Hi Scott,

I don't know how slow Monday is going to be, so here are some questions for discussion.

1) Roman Reigns has only wrestled in the era of 50/50 booking and nobody being bigger than the WWE brand. If he starts to get a successful acting career and leaves for Hollywood permanently, what does Vince do then? Will it be all double DQs and double countouts to make sure nobody can ever win ever again?

2) What do you think would have happened if Shibata's headbutt had sent Okada to the hospital and forced Okada to retire? What would be the consequences for NJPW (business-wise and booking-wise) and Shibata personally?

3) Part of what seems to make NXT so good is that the roster is constantly changing, which means that it's very hard for somebody to get stale there. Which three people currently in NXT would you either shuffle off to the main roster or release them from their contract because they're going nowhere and it's time for some new blood?

4) If Vince McMahon ever steps down, would the new person in charge allow people to say "wrestling" and "wrestler" again?

1.  Dude, Roman did a job for SHANE MCMAHON.  We're already there.
2.  I think they'd just elevate someone else instead.  Gedo has been pretty masterful with handling guys leaving, case in point the mass exodus of the Bullet Club and then losing the Elite as well.  
3.  They need to move Shayna Baszler to the main roster and forget the Forgotten Sons.
4.  Doesn't seem likely.  The new person will have been trained by Vince.