The SmarK Rant for WWF Superstars–11.14.92

The SmarK Rant for WWF Superstars – 11.14.92

Taped from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, the last of a ripping good set of tapings, actually.

Your hosts are Vince McMahon & Mr. Perfect

Intercontinental title: British Bulldog v. Repo Man

Given all the dead feuds being resurrected for Survivor Series, I’m surprised they didn’t have this one booked for that show as well. We had to endure weeks of Repo Man promos about using a choke chain on Bulldog and I feel like some kind of payoff is warranted. They trade armbars to start and Bulldog gets a press slam and goes to a chinlock to follow up, but walks into a stungun from Repo and he takes over. Legdrop gets two. Meanwhile, Perfect and Vince act like Bulldog is facing Repo here live in the morning and will be facing Shawn Michaels for the title on Saturday Night’s Main Event, also live, in the evening. Where’s Doc Brown and the chalkboard to explain things when you need him? Repo misses a charge and Bulldog rolls him up for two, but Repo clotheslines him for two and goes to an armbar. Vince notes that Bulldog has been a “fighting Intercontinental champion”. Who has he fought, exactly? Repo Man in a million house show defenses? He’s barely even been on TV since winning the belt! You sir, are a LIAR. Bulldog comes back with a delayed suplex and finishes this snoozer with the powerslam at 5:00. And LATER TONIGHT, Bulldog also defends against Shawn. I don’t like his chances. I should note that they don’t even mention his impending title defense against Mountie at Survivor Series so clearly his employment fate was sealed well before the commentary was taped.

Vince and Perfect run down the lineup for SNME, which is live later tonight don’t forget, and do the delayed open of the show.

And now, a special look at Bob Backlund, who is 43 years old and making his comeback soon. He loves his family and the fans! And they say Vince can’t make babyfaces.

The Headshrinkers v. Jim Powers & Bobby St. Laurent

That weird clown is off in the crowd again. Wonder if that will ever pay off? Powers grabs an armbar on Fatu, but makes the mistake of tagging in St. Laurent and that goes badly. I was just about to joke that St. Laurent here looks like Marty Jannetty does today, and then I looked him up and he actually worked as “Bobby Jannetty” early in his career! So I’m not the only one. Headshrinkers with the double facebuster and flying splash to finish at 2:14. Vince is still hopeful that Sgt. Slaughter will enforce the rules and regulations, but I think he’s literally the only one left who cares about that storyline.

Event Center! With Mean Gene!

It’s literally the day of SNME so now they go into hype mode for it. What a pointless relationship that FOX one ended up being. And then Gene moves onto Survivor Series with the same Martel and Bossman promos we’ve already had. Bossman is out to make Nailz face “law, order and justice”. Didn’t he already do that when he served whatever amount of time he got? Just let the man live his life!

Marty Jannetty v. Iron Mike Sharpe

Sharpe overpowers Marty and stops to pose, so Marty dropkicks him out of the ring from behind. That’s not very sportsmanlike. Back in, Sharpe retreats to the corner and Marty chases him out of the ring with a monkey flip. Back in, Marty with a facebuster and flying fist to finish at 2:03. Dude, you’re still doing half of the Rockers’ finish and wearing Rockers gear! Let it go already. Maybe you should team with Tito Santana as the Deniers or something.


Let us take you back to Prime Time, as Bret defends the WWF title against the Berzerker to show he’s the fightingest fighter. Wait, when was that even taped? I thought Berzerker went off with Hawk after Summerslam? A quick check reveals it was in Regina the night after Bret won it, so that must have been Berzerker’s last appearance for a while. According to cagematch he bounced between WAR and doing house show jobs back in the WWF and then left in 1993.

BAM BAM BIGELOW is still on the way.

Nailz v. Ken Johnson

Usual choking and choke sleeper finish at 2:02 as the clown continues to make a scene in the crowd.

The Natural Disasters are joined by the Nasty Boys for a special interview, which must have been odd for the live crowd if this was taped the night before the Nasties turned babyface and the Disasters lost the titles.


The boring build to this boring PPV continues despite Warrior and Savage doing ALL OF THE DRUGS before their promo. Again, no mention of the Bulldog’s match so clearly he was gone at this point.

Kamala v. Steve Gillespie

Kamala with the usual chops and big splash to finish at 1:30.

Event Center! With Mean Gene!

Again, repeats of the Tatanka promo from last week and Money Inc.

Man, this PPV is a dead zone. Hopefully something catastrophic happens next week to shake things up a bit.

Next week: Bret Hart v. Virgil! Plus…some stuff happens.