Mid-South Wrestling – October 27th, 1983

October 27, 1983

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Bill Watts

Pierce leads off the show by telling us that Watts came from the Board of Directors meeting in Tampa, FL and we will hear about a landmark decision during the show.


Pierce tells us about no other organization having the courage to regulate wrestling like Mid-South. Watts then tells us that champions do not make their own matches and that they must be sanctioned by Mid-South. He brings up Butch Reed setting up a title match with the stipulation of the fans picking the opponent and when Junkyard Dog won, Reed eliminated the other challengers until Magnum TA was the only one left. We are then shown the Magnum/Reed match with JYD as the referee as Magnum won after JYD decked Reed then Magnum hit a belly-to-belly suplex for the win. Watts then tells us that the tape was reviewed and Reed should have been disqualified for jumping off of the top rope. We then learn of Magnum accepting a title match against Nikolai Volkoff where Volkoff promised to leave the country if he lost. And Magnum did not have the ability to make the match himself and Volkoff won the match last week in New Orleans. We are shown Volkoff with the North American Heavyweight Title as he runs down Americans for being cowards and inferior compared to Russian athletes. Watts says that a champion does not have the ability to make their own matches because they can abuse the rule and face opponents who were not worthy. The decision from the board is that the North American Heavyweight Title will go back to Reed and that he will have to face the man he should have had to face in JYD with a special enforcer referee that has yet to be named and that will air next. A convoluted mess to give us the Reed vs. JYD title match that should have happened in the first place. It also screws over Volkoff and we see more about that later.


Reed and JYD come out. We then await the appearance of the special referee and it is revealed as Dusty Rhodes. Reed is not too happy.


North American Heavyweight Title Match with Special Guest Referee Dusty Rhodes: “Hacksaw” Butch Reed (c) vs. Junkyard Dog

JYD almost puts Reed away with a small package then Reed works a side headlock. JYD then headbutts Reed in the groin before using a chinlock. JYD keeps going back to the chinlock as Watts tells us that Bobby Duncum and Iceman King Parsons are here this week. Reed fights back and targets the neck before using a chinlock of his own. JYD escapes and fires away then accidentally knocks Dusty outside. Reed hits a slam then heads up top but JYD slams him off as the crowd goes nuts because Jim Neidhart sneaks out from behind and trips up JYD. Reed misses an elbow drop then Dusty knocks down Neidhart and after that JYD hits the Thump for the win (7:22) *.

Thoughts: The crowd was hot towards the end and went nuts for the finish but the match itself was quite bad. JYD’s conditioning was worse than it has ever been in Mid-South and Reed is not the type of worker to carry a complete slug.


Missing Link vs. Magnum TA

These two end in a stalemate after trading arm wringers as Watts says Mid-South made sure the people were not cheated by bringing in Dusty. We get some more back-and-forth action until Link hits a dropkick. Link heads up top but Magnum catches him with a belly-to-belly and gets the win (2:37) *.

Thoughts: The finish was not pulled off smooth but this was all about putting Magnum over as he needed a win after losing the title. And Link was leaving for World Class quite in a couple of weeks as he was here to basically test out the gimmick.


Nikolai Volkoff vs. Jerry Oates

Volkoff has a bag of American wheat with him in the ring. Volkoff beats on Oates in the corner but misses a charge as Oates fights back. Oates works the arm as Watts tells us the wheat is a symbol of American taking things away from Russia. Volkoff is back on offense and beats down Oates then puts him away with an overhead backbreaker (3:07).

Thoughts: Watts really pushed the pro-USA and anti-Russia stuff on commentary and if you didn’t know why they created this wacky story for the North American Heavyweight Title you do now. Its too make Nikolai Volkoff into a top heel.


Tom Stanton vs. Iceman King Parsons

Parsons comes out to “We Are Family” and gets a strong reaction from the crowd. Parsons takes control early as Watts puts over his ability. Parsons dropkicks Stanton through the ropes and stays in control when Stanton returns then gets the win with a butt-butt (2:28).

Thoughts: Parsons was still a World Class regular but occasionally appeared on Mid-South shows. My guess he was involved in a match at the Superdome.


Jim Neidhart & Bobby Duncum vs. Marty Oates & Mike Bond

I’ve mentioned it before but for those unaware, Oates is the future Marty Jannetty. Oates takes over Neidhart with an arm drag but ends up getting scooped up and slammed. Duncum tags and beats on Oates but Bond comes on and fires away. Duncum takes down Bond and tags out as Neidhart & Duncum stay in control until Neidhart uses a Samoan drop for the win (2:44).

Thoughts: No idea why they bothered with Duncum as Neidhart’s partner for this match. His career was winding down and he showed nothing here.


Doug Vines vs. King Cobra

Cobra works the arm after a pair of arm drags as Watts recaps the show. Watts says that Dusty will team with Jim Duggan next week in a Tag Team Title match against Reed & Neidhart then Cobra pins Vines with a headscissors takedown (1:16).

Thoughts: Quick win for Cobra, who was a good worker but not getting much of a push in Mid-South.


Final Thoughts: JYD is once again the champ but the promotion really feels stale and is in need of some excitement. A Russia/USA feud was current but Volkoff is not someone that should be a top heel for a territory like Mid-South.


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