New Site, Please Plug

Hi Scott,

Over the past few months I've been putting together my first wrestling-related site. It's about my favourite WWF/WWE and WCW matches. You and the Blog of Doom have been a huge influence and inspiration for me. Throughout the process of building my site, it has really helped me to read your reviews and have discussions about WWF and WCW history with Blog of Doom people in various threads. I'd appreciate it if you'd do me a favour by sharing this message to announce that the site is now launched. 

Here is the link to it: Steve Austrian's Wrestlospective

I think your readers could enjoy what I've written about my favourite wrestlers and matches, along with the many GIFs I've made.  Hopefully I won't lose too much credibility with the BOD…community (ugh, I almost said "Universe") for some of my more questionable choices. For example, a Lex Luger match in the WCW top 10 (for the record, it's a big exception, as I hate most of his matches, even '80s ones that you liked), an intergender match (again, I usually hate those things, but there's an exception) in the WWF top 10, and multiple Buff Bagwell matches. 

Some of the choices are a bit embarrassing, but instead of cutting and replacing them with something 'cooler', I decided to just be honest, even if it means possibly losing some 'cool points'. I tried my best to explain/defend my choices, especially the more unconventional ones. I guess to me Buff Bagwell is what wrestlers like Ultimate Warrior were to others. I realize now that he wasn't a great worker, but his wrestling entertained the hell out of me when I was a kid and still does (until his injury in 1998, at least). 

I've heaped some massive praise upon you, your work, and reader base at my 'Home/Welcome' and 'Links' pages. I'm telling you since I figure you're not going to have time in your busy life and schedule to peruse the site. Your praise was well-earned. I am grateful to you for providing me with years of entertaining and thought-provoking writing and a community that I love reading and/or talking with every day. Vielen Dank!

Freundliche Grüße,

'Stunning' Steve Austrian

That's quite the site design, broheim.