NXT UK – December 12, 2018 (First Episode)

Date: December 12, 2018
Location: Plymouth Pavilions, Devon, England
Commentators: Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness

Last week’s show saw the in-ring return of Travis Banks, who offers some fresh talent around the top of the card. Banks might not be the biggest star around, but he’s someone who can add a lot to the show. Other than that, Rhea Ripley is still looking for competition and she might find some of that tonight. Let’s get to it.

We open with a recap of the announcement of the Tag Team Titles. Wait when was that announced in the first place? I know we were promised an update this week but this is being treated like previous information.

Opening sequence.

Flash Morgan Webster vs. Fabian Aichner

Earlier today, Mark Andrews warned Webster to be careful with Aichner. There’s no handshake to start so Webster tries forearming away to little effect. An armdrag works somewhat better but Aichner sends him outside for a whip into the steps. Cue Andrews to check on Webster and he gets back in just in time. Aichner forearms away at the chest and hits an uppercut to the back of the head to keep Webster in trouble. Back up and Aichner gets in a hard slam for two and it’s off to a nerve hold.

Webster fights up and avoids a running knee in the corner to send Aichner outside in a crash. The Modern Knee gets two but Aichner is right back with a hard running clothesline for two of his own. Webster drops him again but this time Aichner rolls away before Webster can come off the top. Aichner pulls him outside for the knee against the steps, only to have Andrews stop him just in time. Back in and Aichner’s powerbomb is countered into a jackknife rollup for the pin at 9:36.

Rating: C-. Well it was nice while it lasted for Aichner. This promotion needs stars and that doesn’t mean a small guy like Webster who has a funny costume. Aichner has a great look and some power, along with the Evolve Championship, so of course he’s losing here to a guy like Webster. Rather annoying but it could be a lot worse.

Amir Jordan tries to get the interviewer to dance but Kenny Williams comes in and says it’s time to go after the Tag Team Titles.

Gallus is ready to take care of Moustache Mountain and Travis Banks. Apparently Mark Coffey and Wolfgang are going after the Tag Team Titles instead of, you know, the Coffey Brothers.

Isla Dawn vs. Killer Kelly

Some kicks to the legs don’t get either of them anywhere so Dawn takes her down by the leg. The leg is slammed into the mat but Kelly suplexes her into the corner. Vic calls that the hardest part of the ring, after YEARS of telling us that it’s the apron. Stop lying to me Joseph!!! Kelly’s cravate doesn’t go very far as Dawn is right back with a backdrop driver. A running knee rocks Kelly and the snap suplex Jackhammer gives Dawn the pin at 3:15.

Rating: C. This was the best match I’ve seen from either of them, though I’m having some issues with someone called the White Witch as a face. Kelly is someone who has gotten some good reviews and this was the first time I saw the potential in her. Nice match, especially with the little amount of time they had.

Post match Dawn says she wants the Women’s Title and Rhea Ripley. This brings out Ripley to say bring it. Dawn promises that it will be brought.

Dave Mastiff is ready for a title shot when Eddie Dennis comes in to offer a challenge of his own. Mastiff isn’t the only undefeated monster around here.

Kenny Williams/Amir Jordan vs. James Drake/Zack Gibson

Drake and Jordan get things going with Jordan hitting a quick running crossbody. The fans are already all over Gibson as Williams comes in to work on the arm. That means the armbar before it’s back to Jordan for a hiptoss. Stereo suicide dives put the villains down and Jordan hits a high crossbody for two on Drake. Gibson comes in and you can hear the energy go out of the crowd. He drops Jordan back first onto the barricade and it’s off to the chinlock as the fans have taken their shoes off in hatred of Gibson.

Jordan jawbreaks his way to freedom and scores with a neckbreaker but Drake blocks the hot tag….which goes through a few seconds later. I’m really getting tired of that trope. Williams comes in with a springboard back elbow to the jaw and it’s already back to Jordan for a Downward Spiral. Everything breaks down and Jordan gets sent to the floor, leaving Williams to take the reverse powerbomb into the Codebreaker (Ticket to Mayhem) for the pin at 6:55.

Rating: C+. This was the best performance from Jordan so far but that’s not exactly setting a high mark. Gibson and Drake are an awesome team and anytime you can have the fans going nuts on Gibson like they do, it’s always a great moment. He’s one of the only over heels on the roster and the more he’s out there, the better.

Moustache Mountain wants the Tag Team Titles.

Next week: Mastiff vs. Dennis.

Joe Coffey vs. Trent Seven

Tyler Bate and the rest of Gallus are here. They lock up to start with Coffey taking over on the arm as the fans chant for Trent. Some chops don’t get Trent very far so he slips out of a suplex, only to bang up his knee. Coffey ducks his head and gets caught in a DDT with the knee not letting Trent follow up. They head outside for the showdown between everyone at ringside and Joe uses the distraction to get in a jumping stomp from the apron. Back in and Trent sends him right back outside, meaning it’s time for another big staredown.

Bate and Seven dropkick the three of them off the apron and Bate hits a suicide dive on Wolfgang. The three not involved fight to the back, leaving Trent to hit his own dive onto Joe. Back in and Joe goes after the knee with some kicks in the corner. A running shoulder to the knee makes things even worse but a second running shoulder hits post. Trent’s knee is fine enough for a top rope superplex and they’re both slow to get up. Trent snaps off a German suplex for two and slaps on a quickly broken Figure Four.

They head to the apron with Coffey hitting a belly to belly suplex to the floor. That’s only good for a very close nine (with the referee slowing down so Trent could make it) so Coffey stomps and trash talks some more. A double powerbomb gives Coffey two and it’s off to a half crab. Trent finally grabs the rope and it’s time for a slugout with Seven snapping off a dragon suplex. The knee gives out again though and Coffey hits his own German suplex. One heck of a discus lariat finishes Seven at 15:02.

Rating: B. Coffey is starting to turn into a pretty good villain but I’m still not sure what the point is in having him wrestle as a singles guy while his brother is in a tag team. Then again, it’s certainly better than having Wolfgang as a singles guy. They’re building up a new star though and that’s what they need to do so well done on that front. Good match too, but that’s to be expected with Trent.

Overall Rating: B-. Well, it’s a step in the right direction. They’re starting to get some stories going around here but the positives of this show might be more about the lack of the weaker talent. This show had more of the big names and that’s going to do the show a lot of good. Unfortunately they can’t do that every week, which is where things start to slip. It’s similar to Ring of Honor in that way: good when it’s at its best, but the weaker shows are a rough sit.


Flash Morgan Webster b. Fabian Aichner – Jackknife rollup

Isla Dawn b. Killer Kelly – Snap suplex Jackhammer

Zack Gibson/James Drake b. Amir Jordan/Kenny Williams – Ticket to Mayhem to Williams

Joe Coffey b. Trent Seven – Discus lariat

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