Flair/Rude feud of ’93

When Ric Flair came back to WCW in 1993, he quickly won the NWA Heavyweight title only to drop it 2 months later to Rick Rude.   

How did they like working with each other?  Did Flair have a problem dropping the belt so soon?  Did the NWA want Flair to be champion longer, and that is why they ended their relationship with the belt and WCW?

Also the feud seemingly ended with a DQ at Halloween Havoc and then it was dropped.  Was there supposed to be more?

The NWA definitely had a problem with WCW changing the title so soon, and it was one of the biggest reasons behind their relationship falling apart like it did.  Although the original match for Starrcade 93 was Nasty Boys v. Flair & Steamboat for the tag titles, so clearly they were done with the Rude program. Really, the entire promotion was a huge mess at that point anyway.