Paul Heyman

Hi Scott, I have been seeing Heyman helping alot lately with Talent. He was at NXT helping with promos, which I am all for. I also heard he has been doing some writing for RAW. Do you think the ice is starting to melt between Paul and the McMahons? Are they easing him back into a full time role? It makes sense, the man is good at his craft as long ad he does not burnout.

This leads to another question. Why not use Jake Roberts for promos in NXT or the main roster? The man can cut a promo and with limited skills in the ring, could tell a story. I know Lawler is dealing with stuff, and I hope and wish him the best, but he is great on the mic as well and could tell a story. Wrestlers with a limited moveset i.e. Elias could use either. 

Heyman has a lot of other irons in the fire and I don't think he has any particular interest in coming back full time.  Plus he is Brock's legit business manager so if Brock goes back to UFC on a full-time basis, that's where Paul would need to be.  And from what Meltzer has said, there's zero chance that Stephanie is going to live and let live with Heyman.  
And there's lots of people that they COULD use to train and agent, but instead we get Billy Kidman and Road Dogg teaching people to be top stars.  That's the world we live in now.