, Fenix, Andrade, Rush, Humberto Carillo ect. My money is on Garza Jr. His charisma and mannerisms remind me so much of Eddie, he also speaks fluent english. Dudes money as long as he's pushed right. He's also no slouch in the ring either.

Vince is still betting on the Del Rio thing to pan out in the long term for him, I bet.  But really, why do we need "the next big [insert race here] star"?  I'd be happy with SOMEONE becoming a big crossover star, period.  Then we can worry about demographics.